Izasao novi DOSEMU

Izasao novi DOSEMU

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Za one koje neznaju, ovo je emulator DOS-a za linux. U distribuciju je ukljucen i FreeDOS - http://freedos.org

Kratak opis sa sajta:

DOSEMU is a PC Emulator application that allows Linux to run a DOS operating system in a virtual x86 machine. This allows you to run many DOS applications. These are the capabilities of DOSEMU that are worth noting:

color text and full keyboard emulation (via hotkeys) even on a terminal
built-in X-Windows support (includes IBM character set font) including fullscreen X (via Ctrl-Alt-F)
graphics capability at the console (for most compatible video cards) (requires suid-root or sudo)
graphics emulation in X for many color modes (X-server may be in true color mode)
DPMI support
runs several 32-bit DPMI-compliant video games (including those based on DOS/4GW) at the Linux console (suid-root) and on X (non-suid)
integrated (command line) instruction level debugger, various break points, single stepping etc.
integrated EMS and XMS drivers
integrated packet driver
integrated mouse driver
integrated joystick driver
CDROM support
ASPI driver support (CD writers, scanners, tapes etc.) (requires access rights to /dev/sgX)
support for redirected drives (any Linux directory can be 'mounted' as DOS drive via the lredir command)
can even directly boot from a Linux directory containing all DOS files
sound support (including sound DMA and Midi)
NetWare and other network connectivity via built-in IPX and pktdrvr support
the dosemu-freedos binary package starts a DOS-"C:\>"-Drive 'out-of-the-box' in a normal user's $HOME directory and runs without any further configuration (no root rights needed)

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