Mozilla 1.7 Final

Mozilla 1.7 Final

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Linux, English (13.9MB)

Size and performance have improved dramatically with this release. When compared to Mozilla 1.6, Mozilla 1.7 is 7% faster at startup, is 8% faster to open a window, has 9% faster page loading, and is 5% smaller in binary size.

A long-standing bug with CSS backgrounds on table elements has been fixed (standards mode only).

Support for Kerberos HTTP authentication using GSSAPI (benefits Unix-like platforms including Linux and OS X).

Support for smb:// URLs using the gnome-vfs library (only enabled in GTK2+XFT Linux builds).

Support for server push of XML documents using multipart/x-mixed-replace and XMLHttpRequest.

Liveconnect now works when a Java applet's codebase is in a different domain.

Very wide images (more than 4095px) will now display on Mac.

Support for the CSS3 opacity property.

Mozilla adds support for the onbeforeunload event. This lets web application developers add code that alerts the user about potential data-loss when closing a web application, or when leaving a HTML page with potentially sensitive information.

This release has a new SVG backend. The feature is not yet enabled in the releases but developers may wish to compile with this feature enabled.

Mozilla handles dynamic style changes much better (see bug 15608 for details.)

Mozilla has upgraded the NSS libraries to version 3.9. NSS 3.9 passes all the NISCC SSL/TLS and S/MIME tests (1.6 million test cases of invalid input data) without crashes or memory leaks.

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