Coda 2

Coda 2

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Coda 2

Citat:You code the web. We revolutionized that process in Coda, putting everything in one place. An editor. Terminal. CSS. Files.


Code Folding

Smart Complete
Autocomplete variables and functions in a document.

Workflow Improvements
Automatic indentation, smarter closing tags, etc.

Streamlined Find & Replace
With our revolutionary Placeholder token.


New Tabs
Small, scrolling tabs. Large or small. Images or text.

Super Sidebar
All your tools accessible with a customizable dock.

Plus Button
A new editor (or terminal, or book, or...) one click away.

Code Focus
Hide the sidebar, and go full-screen, to focus.


In addition to SVN, now manage source with Git.

Full File Browser
FTP, SFTP, WebDAV, and S3, Transmit-style.

Transmit Twin-Turbo Engine
Some of the fastest file transfers on earth.

Path Bar Related Files
Click a path bar segment for a quick file list.


Multiple Placeholders
Quickly tab between the parts that need input.

Dynamic Placeholders
Fill in dates, selections, URLs, and much more.

Keyboard Shortcuts
Assign any, in addition to tab triggers.

Share clips with your team.


Drag a site onto another site for an instant group.

List view
Got a lot of sites? Rejoice.

iCloud Sync for Sites & Clips
Laptop to desktop, easy. (App Store only.)


Revolutionary New CSS Pops
GUI pop-ups while you type makes CSS easy.

Live updating
See your CSS affect your page on the fly.

Built-in Web Inspector
Debug everything in your page, in Preview.


Built-In MySQL Editor
No joke: a full GUI for MySQL management.

Edit Structure and Content
With point-and-click simplicity.

Run Arbitrary Queries
Test everything out, right in Coda.


Nicer Code Navigator
Easily find blocks of code in your files.

Live Code Hints
Get quick reference as you type.

Better Validation
Quickly check your HTML or CSS for errors.

Packed with over 100 new features.

Brand New Reference Books
Quick Look
Updated Autocomplete
Plug-In API Improvements
iPad/iPhone Frames in Preview
Skip Files Rules
New Books
Group Folders Above Files
Improved Ruby
Simplified Syntax Coloring
Advanced Server Settings
And More.


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Koristan i po mom misljenju odlican editor za sve one koji zele na sto ljepsi, laksi i brzi nacin osmisliti i kreirati vlastiti Web Sajt po svom ukusu, u svojoj kolekciji nudi pregrst opcija i mogucnosti sto ga izdvaja medju trenutno jedan od ponajboljih editora.

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Citat:November 4, 2019
Fixed an issue that could prevent key based authentication from working
Attempting to install a syntax mode no longer throws an exception
Improved installation prompts if syntax modes don’t contain version information
Plug-ins that require Growl will load properly again; these plug-ins will be disabled in a future update
macOS 10.15: Resolved an exception when SVN doesn’t have access to your local root
macOS 10.15: Files modified by external sources are marked for publishing as expected
macOS 10.15: Fixed an accessibility related exception
Corrected an issue that prevented Copy URL from copying the full remote URL for remote files
Resolved a possible issue when renaming a file while the files list reloads
Dragging a local file from Transmit to a remote server in Coda no longer moves the local file to a temporary directory

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