Diskeeper (sve verzije)

Diskeeper (sve verzije)

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New Diskeeper version 10 - just released!

It's a known fact fragmentation cuts directly across the integrity of your systems causing crashes, slowdowns, freeze-ups and even total system failures. And with today's bigger drives and larger files, disk fragmentation is a bigger problem than ever. Diskeeper provides automatic network-wide defragmentation for your desktops all the way up to your ultra high-end servers maintaining peak performance and reliability. And now - boost access speeds like never before with new breakthrough disk performance calibration technology — I-FAAST ™. Core enhancements provide faster, more thorough defrag. Diskeeper's enhanced I/O Smart™ provides intelligent transparent operation ensuring uninterrupted system use. Simply "Set It and Forget It"® for every system on your network.

new diskeeper 10 provides new adaptive technology designed to wring every last drop of performance out of every computer on your network - automatically.

There is a Diskeeper 10 edition perfect for your needs:

Diskeeper 10 Professional Edition
Automatic protection against fragmentation-related problems for PCs and laptops

Diskeeper 10 Professional Premier Edition
Advanced defrag technology that automatically boosts speed and productivity for power users and high-end systems

Diskeeper 10 Server Standard Edition
High-speed automatic defragmentation that maximizes server speed and reliability

Diskeeper 10 Server Enterprise Edition
Cutting-edge automatic defragmentation technology that boosts performance of mission-critical and enterprise-level servers

Diskeeper 10 Administrator Edition
Centralized site-wide management for Diskeeper, including remote deployment, scheduling, reports, remote control and e-mail alerts


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Diskeeper 2008 12.0.758 Final

Diskeeper Corporation announces the release of new Diskeeper®2008, the most automated performance enhancement defragmenter ever built. New features include the ability to defrag in the most extreme levels of low free space or the highest levels of crippling file fragmentation. Intelligent defrag dynamically chooses which software engine will net the most performance
gains on a given system or environment. This is all done completely transparently, in real time, tapping the full power of otherwise unused idle resources with a highly advanced background processing technology called, InvisiTasking™.
So important is Diskeeper to the world of computing that it was named among the Top 5 products that everyone should have on their computer systems or networks.

Diskeeper 2008 Home
Automatic defragmentation designed for home computing, to keep non-networked PCs healthy and running at top speed.

Diskeeper 2008 Professional
Designed for the typical office PC user, Diskeeper 2007 Professional includes advanced protection against performance problems for PCs and Laptops.

Diskeeper 2008 Pro Premier
Specially designed for high-end systems and power users. Get an EXTRA performance boost above and beyond anything you have ever experienced before - even better than when your system was new!

Diskeeper 2008 Server
Get maximum server speed, reliability, and performance. Designed from the ground up to provide real time file system performance for your servers.

Diskeeper 2008 EnterpriseServer
Provides maximum file system performance for high capacity, high traffic, 24/7, enterprise level servers with disk volumes containing millions of files including NAS, RAID, and SANS.

Diskeeper 2008 Administrator
Provides centralized defragmentation management, alerting, and reporting tools to empower System Administrators with easy network-wide control.

Download Home: http://downloads.diskeeper.com/trialware/Diskeeper2008-Home.exe

Download Professional http://downloads.diskeeper.com/trialware/Diskeeper2008-Professional.exe

Download Pro Premier: http://downloads.diskeeper.com/trialware/Diskeeper2008-ProPremier.exe

Download Server: http://downloads.diskeeper.com/trialware/Diskeeper2008-Server.exe

Download EnterpriseServer: http://downloads.diskeeper.com/trialware/Diskeeper2008-EnterpriseServer.exe

Download Administartor: http://downloads.diskeeper.com/trialware/Diskeeper2008-Administrator.exe

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Diskeeper 2010 14.0.913

New in 14.0.913:
Performance improvements in InvisiTasking related to 8+ core systems and eliminating unnecessary context switching.
Fixed I-FAAST measurement that would fail on some busy systems and consequently keep getting rescheduled.
Improved defragmentation process to avoid keeping extremely fragmented files open for long periods of time.
Fixed problem with occasionally incorrectly detecting the Volume Shadow Copy state.
Improved the SSD detection code to correctly detect certain types of SSDs.
Fixed an installation problem with the PATH variable longer than 1024 characters.


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Diskeeper Professional Edition 2011 Build 950

- Izmenen još uvek nedostupne

Download: http://majorgeeks.com/downloadget.php?id=1208&.....c3223de4ad

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Napisano: 06 Apr 2011 20:50

Diskeeper 2011 15.0.954

- Fixed a memory leak in the Diskeeper service that could lead to a service crash.
- Fixed a problem with calculating Saved I/Os.
- Fixed bug that caused an incorrect warning in the Performance Report.
- Fixed bug that displayed incorrect "last updated time" in the dashboard.

Dopuna: 24 Maj 2011 9:54

Diskeeper 2011 15.0.956

Fixed an incorrect warning in the Performance Report. If a volume is smaller than 2GB (e.g. a recovery partition), on which IntelliWrite may not be enabled, this is not flagged in the Performance Report as not optimal configuration.

New Features:
Added date, time, and product version to the saved and printed Job Reports.
IntelliWrite, if you have licensed HyperFast, can now be enabled on SSD-backed volumes (note the default setting is "off").

Dopuna: 05 Jun 2012 12:36

Diskeeper 2012 v16.0.1010.0

*New User Interface
· The Diskeeper Interface has been given a more modern look and feel, simplified navigation and drill-down architecture of information.

*Alerting Mechanism
· This high level alerting mechanism will let you know at a glance if your system has any problems relating to performance, disk health and configuration settings.

*Reporting Mechanism
· The reporting mechanism provides current and historical reports about your system.

*Disk Health
· The Disk Health feature monitors hard disk drives for S.M.A.R.T. data to generate alerts and provides a disk health report.

*System Monitoring
· System Monitoring monitors system environment activity and provides reporting on key elements.
Note: System Monitoring report data will only become available 2 to 3 hours after your system has been rebooted.

·  HyperBoot technology has been incorporated into Diskeeper to improve system boot time.
Note: HyperBoot will only work on non-server operating systems.

*Space Reclamation
· Space Reclamation allows you to manually zero out unused space on a selected volume.
Note: Space Reclamation is only available on Server editions of Diskeeper.

· This technology detects external resource usage within a shared storage system, such as a SAN, and allows for transparent optimization by never competing for resources utilized by other VMs over the same storage infrastructure. Any and all SANs are supported!
Note: CogniSAN only detects external resources on server editions of Diskeeper.

*HyperFast Improvements
· HyperFast now includes TRIM that further improves Solid State Drive performance and longevity.


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