Koji je operativni sistem najpopularniji posle win-a i lin-a


Koji je operativni sistem najpopularniji posle win-a i lin-a

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Da...samo nismo svi dr*adzije koje pisu bljuvotinu od kernela..Very Happy

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Ne zaboravi kako je to krenulo...

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Ma salim se ja..svaka cast za trud i sve sto se tu desavalo...samo mi se on kao pojava nikad nije dopadao..

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Nemojte da se ljutite, ali moram ovde da post-ujem jednu pesmicu. Izvodi je grupa "Three Dead Trolls in a Baggie" (da, jeste, grupa se zove "Tri mrtva trola u vreci"! Very Happy ) i moze se naci na netu za free...

Every OS Sucks
by Three Dead Trolls in a Baggie

You see I come from a time way back in the ninteen hundered and seventies When computers were used for two things: you either go to the moon or played pong. Nothing in between. You didn’t need a fancy operating system to play pong, and the men and women, well, the men who went to the moon, well god bless ‘em, they did it with no mouse, ya know and a text only black and white screen and 32 kilobytes of RAM. Huh, well then around the late 1970’s, home computers started to do a little more than play pong. Very little more. Why, computers started to play non-pong-like games and balance checkbooks. Hell you could play Zaxon on an Apple II and and write a book, all with a computer that had 32 kilobytes of RAM!

It was enough to go to the moon, it was enough for you.

It was a golden time...
A time before windows and bloatware...
And color...
A time before every OS sucked...

Well way back in the olden times my computer worked for me
I'd laugh and play all night and day on zork I, II, and III
The Amiga, Vic20 and the Sinclair II
The TRS-80 and the Apple II, they did what they were supposed to do
Wasn’t much, but it was enough

But then Xerox made this prototype
Steve Jobs came on the scene
Read of mice and menus, windows, icons and trash and a bit-mapped screen
Old Stevie said to Xerox "Boys, turn your heads and cough"
When no one was lookin’ he ripped their interfaces off
Stole every feature that he had seen, put it in a cute box with a tiny little screen
Mac OS 1 ran that machine
Only cost five thousand bucks
But it was slow, it was buggy so they wrote it again and
Well they’re up to... OS 10?
They’ll charge you for the beta, and then charge you again
But the Mac OS still sucks!

Every OS wastes your time form the desktop to the lap
Everything since Apple, DOS is just a bunch of crap
From Microsoft to Macintosh to Lin-Li-Lin-Linux
Every computer crashes cause every OS sucks

Well then Microsoft jumped in the game
And copied Apples interface with an OS named Windows 3 point 1
And it was twice as lame
But the stock price rose and rose
Then Windows 95, then 98, man solitaire never ran so great
Every single version came out late
But I guess thats the way it goes
That bloatware will crash and delete your work
NT, ME man none of ‘em work
Bill Gates may be richer than Captain Kirk but the Windows OS blows!
And sucks! At the same time!

I traded in, yeah right, for what
Top of the line from the compuhut
Fridge stove and toaster never crash on me
I should be able to get online without a PhD
My phone doesn’t take a week to boot it
My TV doesn’t crash when I mute it
I miss ASCII text and my floppy drive
I wish VIC-20 was still alive

It ain’t the hardware man
Its just that every OS sucks
And blows

Now there’s Linux or Li-nux
I don’t know how you say or how you install it or use it or play it
Or where you download it or what programs run
But Linux or Li-nuxs don’t look like much fun
However you say it it’s getting great press
Though how it survives is anyone's guess
If you ask me it a great big mess
For elitists nerdy schmucks
"Its free" they say
If you can get it to run
The geeks say "Hey thats half the fun!"
Yeah well I got a girlfriend and things to get done
The Linux OS sucks
I’m sorry to say it but it does, it, it sucks, I’m sorry

Every OS wastes your time from the desktop to the lap
Everything since the abacus is just a bunch of crap
From Microsoft to Macintosh to Lin-Li-Lin-Linux
Every computer crashes cause every OS sucks
Every computer crashes cause every OS sucks!

That concludes my case.

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