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2.6.0 Release Notes and Caveats

* If you turn off server tabs and enable Tree layout it will act a little
strange as there is no proper parent node. The first channel will become
the parent node.

* Setting utilities to open in Tabs (e.g. the DCC, Notify, Ignore windows)
and enabling the Tree layout will have a similar problem.

* Similar problems are also created if you detach a server tab.

* Changing between Tabs/Tree layout while a server tab is focused can
cause the userlist to become hidden, but you can just drag it out after
you switch back to a channel.

* If you "roll up" (collapse) a server while in the Tree Layout, you will
not see its channels changing colors to red and blue.

* The Tree layout supports icons, but none are supplied at this time. If
you want to turn them on you need to type /set tab_icons ON, then create
and install some of your own image files:

channel.png dialog.png server.png util.png
channel.ico dialog.ico server.ico util.ico

On Linux you need to place these in /usr/share/xchat/, assuming you
installed xchat in the /usr PREFIX.


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