A Simple game Hacking Tutorials

A Simple game Hacking Tutorials

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Target program: Windows Minesweeper
Type: Freezing the time

Tools Required:
Here I'm giving you the link to download a great tool called GTS(1.6.2)by Epsilon..It is good to have this tool because it helps to hack DMA which TMK 1.51 doesnot allow directly
Download it here:

Link to a great memory address finder and it is Artmoney (fast searching is possible with this tool).
Using artmoney the search is quicker and it is good in reaping the mem values.

Artmoney 7.08 tutorial:
Step 01:Start minesweeper.
Step 02:Start Artmoney and then select minesweeper as the process.
Step 03:Click any block in minesweeper then the clock will start to tick.
Step 04:We are going to hack the time in minesweeper.
Step 05:Switch to Artmoney and then choose Process > Stop the process
now that minesweeper is stopped and now it is easy to hack it,because the value doesnot change making it readable.(use this method only to hack values which change constantly even when you switch to other application (Example values like time).
Step 06:Now find out the value in Minesweeper and then click on Search button in Artmoney and a small dialog pops up and enter the time value in it and hit OK.
Step 07:Ok we have found some values now its the time to resume the process Choose Process > Resume the process and then allow the value to change.
Step 08:Once again Choose Process > Stop the process in Artmoney.
Step 09: Read the value and then click Filter and enter the value and the click ok
Step 10:it lists some values,repeat steps 7-9 untill you get a minimum listing of the addresses ie. Untill the found value remains the same.
Step 11:In the end you will be left with only two addresses which contain the value of time.(In my system I got these two values 0006FC90 and 010056F0 fine...it may vary in yours,but it is rare..), to freeze the found values click in the F column against the value it the right side table.

Game Trainer Studio Tutorial:
Do you know how to use this tool same like TMK 1.5 or like MS-VB 6...
Step 01: place a button on the form then right click on it then choose Properties, Select function tab then Ckeck the Poke option on the right.
Step 02: Click on Code Generator and then choose Poke(Decimal) since the poke value is going to be decimal...
Step 03: Switch to Artmoney then click on an Address entry then right click choose edit, a dialog pops and choose the address value and then select copy and then paste the same address in address box in GTS.
Step 04: then enter the value to be poked in Decimal, Since we chose Poke(Decimal)..,then choose value size as DWORD.
Step 05: We need the value to be unchanged throughout therefore select Freeze tab and then check Enable freeze and then input your own caption for the frozen state...
Step 06: Time to choose the process... right click any where on the form and the choose Trainer settings and the change the options there...click on List all windows button and the choose minesweeper window (Minesweeper must be running to select it).
Step 07: Save the project and compile it and then run...
Step 08: By default the compiled EXEs are stored in Output directory...you can use these outputs for yourself or upload it to shadowrunner@megagames.com

Info: Use bitmaps as your trainer window using RGN tool supplied with GTS to create a trainer window with custom shape...
If you have any problem feel free to ask me...
If you need more tools or tutorials visit www.Gamehacking.com.


What is DMA ?
DMA is a technique which prevents game from beign hacked.This technique is something different.When the game loads it allocates memory for the variables and these memory locations will be static for most of the games but in the case of games with DMA,the game will give away the memory to which ever variable that asks for space first,it's same like "first come,first served",the variable which comes first is allocated the first place,following by other variable in order in which they asked for, this leads to change in the locations of these variables every time you load the game,so you need to search for memory locations every time the game is started or loaded.

Target: Unreal Tournament GOTY
Protection type: DMA

Know the terms:
Pointer: Pointer is the memory location that stores the address of a particular value in the game. Address of the Pointer will not change at any cause but the value(address of the value in game) that it holds will change upon restarting the game.

Aim: Our aim is to defeat the DMA so that the we need not repeat the search every time we restart the game.

Value: We are going to hack the Health value in the game, so that we need not search for the new value assigned by the pointer every time we restart the game.

Let's get started:
Artmoney 7.08 DMA Tutorial:
Step 01: Launch UT and use Artmoney to find the Address where health is stored. In my case it was at 0456CB1C. If you don't know how to do this then read the Tutorial above to find addresses where a paticular value is stored.
Step 02: Add the address to the right table by selecting it in the left table then click the red arrow and then set its description to Health.
Step 03: Right click on health and then select More > Save this address / pointer.
Step 04: Right click on the Health in the right table and the select More > Search > Search the pointer to begining of memory block and click Ok in the dialog that appears.
Step 05: Clear the right table then add all the addresses from the left table.
Step 06: Select all the addresses then Right click and Select More > The Commands with pointers > Set pointers to the saving address.
Step 07: Restart the game, don't restart ArtMoney.
Step 08: Read the health value from the game.
Step 09: Right click on the right table then select More > Set Filter, enter the health value that you read in the game and then click OK.
Step 10: Repeat steps 07 to 09 till the amount of pointers remains the same.
Step 11: To find the pointer address,Right click on the cell the select Edit then look for the value straight to pointer label. That's the address of the pointer similarily find all the pointers of the Health address.In my case I ended up with seven pointers.

Take a look at this site :

Check the Tools section.
Artmoney is in Tools > Memory Finders
TMK and GTS are in Tools > Trainer Makers


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