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Online Igre - Kolekcija

  • Pridružio: 25 Jan 2004
  • Poruke: 2784
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Lista sadrzi mnogo igara. Od MMO-RPG-a do FPS-a. Neke su besplatne a neke se placaju, a neke su jos uvek u beta verziji ili razvoju.
Ako imate neku igru koju niste nasli ovde, postujte (pozeljan link) pa cu je dodati.
Takodje cu update-ovati listu svakih mesec dana...

Kratke opise koje mozete da vidite su na engleskom, jer sam radio copy&paste sa jednog stranog foruma.

Cadalion Online
Cadalion online is a new 3d mmorpg under development based very much on elements.Elemental weaponry to elemental monsters, there are two islands and a mountain which is called Mount Cadalion which is the biggest mountain in the world.

Everlasting Journey Beta

Dawn Of Dreams Development

Dungeon Adventures Development

Dark Endeavours Development

Trigger Tales Development

Ace Pilot Development

Akataiyoo Online Development

Pokemon Net Realm

Gunz Online
North America Version Free To Play
International Edition A good online fps a bit buggy but overall a good game Free To Play 8/10

Soldier Front Free To Play

Pocket Masters Next Closed beta coming soon

GoStop Free To Play

Royal Chess Free To Play

Rounders Poker Free To Play

Drift City Open Beta

Luminary Open Beta

Gunbound Free To Play Free To Play Pay For Extras. Gunbound is a Turn Based Strategy Game Like Worms 9/10

Rakion Free To Play Pay For Extras

Wolf Team Open Beta

Pristontale Free To Play 9/10 needs more features

Pristontale 2 Development

Kong Kong Online Free To Play

Auditon Online Dance Battle Open Beta

Kart Rider Beta

Maple Story Free To Play With Cash Shop Free To Play With Cash Shop Free To Play With Cash Shop maple story is a fun side scrolling mmorpg the only thing that really lets this game down is the time it takes to level. A bonus is it has mini games as well 7/10

Aion Development

City Of Heroes Buy To Play Then Pay To Play has a Free Trial

City Of Villains Buy To Play Then Pay To Play

Dungeon Runners Free To Play

Exteel Beta

Guild Wars Buy the disc then its free forever 9/10

Lineage Pay To Play

Lineage 2 Pay To Play

Tabula Rasa Closed Beta

All Points Bulletin Development

Huxley Development

Parfait Station Development

Soul Of The Ultimate Nation Development

Wiki Development

Endless Saga Development has stopped to focus on the development of the other webzen games

Kingdom Of Warriors Development

Mu Online Free To Play Pay For Full Acess

War Rock Free To Play

Fly For Fun Free To Play With cash shop i like this game at lvl 20 u can Fly on either a broomstick or a hoverboard when u get lvl 15 it gets fun
because then you pick your character class 7/10

Rappelz Free To Play With Cash Shop

Corum Online Free To Play With Cash Shop

Upshift StrikeRacer Open Beta

Shot Online Free To Play With Cash Shop Free To Play online golf game

Xiah Free To Play With Cash Shop

Manga Fighter Closed Beta

Fishing Champ Free To Play

Heroes In the Sky Closed Beta

Florensia Development

True Story Online Free To Play Pay To Play
TS online is a game that has a Turn Based Combat

Justice x war 2 Free To Play

Ghost Online Open Beta

Ragnarok Online 15 Day Trial Then Pay To Play

Rose Online 7 day free trial then pay to play 7/10

Goonzu Online Free To Play 6/10

Dofus Free To Play pay for extra features. Dofus is a Turn Based Combat strategy game with many professions such as fishing and woodcutting and many more 6/10

Dofus Arena Open Beta

Wakfu Beta Sign Up

Knight Online Free To Play

Red Stone Open Beta

Monster And Me Free To Play

Conquer Online Free To Play

Eudemons Online Free To Play

Zero Online coming september 10th

Crazy Tao Free To Play

The Mana World Free To Play

Irth Worlds Free To Play

Kal Online Free To Play With Cash Shop

Martial Heroes Free To Play

Eternal Lands Free To Play

Dungeons & Dragons Online 7 Day Free Trial

Lord Of The Rings Online Buy to play then one time fees

Asheron's Call Buy To Play Then Pay To Play

Adellion Beta

Age Of Conan Beta Sign Up

Illutia Free To Play

Atriarch Beta available for register

DarkFall Online going into beta soon

Toontown Online Free To Play pay for extras

Disney's Virtual Magic Kingdom Free To Play

Pirates Of The Caribbean Online Development

Hello Kitty Online Free To Play

Dragon Raja Free to play With Cash Shop

Runescape Free To Play Pay For Extra Features

World Of Warcraft 10 Day Free Trial On File Planet Then Pay To Play

A Tale In The Dessert 3 Free To Play

Tibia Free To Play Pay For Extras

The Saga Of Ryzom 7 day free trial
the saga of ryzom has a nice community nice visuals you can swim which is fun. You dont gain exp and gain levels like in normal online games
you train up your meele and magic crafting and harvesting skills by using them 7/10

Entropia Universe Free To Play
The PED The virtual currency in Project Entropia is PED, or Project Entropia Dollars. The fixed exchange rate equals 10 PED = 1 US Dollar

Gekkeiju Online Free To Play

Sherwood Free To Play

Marian's World Free To Play

Multiplayer Tank Ball Free To Play

Moon Base Free To Play

Daimonin Free To Play

Americas Army Free To Play

Endless Online Free To Play

Terra World Online The Nine Realms Free To Play

MWB Battle Free To Play

Battle For Wesnoth Free To Play Turn Based Strategy Game

Tantra Free To Play
Tantra is an MMORPG based on Middle Eastern spirituality, with a certain
originality and charm.When I first played, I didn't appreciate the graphics
or the interface, yet I still really liked it because it had style and originality 7/10

Oz Free To Play

Thang Online Free To Play

Deicide Free To Play

Tales Of Pirates/Pirate King Online Beta Free To Play

Myth War Online Free To Play

Voyage Century Free To Play

Zu Online Alpha

Godswar Online coming december 2007

Angels Online coming december 2007

Wonderland Online coming march 2008

Rubies Of Eventide Free To Play

Tactics Arena Online Free To Play Browser Based Game

Furcadia Free To Play

Free World Apocalypse Portal Beta

Puzzle Pirates Theres a free server

Bang Howdy Free To Play

Whirled closed alpha

Game Gardens Create, host,play games for free

Legend Of Mir 2 Pay To Play

Legend Of Mir 3 Pay To Play

Power Football Free To play

o2 Jam Free To Play

Ran Online Free To Play
This games different to any other game.You start of by picking one of three schools each with different strengths and weaknesses
then you do missions for that school 6/10

Supreme Destiny/With Your Destiny Free To Play


Battle Position Free To Play

Fairyland Free To Play

Gods And Heroes Closed Beta sign up

Star Trek Online Development

SpellCasters Free To Play

Call Of The Warlords Beta strategy game

Faldon Free To Play

New Age 3 Free To Play strategy game

Myth Of Soma 10 Hour Free Trial Then Pay To Play

Habbo Hotel Free To Play A online chat game where u have to buy credits for real money to get stuff in game

My Coke Free To Play

Infinity Empire 7 Day Free Trial

Planeshift Free To Play

Face Of Mankind Pay To Play

Little Fighter 2 Free To Play

Counter Strike

Soldat Free To Play

Ashen Empires Free To Play

Dransik Free To Play

Artifact free pay for more options

Blockland Free game where u build stuff with lego

Age Of Time Free To Play

Dungeon Stomp Free To Play

Hostile Space Free To Play space mmorpg

Illarion Free To Play

Navy Field Free To Play

Ogre island Free To Play

Wulfram Free To Play

World Of Pirates Buy To Play then free to play

Astonia Free To Play

Aces High 2 14 Day Free Trial

Globulation 2 Free To Play turn based strategy online/offline game

Neocron 2 10 day Free trial

Another World Free To Play But You Can Buy Extra Features

Street Fighter Online Free online fighting game

Dogs Of The Seas Free To Play

Fate Free Trial

Realm Wars Beta

The Chronicles Of Spellborn Open Beta coming soon

Graal online

Thule Online Free To Play

Adventure Quest Free To Play

Dragon Fable

Wurm Online There are two account types a basic account which is Free and theres also a premium account which you have to pay for

Savage The Battle For Newerth Free To Play action/adventure/strategy game

Savage 2 A Tortured Soul Beta Coming Soon

Final Fantasy XI Online Buy To Play Then Pay To Play

The Realm Online 7 Day Free Trial Each character has his or her own password protected house

The Elixer] Beta

Risk Your Life Free To Play Free To Play Free To Play

Risk Your Life 2 Free To Play

Fung Wan Online Free To Play

Albatross 18 Free to Play golf game

Rumble Fighter Free To Play

BB Tanks Beta

Nexus The Kingdom Of The Winds 10 Day Free Trial

Dark Ages Pay To Play

Shattered Galaxy Free To Play

Knuckleball Online Beta Sign Up

Kungfu Online Development

Control Monger Free Online MMOFPS

Sky Blade Sword Of The Heavens Pay To Play

Supa Supa Beta

Sky Raiders Development

Rising Force Online Free To Play Free To Play

Arch Lord Free To Play

Vantage Master Free To Play

Anarchy Online Free till 2008

Dark Solstice Beta available for sign up

Dark Eden Two Account Types Free And Premium

Horizons Empire Of Istaria 14 day free trial

Mokitown Another Free chat game 7.5/10

Cabal Online Free To Play Free To Play

Minions Of Mirth Buy To Play Then Free To Play

Ultimate Baseball Online Free To Play

Starport Galactic Empires Free To Play

Phantasy Star Online Blue Burst pay to play 14 Day Free Trial

Silkroad Online Free To Play good but needs more servers its really hard to get on and very laggy 6.5/10

Playdo Free Chat game

Turf Battles Free To Play With Cash Shop

Rpg World Online Free you can buy extras

. . .

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  • Pridružio: 25 Jan 2004
  • Poruke: 2784
  • Gde živiš: Niš

Crossfire Free To Play

Epoch of Shadows Free or buy a premium account

Tactica Online Beta

Dark And Light Free To Play

Arindal,en/ Open Beta

Silent Shadows Free To Play

God Sword Development

Live For Speed Online a racing car simulator game Free to play pay for extras

Xenimus 14 Day Free Trial

Free Style Street Basketball Open Beta Free To Play pay for extras

Match Quest Online Free To Play

Mini Racing Online Free To Play

Children of Vaddamaut Development

Navarea Online Development

Winters Twilight Development

Regnum Online Beta

Kothuria Beta

Stick Arena Free To Play

Stick Adventures Online Free To Play


Everown Development

Reclamation Alpha

Star Sonata Free To play

Tank Wars Online Beta

Rohan Systemholic Online Rohan Development

Hellbreath 14 Day Free Trial

ManKind Free Trial

Ballerium Free To Play

World War Two Online 14 day free trial

Trials Of Ascension Development

Second Life/Teen Second Life Free To Play Pay For Extras

Bloodlust Free To Play

Empiriana Free To Play

Lands Of Hope

Kingdom Of Drakkar Free To Play

There Free To Play Pay For Extras

Non Referral Link Free To Play Pay For Extras
Referral Link

Non Referral Link Free To Play Pay For Extras
Referral Link

Non Referral Link
Referral Link

Naruto Ninja Densetsu Development

Naruto Arena Free To Play

Naruto Wars Free Naruto Warcraft 3 Frozen Throne Modifier

Last Ninja Online

Nin Online Development

Squeebs Online

Embarkment Online Development

Club Penguin Free To Play Pay For Extras

Twilight War Closed Beta

Valhyre Development

Bots Free To Play Pay For Extras

2Moons(dekaron) Open Beta

Dance Open Beta

Nine Dragons Open Beta

Project Top Secret coming later this year

Etherea Dark Genesis Development

Dreamlords 10 Day Free Trial Then Pay To Play

Project Offset Development

Kuma War Free To Play

Dispatch Of Army Free mmofps

Last Chaos Open Beta Free To Play

Project Torque Closed Beta

Twelve Sky Beta October 1st Closed Beta

Shaiya: Light and Darkness Coming Soon

Moove Online Free To Play

IMVU Free To Play

Blood Clans Free To Play

Quantum Legacy Free To Play

Atulos Online Free To Play

Vendetta Online Free Trial

Time of Defiance Pay To Play

Dark Messiah Buy To Play

Shadowbane Free To Play

Seek And Dread Online Free To Play

Tribes Vengeance Buy To Play

Dragon Realms 30 Day Free Trial
can't find any screenshots >_>

GemStone IV 30 Day Free Trial
can't find any screenshots >_>

Heroes Journey Development

Modus Operandi 30 Day Free Trial
can't find any screenshots >_>

Alliance Of Heroes 30 Day Free Trial
can't find any screenshots >_>

CyberStrike2 30 Day Free Trial

Warhammer Online Closed Beta

Dark Age Of Camelot 14 Day Free Trial

Imperial Wars Pay To Play

Roma Victor Buy To Play Then Free To Play

Kingdoms Of War Free To Play

Water Margin Online Free To Play With Cash Shop

Gameee Online Free To Play With Cash Shop

EverQuest Pay To Play

EverQuest 2 Pay To Play

Everquest Online Adventures Pay To Play

PlanetSide Free Up To Level 6

Vanguard Saga Of Heroes Buy To Play Then Pay To Play

Star Wars Galaxies

The Matrix Online Buy To Play Then Pay To Play

Afelhem Beta

Dawn Of Daria Alpha

Street Challenge Free To Play

TrackMania Nations Free To Play

Seyken Beta

Mount And Blade Beta

Hellgate London Alpha

Mythos Closed Beta

Tanx Free To Play


Scions Of Fate Free To Play

Hero Online Free To Play

The Legend Of Ares Free To Play

Air Attack Free To Play

Alien Adoption Agency Free to play

Allegiance Free to play

Attack - Retrieve - Capture Free To Play

Battle of Phantasia Free to play

Fantastic Melody Online Development

Boundless Planet Beta

A3 Free Until Level 29

The 4th Coming Free To Play

Eve Online 14 Day Free Trial

Deloria Online Alpha 4 coming soon

Crowns Of Power Open Beta

Rise The Vieneo Province 14 Day Free Trial

Fury Open Beta

Myst Online:Uru Live Free To Play

Hinter Wars Pay To Play

Savage Eden Pay To Play

TBA Adventure Beta

BZFlag Free To Play

Trickster Free To Play

NosTale Open Beta

Dragon Gem Closed For Renovation

Travia Closed For Renovation

Bomb 'N Dash Free To Play

Kaos War Development

Super Dancer Online Open Beta

Alganon Development

Run N Roll Free To Play

Populaga Challenge Free To Play

Hypra Speed 2 Free To Play

Space Odyssey Free To Play

AWOLnow 45 Day Free Trial

Ambroid Free To Play
No Screenshots anywere >_>

Evernight-The Reign Of Darkness Free To Play

Phosphor Beta
a multiplayer first-person shooter in your web browser

Yu-Gi-Oh Online Pay To Play

Stepmania Online

Flash Flash Revolution

Frontier 1859 Development

Astro Empires

Dark Throne Beta

Tatsumaki: Land At War Pre Order Available

The Metal Knights Free To Play

Championship Manager Online 14 Day Free Trial

Champions of Atlantis Development

Ace Of Angels Free To Play

Achaea Free To Play

Lusternia Free To Play

Imperian Free To Play

Aetolia Free To Play

Abbatia Free To Play

Titan Quest Theres a free demo

Armada Online Alpha

The Universal Free To Play

Secrets Of Mirage Free To Play

Redmoon Classic The company allowed people to host there own servers for redmoon

Rising Moon Online Development

Pokemon Global Development

Pokemon Fantasy Alpha

Pokemon Den Of Ages Alpha

Pokemon Online Alpha

Pokemon Quest Online

Pokemon Crater Free To Play

TPPC Online Free To Play

Kando World Beta

Megaman Battle Network- Battle Chip Transmission Online

Small Ball Baseball One Time Fee

Small Ball Football One Time Fee

Mystic Realms of Alhanzar Free To Play

Materia Magica Free To Play

War Fleet


Ruin Online Beta

Gaia Online

Dawnspire Free Trial Then a one time fee

Darsana Beta

Martial World Online Free To Play

Stargate Worlds Development

Exanimus Development
Exanimus is a massively multiplayer online game created in a world where the dead live and roam the earth eating the flesh of the living. While most of the world is dead, there are small pockets of survivors that exist in barricaded cities scarred across the globe. Players of Exanimus will have the option of playing as a living survivor or as one of the dead roaming the earth. Exanimus will allow players to experience a MMO based in a horror genera by creating a dark and visually "intense" environment. Exanimus is expected to be rated "Mature" and not intended for anyone under the age of 18

Realms Of Kaos

Aeon Legend Online

Pirates Of the burning sea Beta

Quest Free To Play

illumia Free To Play

Netsoccer Free To Play

Ultima Online 14 Day Free Trial

Carom 3D Free To Play



Clan Lord Free Demo

Dark Space Pay To Play

Fantasy Worlds Rhynn Free To Play

Jumpgate 10 Day Free Trial

Sylorn Development

The Sims Online Buy To Play Then Pay To Play theres a free trial


Tale Of Tales


Counter Strike 2D Free To Play

Sea Fight Free To Play


Love Box Online

Jinyong Online

Wonderland Online Development

Huang Yi Online

Prison Server

Minimon World

Father Online Free To Play

Para World

Rhodes 3D

Renasissance Development

Chaos Lands

True Combat Elite An enemy territory modification


WarBirds Free To Play world war two flight simulator

Battalion Head To Head

Illusion Of Destiny Development


Natural Selection Half life 1 mod

Crossworld Island Development

Monster Trainer Free To Play

Ragnesis Online Development

Underworld Online Free To Play

Pox Nora Free To Play

Perfect World Free To Play

Saga Open Beta

Bangu Bang Mania Online Development
Create and control your own battle robot and put your skills to the test against other players.

Cotropitorii is a 3rd person (1st person too, if you press a key) 3D action shooter game with a fast paced story that will make you rethink everything you know about history.

Sylph Online Development


Preuzeto sa

  • DaBaRR 
  • Novi MyCity građanin
  • Pridružio: 08 Jul 2008
  • Poruke: 1

koja gomila igrica hahahaha .. inace igrao sam samo Gw i exteel od ove gomile hehe
alal ti kacamak za ovu listu Very Happy

  • Pridružio: 16 Okt 2004
  • Poruke: 907
  • Gde živiš: Subotica

Americas Army Free To Play

Preporucujem, ja je igram vec godinu dana !

  • Pridružio: 20 Avg 2008
  • Poruke: 2
  • Gde živiš: Smederevo

BattleKnight Online

  • ISB 
  • Građanin
  • Pridružio: 04 Avg 2008
  • Poruke: 222

evo vam igre neznam koje vrste ali od pirata disny piratse ima dowland , onda dogsofseai toje to cariben slika dogsofsea slika pa sad odlućite.

  • dgcr  Male
  • Ugledni građanin
  • Pridružio: 05 Maj 2010
  • Poruke: 349
  • Gde živiš: Bijeljina, Republika Srpska

Napisano: 12 Jun 2010 15:41

Za sad najbolja IJJI igra mi je Atlantica Online extra fantazija ali mi je od svih najbolja Metin 2 probajte

Dopuna: 11 Nov 2010 16:42

Takođe je kul igra Godswar ( Sparta i Atina , Bogovi ,....)
World of Warcraft (dosta zauzima) Najpopularniji MMORPG na SVETU
pa dalje, pa dalje ,....
dok se setim

  • Pridružio: 08 Nov 2010
  • Poruke: 2

Evo jedne najbolje... Ovu pikam po ceo dan!! Laughing

  • Pridružio: 19 Maj 2005
  • Poruke: 5224
  • Gde živiš: Oslo

Na ovu sam naletela i ne pustam! Smile
Stvarno je odlicno. Ako nekom treba prevesti pravila, vicite.

  • lnenad  Male
  • Stručni saradnik
  • Nenad
  • Arhitetak
  • Pridružio: 16 Jan 2007
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1.255.nesto sam osvojio, zla si sto si me ovim zarazila Mr. Green

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