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DAudioK v0.1.2 beta

This software is designed to convert audio files between different formats using FFMPEG. It's in a beta stage... the possibilities of format convertions will be added "along the path".

13th August 2006 - v.0.1.2 beta

* Enabled MP3 to MP3 encoding.
* Enabled MP3 to AC3 encoding.
* Enabled AMR Wide-Band Encoding.
* Enabled the selection of one "segment" for cuts... this feature requires AviSynth installed on your system...
* Restructured the Interface... for better... I hope Surprised)
* Added the option to export de encoded file to the same folder of the original file just leave the option "Same Output Folder" checked.
* Fully translated to English.

7th July 2006 - v.0.0.1 beta First release (just for some friends :0))

* Just converts from MP3 to AMR narrow band.



download - 4.5 MB

Dopuna: 04 Dec 2006 15:55

DAudioK v0.1.5 beta

4th December 2006 - v.0.1.5 beta

* Added WAV and AAC output formats.

* Added an "Abort" encode button... as it says... aborts the encoding process.

* Changed the default MP2/MPA bitrate to 224kbps... sorry about this one, I simply didn't noticed (Copy/Paste mistakes :0$). This is no big deal unless the user is a beginner and wants to make audio for VCD, SVCD or DVD... in that case, 224kbps is "suitable" for all.

* Corrections on the translation routine -- some items didn't got translated.

* To avoid unauthorized translations of the interface, I've introduced a routine that will re-write the language file everytime this application is started. If you want to translate the program to your mother language, please contact me through daudiok@gmail.com or rockassoftware@gmail.com, I'll be extremely glad to accept your contribution and you'll get the credits for your work printed on the Software Interface.

* Added a "Vista" option under Setup dialog. That option can be used to adapt the main window size to the new "Vista looks".

* Some minor bug corrections.

* Some minor cosmetic changes.

* Updated Translation routine for the new features.


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