BSD za Rapsberry Pi

BSD za Rapsberry Pi

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Naišao sam danas na objavu u vezi FreeBSD slike za RPI. Ne sećam se tačnog linka, ali sačuvao sam objave sa RPI bloga. Ovo je trenutni status dostupnosti slika BSD derivata za RPI:


Citat:Another day (a particularly snowy day, here), another new OS for the Pi. This is not an official release; this image has been built by the FreeBSD community (and we do expect an official variant from at some point). But this is very useful early access if you’ve been wanting to play with FreeBSD on your Pi; be aware, though, that this is not a finished, stable port, so you may encounter some bugs. You’ll need an SD card of 4GB or more to dd this image to.


Citat:In last week’s FreeBSD post, we linked to an early version of Nick Hudson’s NetBSD image for Pi. Nick has now released a new version which fixes a number of USB issues, and we’ve placed it in our mirror system.


Neće da može.

Theo de Raadt ::Dewey Hylton ::i'm hoping the raspberrypi will eventually be supported on openbsd (if the hardware proves to be stable, $35 sounds GREAT) but i don't have the skills to go there myself.

Wow. Dream on. It is a mess of firmware. You know nothing of our history?

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