k3b - Easy CD Burning Program for Linux

k3b - Easy CD Burning Program for Linux

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K3b is a CD- and DVD- burning program for Linux. This chapter from the book Point & Click Linux! by Robin Miller will help you get started with this useful program right away.

We chose K3b as the CD and DVD burning program to include in the SimplyMEPIS CD and this book because it is one of the finest and most versatile programs of this type we have ever used, in any operating system. K3b handles music, video, and data equally well, and has no trouble burning the "ISO" (complete file system image) CDs needed to boot your computer directly from its CD drive. This is the program that was used to create the original master version of the SimplyMEPIS bootable CD and the video instruction DVD included with this book.

You can also use K3b to copy almost any kind of CD or DVD that doesn't have some sort of built-in copy protection, although you will want to make sure you don't make illegal copies of movies or songs that are protected by copyright laws where you live.

Remember, too, that if your drive won't burn DVDs, no software—not even K3b—can make it into a DVD-burner. Most R/W (Read/Write) drives that can read DVDs can't make them, even if they do a fine job of writing CDs.

nastavak: http://www.informit.com/articles/article.asp?p=349045

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