*BSD vesti: Google SoC 2011, FreeBSD status izvestaj, pkgsrc

*BSD vesti: Google SoC 2011, FreeBSD status izvestaj, pkgsrc

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Evo malog pregleda skorasnjih dogadjanja vezano za *BSD projekte:

pkgsrc podrska za Illimos OS

Nakon sto je Oracle kupio Sun, i samim tim i Solaris, odluceno je da se ugasi OpenSolaris projekat. Pre samog gasenja, nekoliko developera OpenSolaris-a je odlucilo da se odvoji i nastavi razvoj operativniog sistema baziranog na Solarisu, ali potpuno otvorenog koda, pod nazivom Illumos. Pokrenut je projekat kako bi Illumos mogao da koristi pkgsrc:
Citat:The Illumos project is "a community maintained derivative of the OpenSolaris ON source, including open source replacements for closed bits, and additional changes" (from http://www.illumos.org/). A couple of month ago, the Illumos community launched "The Illumos pkgsrc project", thus communicating for the first time on pkgsrc being officially supported by a SunOS derivative.

First thing done was a bootstrap wrapper written by Mads Worsøe Duun, ipp. This wrapper permits to easily prepare a pkgsrc environment on an OpenIndiana/Illumos/SunOS 5.11 platforms.

At some point i got involved into the project initiated by Mads, and we quickly got a build zone from OpenIndiana in order to bring some reality to the project. After a month of work, we finally got about 6000 packages built for this platform, and eventually were given a hosting zone for those.

Also, Mads just released a pkgadd(1) package which includes a pre-configured pkgin binary so those packages are immediately available for use. As of today, it is possible to install more than 6000 pkgsrc binary packages on a SunOS 5.11 based platform, as easily as in NetBSD, DragonFly BSD or MINIX.

Many thanks to everyone who provided patches and workarounds in order to make this possible. Special thanks to the OpenIndiana crowd for providing us the build and hosting zones.

The Illumos pkgsrc project
pkgsrc-2011Q1 bulk build report
pkgsrc-2011Q1 binary packages repository
pkgadd(1) startup package and ipp downloads
Work-in-progress Wiki


FWbuilder podrska za pf

fwbuilder je graficki alat za upravljanje firewall-om. Ranije je postojala (nepotpuna) podrska za pf i sada su developeri krenuli sa radom kako bi se dobila puna podrska. Zato zahtevaju da im korisnici salju pf.conf fajlove koje koriste kako bi mogli da "pokriju" sve moguce sintakse i varijante. Ako podrska postane dovoljno zrela, razmatra se ukljucenje u PCBSD kao podrazumevani alat za upravljanje firewall-om:

Citat:As some of you may know, fwbuilder is a cross-platform, graphical firewall management utility that supports iptables, ASA, PIX, FWSM, Cisco router access lists, pf, ipfw, ipfilter, and HP ProCurve ACL firewalls. Vadim Kurland and Mike Horn, the lead fwbuilder developers, have begun work on providing complete pf.conf import functionality, the last piece that was missing to provide 100% pf support. This work is a direct result of several customers expressing interest in the addition of pf configuration import and they expect the work to be completed by this summer. We're excited to see this work done as it means that we will be able to include fwbuilder as the default firewall management utility in PC-BSD.


Google Summer of Code Project 2011

Poceo je Google Summer of Code Project, i FreeBSD, NetBSD i DragonFly BSD du dobili svoje projekte. Evo koji su to projekti:

NetBSD GSoC 2011 projekti:
Implementing the algorithms described in RFC 6056 within the NetBSD
Socket option to timestamp UDP packets in NetBSD kernel
pkgsrc cross-building: connecting the dots
Add kqueue support to GIO
Userspace file system and device driver code sharing
IPv6 support for NPF firewall
Add support for FreeBSD package format, RPM and Debian packages(if time allows) to pkgsrc
Apropos replacement based on mandoc and SQLite's FTS
In-kernel implementation of posix_spawn

FreeBSD GSoC 2011 projekti:
Path-based file system MAC policy
Implement TCP UTO
Replacing the old regex implementation
Capsicum application adaptation and core libraries
Finish porting FUSE to FreeBSD
FreeBSD/arm port to NXP LPC32x0
pkgng: Implementation of sub-commands to convert .rpm and .deb to pkgng package format
Implement the RPS/RFS in FreeBSD
FreeBSD port of NetworkManager
Testing temporal properties of FreeBSD with Temporally Enhanced Security Logic Assertions
Extending Capsicum for Common System Services
Disk device error counters
Multiqueue BPF support and other BPF features
SMB (smbfs) infrastructure work
Multibyte Encoding Support in Nvi
(Re)implement the BFS scheduler in FreeBSD
Adding DWARF2 Call Frame Information


DragonFly GSoC 2011 projekti:
Implementing a mirror target for device mapper
Improve dsched interfaces and implement BFQ disk scheduling policy
Make vkernels checkpointable
Port PUFFS from NetBSD/FreeBSD
Bring kernel event notification in DragonFly BSD to its logical conclusion
Porting Virtio Drivers from NetBSD to DragonFly BSD to speed up DragonFly BSD as a KVM guest


Desavanja vezana za OpenBSD:

Podrska za bigmem na amd64 je sada ukljucena tako da OpenBSD najzad moze da koristi vise od 4GB RAM-a:


Lepa prica o tome kako se OpenBSD koristi u korporativnom okruzenju, gde se OpenBSD koristi bukvalno za sve; od firewall-ova, do DNS, NFS, LDAP, HTTP servera, do desktopova (Gnome okruzenje) i thin klijenata:


Za kraj samo treba reci da se OpenBSD instalacioni CD-ovi vec uveliko distribuiraju, tako da uskoro ocekujemo i novo 4.9 izdanje:



FreeBSD tromesecni status izvestaj

FreeBSD Quarterly Status Report (Jan – Mar 2011)

Bringing up OMAP3
GEOM-based ataraid(4) Replacement — geom_raid.
HAST (Highly Available Storage)
New FreeBSD Installer
OpenAFS Port
RCTL, aka Resource Containers
ZFSv28 available in FreeBSD 9-CURRENT
FreeBSD Team Reports

FreeBSD Bugbusting Team
FreeBSD NYI Admins Status Report
The FreeBSD Foundation Status Report
Network Infrastructure
DIstributed Firewall and Flow-shaper Using Statistical Evidence (DIFFUSE)
Five New TCP Congestion Control Algorithms for FreeBSD

Journaled Soft Updates
Linux Compatibility Layer – DVB and V4L2 Support

New FreeBSD Handbook Section Covering HAST
The FreeBSD German Documentation Project Status Report
The FreeBSD Japanese Documentation Project
Webcam and DVB Compatibility List

FreeBSD/arm on Marvell Raid-on-Chip
FreeBSD/powerpc on Freescale QorIQ
MIPS/Octeon Support and bootinfo

FreeBSD as Home Theater PC
FreeBSD Chromium
FreeBSD Haskell Ports
Linux Emulation Ports
Ports Collection
www/apache22 Default

Google Summer of Code
Extfs Status Report
Google Summer of Code 2011


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