Free Pascal Compilers

Free Pascal Compilers

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Free Pascal Compiler
A 32 bit Pascal compiler available for different operating systems (Linux, DOS, AmigaOS, OS/2, Win32).

Borland Turbo Pascal Compiler
The earlier versions of Borland's Turbo Pascal, Turbo C and Turbo C++ are now available FREE from Borland's website (create a login ID and click the Museum link.)

GNU Pascal
Welcome to the WWW home site of GNU Pascal, the free 32/64-bit Pascal compiler!

Dev-Pascal is a full-featured integrated development environment (IDE), which is able to create Windows or console-based Pascal programs using the Free Pascal or GNU Pascal compilers.

GNU Pascal for Mac OS X
On this web page, you find a third prerelease of the GNU Pascal Compiler (GPC) for Mac OS X.

Pascal Pro
Pascal Pro compiler is 32-bit free compiler. It produce 32-bit code for DOS flat-memory model. It also has some extensions for more effective programming. For example PPro supports function, procedure and operators overloading.

DPas - Pascal Compiler
32 bit Pascal Compiler is an all-in-one-Compiler which produces direct executable 32 bit programs.

Pascal X
Pascal X - a complete Pascal (development) environment with a very fast compiler/interpreter for Windows 95/NT console. Includes a set of tools to assist novice programmers and can be used with English or Portuguese keywords.

Virtual Pascal v2.1
The FREE tool for 32 bit cross-platform development in Pascal.

Alice: The Personal Pascal
The PC and Atari versions of ALICE are now free. You can pick up an archive with the binaries and the source to the manuals in on this site.

Inno Pascal
Inno Pascal is a simple Pascal compiler for Win32. It produces compact, native-code x86 executables without requiring any external assemblers or linkers. Full source code is included under the GPL license.

Lazarus is a free and open source development tool for the FreePascal Compiler (object pascal), which is also free and open source. The Lazarus IDE is a stable and feature rich programming environment (screenshots) for creating self-standing graphical and console applications. It currently runs on Linux, FreeBSD and Win32 and provides a customizable source editor and visual form creation environment along with a package manager, debugger and complete GUI integration with the FreePascal Compiler.

Think Pascal 4.5 (Mac)
Pascal development system for the Macintosh.

True Compiler
Optimizing, easy and clever, multi-target object pascal and assembler compiler, suitable absolutely for all kinds of programming tasks on x86 platform (even writing an own OS). Contains the set of source code analysis and refactoring tools. Has an easy and friendly user interface.

Vector Pascal
Vector Pascal is a language targeted at SIMD instruction-sets such as the MMX and the AMD 3d Now.

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