Odlomak iz teksta


Odlomak iz teksta

  • Pridružio: 12 Okt 2010
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Wait for something better...
No one behind you
watching your shadow;
You gotta be
stronger than a story,
don't let them blind you;
rivers of shadows
this feeling won't go!

I don't have a simple answer,
but I know that I can anwer
something better!

This is your life - The Killers

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  • Pridružio: 14 Feb 2008
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Thousands of feet march to the beat
It’s an army on the march
Long way from home
Paying the price in young men’s lives
Thousands of feet march to the beat
It’s an army in despair
Knee-deep in mud
Stuck in the trench with no way out

The Price Of a Mile - Sabaton

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...and i'm only here
to bring you free love
let's make it clear
that this is free love -
no hidden catch
no strings attached
just free love...

  • Pridružio: 12 Okt 2010
  • Poruke: 10652

You can feign your surprise, give me those doe eyes
But I know I wanna love you
Yes I do
We can dance to the beat while I tap my feet
On the stars, you're gonna like me
Yes you are

When you saved me from a bad dream
I was drifting through time and space
But I landed on a moonbeam
Take me out of this place

The world is dark the night is long
I could use a few laughs and a couple of songs
The sun will rise above the hills
You'll be leaving me soon, like hell you will
The owl gazing at the moon
Is the feeling that I get when I'm lookin' at you
The sun will rise and fade the stars
And you're leaving me soon, like hell you are
And you're leaving me soon, like hell you are

Lord Huron - Moonbeam

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  • Pridružio: 05 Jan 2014
  • Poruke: 2004

Gospodo, Dzoni. Da li se na nasim prostorima pojavio iko sa priblizno ovakvim tekstom u jednoj pjesmi. Poezija.

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