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Stupid job. It so late by the time I get out. I could spend that time in the park, chasing birds and trying to catch squirrels.
What was the name of that song I've heard on the radio this morning?I have to stop and get some bread. Oh, shoot ... I forgot to pick up my suit from dry cleaner. I wonder how is my mom. I haven't call her in two days. What will I be cooking for diner? hmm ... did I return that book to the library? What was it about? Seriously, I have some memory issues. And J is looking for another part-time job. Lucky her, she will be going on vacation next winter. I wonder how is D doing with her new baby. I should probably call her and see if she needs me for baby sitting. And that profit and loss report just got on my last nerve. It will have to wait until tomorrow. I don't want to think about it now. I could stop and rent us a movie. M would like that. She didn't talk to me about J in a long time. Maybe I should check and see what are the feelings on that subject now. Or maybe not ... she knows she can talk to me if she needs to. Poor M (another M)... where she will find another job with that kind of hours that she has now. I'm glad I called her. It was just the right time, coz she felt better after she was done and I (again) felt sad. I wish I could help people that I care about. I wish I could help hungry children in Africa too. I should buy me that cabin I was looking at. It is really remote. And lake is close. I would be alone ... far away from civilization. My kind of living. I remember ... tomorrow I have to remind myself and go get those shoes. Oh, there are so cute. That will make me zesty for a moment.
What was the branch number ... 2907 or 2709 ... or was it 20 something. Low volume, low revenue, high expenses ... not good for business. What can I do? Anyway, report will be ready for meeting . Where did I leave my cigarettes? I should look for my white sweater in M closet. It wouldn't be first time that she "borrows" something mine. And shoes ... I have to have them. And before everyone else. I hope that they only have like two pairs. One in my size and another one 3 sizes smaller. I'm mean ... I know ... D (another D) is coming over Saturday. I have to do that thing for him. It is a lot of money, but we will split in couple of payments. Was that my street that I just passed? Oh, my phone is ringing ... Hi baby, where are you? ...

I can’t believe I’m admitting my insanity ...

I just need vacation. Everlasting.
Mr. Green smešak :uhhh:

minus. sounds like me, 5 minutes ago. Mr. Green

Sad smešak Bebee DolNeutral

luckily, some racket action will help me out on saturday. smešak


I wanted to name blog "5 min. ago" but instead I decided to go with - ...

"Insanity - doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." - A. Einstein

"For me, insanity is super sanity. The normal is psychotic. Normal means lack of imagination, lack of creativity." - J. Dubuffet

Remote cabin of my dreams (even when I'm not sleeping) - I'm thinking about it more and more.

I'm crazy all the time, I'm just hiding it very well. Mr. Green

And I'm tired - that's what causing all the insanity. smešak

5 minutes. yes, I'm sick of that kind of insanity too! Mr. Green Bebee Dol Sad

I hate it when I hear people think.. or feel their thoughts. smešak

Here is the official test ... Mr. Green

27.84090909090909 % - my INsanity percentage


Some questions are Bebee Dol ... but other ones are funny ... Mr. Green

Ufff... Pa ti si gora od mene. Razz


Dobro je... Nisam najgori. Mr. Green

btw, zar to nije insanity percent? Very Happy

Dopuna: 12 Apr 2007 0:34

Citat:Final points is a % of how much insane you are *grin*


Auhh... ja necu da kazem...

Weeee, još ja ispadam najmanje nenormalan ovde! 18.75% Razz

Ma lažu, kradu, ništa to nije tačno! kladio bih se da sam najnenormalniji na čitavom sajtu! I najružniji! Laughing

Ella, takva zbrka u glavi mi je skroooz poznata, takva gužva u poslu i milion misli... Da, da, ponekad pomislim da ću poludeti - ako već nisam! Mr. Green
Ma nek smo mi živi i zdravi! Wink

Ma pukla sam k'o petarda. smešak

Desava se ... Neutral

Elem, bocke u pravu si ... sada sam vise zabrinuta saznanjem da nisam luda a i dalje se ovako osjecam. Mr. Green

ella. Smile uvodni post je masterpiece. Laughing ne bih rekla da ... da... the end is near! Razz

I can't speak. Confused

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