Easy Thumbnails

Easy Thumbnails

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Sjajan program za thumbnails-e, slike smanjivanje/povecavanje, podesavanja kontrasta itd.
Uz to je jako mali/male "tezine" [1MB], lak/jednostavan za upotrebu i najvaznije: Free je, odnosno besplatan. Smile

Produce thumbnails the easy way, quickly and for free!

* Free for home or professional use
* Fully Windows 7 compatible
* Supports all popular image formats

Easy Thumbnails is a genuine freeware product that will not annoy you with advertising, intrusive spyware components or nag screens.

Citat:Easy Thumbnails is a popular free Windows utility for creating accurate thumbnail images and scaled-down/up copies from a wide range of popular picture formats. An elegant interface makes it a snap to find your images and select them for processing individually, in groups, or in whole folders, using a simple file selector and built-in image viewer. You can use slider controls to rotate images and adjust their contrast, brightness, sharpness and quality, and check out the results with the built-in viewer.

Thumbnails can be created in any existing folder or a new folder, and you can identify them clearly by adding a prefix or suffix to their filename. If you're an image-processing enthusiast, you'll enjoy having a choice of eleven resampling filters for the best possible results. You can convert small batches of images inside Windows Explorer from the File menu or with a right-click of the mouse, display thumbnails in your browser, and even take advantage of command-line switches to generate thumbnails seamlessly from other programs. You can also save your thumbnails to a Web page using a HTML template that you can easily customize to create your own layouts, and there's helpful documentation that includes full instructions and some useful tips.

* Scale images up or down in batches
* Eleven resampling filters, including Bicubic and Lanczos3
* Sharpen soft images from digital cameras
* Real-time preview of target image and its file size
* Supports the JPEG 2000 image format
* Preserves EXIF data in JPEG images
* Supports lossless JPEG rotation
* Free software producing quality results


1. Main Screen

2. Settings Tab

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