DrawPlus 4 - Graphic Design and Vector Drawing Software

DrawPlus 4 - Graphic Design and Vector Drawing Software

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Why Use DrawPlus 4?

Are you one of those people who always wanted to unleash your creativity with a powerful drawing and graphics product, but didn't want to spend hundreds of pounds on software to do it? Have you always thought that to produce high quality graphics and animations you'd need expensive training and hours of concentration?

The award-winning DrawPlus 4 is the user-friendly program that will enable you to produce outstanding results with all your drawings, graphics, illustrations and animations. You'll be astounded by how much power this amazing software sensation gives you, and all for free!

Whether you're a professional designer or a graphic design novice, DrawPlus 4 is the ultimate graphics solution for you! Now you can create attention-grabbing text, decorative page elements and logos as well as full page illustrations, without the need for any design experience.

Easy 'Sketching'
Say goodbye to complicated tools and 'shaky hand' drawings. DrawPlus makes drawing simple with easy to use QuickShapes, Natural Curve Editing and Curve Smoothing.

Backdrop Wizard
You can add abstract or themed backgrounds very easily. From dazzling presentation backgrounds to space style scenes, give any drawing a ready-made designer canvas.

Drag & Drop Formatting
The new tabbed Studio stores hundreds of pre-set lines, fills, transparencies, fonts and Wizard elements which are always convenient and ready to use.

Apply Any Colour
It's extremely quick and easy to apply color fills to any drawing using the on-screen studio palette.

Animation Mode
Great fun, easy to use and perfect for bringing your Web sites and presentations to life. Use advanced features like onion skinning, backgrounds, overlays and frame management.

Brilliant Blends
Use the blend tool to automatically 'morph' 2 images. You choose the number of steps and DrawPlus does the rest!

True Transparency
Easily create sparkling photo-like realism and quality in seconds with no experience required.

Watermark Wizard
A notoriously difficult effect to create is now a total breeze, with a wide range of customizable watermark designs on hand.

Border Wizard
This flexible Wizard instantly adds borders to the page or to individual objects. Choose a border from the extensive library or get really creative and let the Border Wizard help you to build a totally unique design.

Colour Schemes
Define new color sets as shades of a base color, then transform the color scheme of a whole image instantly - just by altering the base color. DrawPlus Colour Schemes do the work for you!

Editable Envelopes
Stretch and squeeze objects or text into whatever shape you choose. Select from the range of special outline shapes or customize your own!

Terrific Text
Create high-impact text for headlines, logos, banners, Web pages and more. Plus convert text to curves to bring fonts to life.

Built-in Studio Window
Packed with all the drawing and graphics tools and resources you'll ever need.

Imagine the most powerful set of drawing tools that you've ever envisaged. Even extremely complex shapes like spirals, petals and Webs are simple to draw and customize using QuickShapes.

Improved Output
You can get superior printed results with smooth color blending. DrawPlus 4 now exports Transparent GIF, Animated GIF, and PNG for forward looking Web page design.

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