Dostupan je pkgsrc-2011Q1

Dostupan je pkgsrc-2011Q1

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Citat:The pkgsrc-2011Q1 Branch

The pkgsrc developers are happy to announce the new pkgsrc-2011Q1
branch, which has support for even more packages than previous
branches. Some major packages have also been updated in this release.

At the same time, the pkgsrc-2010Q4 branch has been deprecated, and
continuing engineering starts on the pkgsrc-2011Q1 branch.

Some highlights of the new pkgsrc-2011Q1 branch are:

+ MirBSD support was added to pkgsrc; see for details
+ We're aiming to make this the last branch to support non-DESTDIR packages.
We have almost finished the transition to DESTDIR installation, where
a staging directory is used to make a binary package, which is then
managed by the pkg_install tools.
+ GNOME has been mostly updated to version 2.32.0, KDE4 to 4.5.5.
+ The conversion from the last teTeX distribution to texlive
(currently 2010) is still in progress.
+ png was updated to the newest stable 1.5 branch.
+ Some packages still using GTK 1 were removed; we're in the process
of fading out support for it.
+ Modern ada packages were added, like gnat-aux
+ Other notable changes include
+ We bid a fond thanks, and farewell, to some old favourites,
mostly gtk1 users.
+ The addition of some interesting, pertinent, and shiny
packages such as window (:-) - brought over from NetBSD's
src archive), many tex packages, most gmpc plugins.
+ Notable updates to packages such as roundcube, tmux,
shotwell, jpeg, png, gbrainy, ikiwiki, scmgit, opera, xchm,
nmap, sqlite3, finch/pidgin, dovecot2, mercurial, unrar,
clamav, ntop, xz, many many ruby packages, lots of Linux
emulation support packages, quvi, kid3, jabberd2, gnucash,
pkgin, exiv2, vlc, mkvtoolnix, kdbg, monotone, libzip,
boost, wesnoth, gnumeric, unison, postfix, mldonkey, gcc44,
wordpress, ncurses, samba, firefox, seamonkey, thunderbird,
curl, bluefish, vala, bash, p7zip, php53, exim, sudo, atf,
and filezilla.

+ The "Package of the Quarter" award is hereby awarded to dovecot2,
nominated by Matthias Scheler.


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