NeoOffice 3.0

NeoOffice 3.0

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NeoOffice je kancelarijski paket zasnovan na Koristi nativan izgled i uključuje neke opcije specifične za MacOS X.

Citat:NeoOffice is a full-featured set of office applications (including word processing, spreadsheet, presentation, drawing, and database programs) for Mac OS X. Based on the office suite, NeoOffice has integrated dozens of native Mac features and can import, edit, and exchange files with other popular office programs such as Microsoft Office.

NeoOffice is one of the most stable office suites for Mac OS X. We have created an office suite that is adapted to the unique needs of Mac users by taking the features in Sun Microsystems' office suite and adding improvements such as:

Fast, free, and friendly support for all users
Extremely stable Mac OS X code that has been in daily use by hundreds of thousands of NeoOffice users since 2003
Significant speed improvements to the code
Dozens of features requested by our users designed specifically for the Mac

Since 2003, NeoOffice has been the leading open source office software created and supported by Mac users specifically for Mac OS X and is used by over half a million people worldwide. NeoOffice is funded solely by the time and money donated by NeoOffice users like yourself. Without donations from our users, NeoOffice would not exist. Your donations have a huge impact on what we are able to provide our users.

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