PC Aplikacije koje mogu koristiti za rad sa mobilnim telefonima

PC Aplikacije koje mogu koristiti za rad sa mobilnim telefonima

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U ovoj temi predstavljajmo sve aplikacije za PC koji na neki nacin mogu unaprediti upravljanje telefonom i unaprediti nase mobilno iskustvo Smile

Pozeljno je da pratimo sablon predstavljanja sa kojim sam zapoceo ovu temu.

Naziv: PaperCrop
Svrha: optimize the PDF pages and reduce the size, all while keeping the same original PDF format. Ideal for smartphones - PDF can load faster and take less space.
Podrzani uredjaji: svi koji mogu da citaju PDF datoteke
Saznajte vise: LINK

Naziv: MobilEdit
Svrha: Ultimate phone management and investigation software
Ostale funkcionalnosti:
Citat:- Manage contacts,
- Manage messages,
- Manage photos and music
- One click transfer of contacts to your new phone
- Intelligent contact optimizer to improve your phonebook
- Internet storage for seamless phone copying
- Print contacts perfectly formatted for your paper files
.... and many more Exclamation

Podrzani uredjaji: LINK
Saznajte vise: LINK
* Napomena: postoji specijalna verzija - Forensic Suite sa naprednim mogucnostima

Naziv: Jeyo Mobile Companion
Svrha: special file manager for Pocket PC devices
Ostale funkcionalnosti:
Citat:- More powerful backup and restore with XML.
- Universal contacts import.
- Flexible data export.
- Improved group messaging.
- Outlook style preview pane for your SMS messages.
- Threaded SMS messaging history.
- Powerful SMS search.
- Dial your phone from your PC
- And much more Exclamation

Podrzani uredjaji: Windows Mobile devices
Saznajte vise: LINK

Naziv: Jeyo Mobile Extender for Android
Svrha: MS Outlook extension for Android devices
Ostale funkcionalnosti:
Citat:- Synchronize all of your text messages with Outlook just like mail
- Make and receive calls
- Send and receive SMSs as well as text to distribution lists
- See handy instant notifications on your PC whenever a text or call comes in to your phone
- Sync your mobile contacts with Outlook
- Log all of your call history with the Outlook journal
- And plenty more Exclamation

Podrzani uredjaji: Android devices
Saznajte vise: LINK

Naziv: IVT BlueSoleil
Svrha: Professional Windows-based Bluetooth application
Ostale funkcionalnosti:
- Bluetooth v3.0 High Speed technology.
- Phonebook management
- Messages management
- SMS management: View/backup/delete SMS messages on your Bluetooth phones

Podrzani uredjaji: majority of bluetooth enabled devices
Saznajte vise: LINK
* Postoji verzija i za Linux

Naziv: iPhotoMeasure
Svrha: measure anything in a photo taken with your camera
Podrzani uredjaji: camera enabled phones
Saznajte vise: LINK

Naziv: Oxygen Forensic Suite
Svrha: mobile forensic software that goes beyond standard logical analysis of cell phones, smartphones and tablets
Ostale funkcionalnosti:
- Strong support: Symbian, iOS, Android, Windows Mobile and RIM BlackBerry devices.
- iPhone password-protected backup reader allows to extract and examine data stored in backup files made by iTunes, even if those files are protected by iTunes password.
- Recover Messages: stored in custom folders and subfolders.
* extract this information with advanced Agent application approach.
- Extended Event Log
- Recover deleted messages from phone memory.
* Even if a message was deleted from phone memory, each Symbian OS device stores information about it as a part of extended event log.
- Extended phonebook information.
- Bypassing ActiveSync and Vista Sync Center to extract data from Windows Mobile devices.
- "Web Browser Cache Analyzer" and "Timeline".
- Individual approach to each phone model.
... and many more

Podrzani uredjaji: LINK
Saznajte vise: LINK

Naziv: Display Reader
Svrha: hvatanje screenshota, vezano za java telefone (sa fabrickim OS-om)
Podrzani uredjaji: Prvenstveno je namenjena za hvatanje screenshota Sony Ericsson Java telefona (mada autor tvrdi bi trebalo i da radi vecina drugih java telefona).
Saznajte vise: LINK

Naziv: GPS 2 Blue
Svrha: transforms your PocketPC into an external bluetooth GPS receiver
Podrzani uredjaji: Pocket PC
Saznajte vise: LINK

Naziv: MyPhoneExplorer
Svrha: special manager for SE and Andriod phones
Ostale funkcionalnosti:
- full remote control your phone throught USB-Connection (ROOT not required!)
- Textinput: use your PC-Keyboard for typing text on your phone (via USB, BT, and WiFi)
- compatibility with Thunderbird 7
- SMS - archive, export, import, excessive messages,...
- calllists, edit profiles, control phone, memorystatus, phonemonitor,...
- and many more Exclamation

Podrzani uredjaji: SE, Android devices, and some Symbian devices
Saznajte vise: LINK

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MobileGo for Android (Windows)

Citat: Arrow Manage Everything on Android from Your PC

MobileGo is a life saver for those who love music and video, text a lot and juggle apps on their Android phones and tablets.
Fans: Backup everything to PC with 1 click & retain 100% quality.
Music Lovers: Instantly add fun stuff and enjoy media anytime, anywhere.
App Addicts: Download, install, uninstall and export apps quickly and easily.
Socialites: Transfer contacts from/to Outlook and send & reply SMS seamlessly from your PC.

Čitav opis i homepage: http://www.wondershare.com/android-manager/

Idea Verzija za iOS:

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Vrhunski je file manager, ja koristim od početka mog korišćenja Android-a, uvek preko wi-fi prebacujem, napravim backup, vratim backup.Sada je updejtovan i dobio mnoštvo extra opcija. Ko ga koristi, zna o čemu pričam.

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Napisano: 12 Sep 2013 17:30

Mobo Genie

Citat:Mobogenie could give you an outstanding experience with your android phone. No matter which brand you have, Samsung, Sony, LG, HTC, or Motorola. You can manage your contacts, SMS, photos, music, videos, apps with it freely and easily. You can back up and restore phone data in a single click and restore in case of theft or a new phone. In addition, Mobogenie helps add new or edit and delete existing contacts, send single and bulk text messages, view phone and external memory status and transfer content between them accordingly and import and export images, music, videos and application package files.

* Client version : 2.1.16 | Released: 2013-09-10 | Size: 16.2MB

Homepage: http://www.mobogenie.com/

Tutorials: http://www.mobogenie.com/tutorials.html

Arrow YT short review

Dopuna: 10 Okt 2013 10:13

Giveaway je danas, pa pozurite Smile

EaseUS MobiSaver 3.0 (for Win and Mac)

EaseUS MobiSaver is an easy, fast and one click iPhone data recovery solution. With it, you can retrieve lost or deleted data like contacts, sms from iPhone, iPad, iPod ect iOS device. EaseUS MobiSaver supports two recovery models: directly recover data from iOS device, or extract backup data from iTunes.

Supporst most ios devices: iPhone 5s/5c/4S/4/3GS, iPad3/1, iPad mini, iPod touch.;
Supports data recovery after jailbreak, iOS upgrade, device lost or broken, formated, crashed;
Can recover lost contacts, SMS, call history, notes, photos, videos, MMS,etc.


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