Kazaa v3.0

Kazaa v3.0

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Kazaa - p2p client

Up to 15 'Search More's:
You can now ‘Search More’ up to 15 times. This means you can access up to 3,000 results per search. Each ‘Search More’ displays up to an additional 200 search results.

Search Agent:
Searching for a file? Get Search Agent on the case to perform repeated searches every 30 minutes over a 24 hour period.

Multiple simultaneous searches:
Searching is now much faster and more efficient. Run up to 24 concurrent searches.

Multiple search results tabs:
Each search you perform is displayed in a new window. This means that your search results won’t be overwritten by each new search you perform.

‘Quick’ and ‘Advanced’ search tabs:
‘Search’ view allows both quick and advanced searches. Use the advanced search to obtain more accurate results in less time.

Web search:
Use Kazaa to search the web.

Downloading from Multiple Sources:
Faster downloads as files can be simultaneously downloaded from multiple sources.

Kazaa includes built-in P2P Virus Protection – from BullGuard. It is specially designed to quarantine and delete suspect files. You can select how often you want your BullGuard program to scan Kazaa for viruses and check for the latest definition updates. BullGuard is the leading P2P virus protection software available and is exclusive to Kazaa.

Block suspect files with Kazaa Virus Filter - Block: .EXE, .SCR, .LNK, .BAT, .VBS, .COM, .DLL, .BIN and .CMD from your search results, for your additional safety.

zabranjeno Filter – now with password protection, ensuring your settings are secure.

Having Kazaa is 100% Legal – On December 19, 2003, the Dutch Supreme Court confirmed that Kazaa peer-to-peer technology and its distribution is legal. Read important information here.

Kazaa has a No Spyware Commitment.
Read it here.

Customizable Toolbars – Make Kazaa as streamlined or as feature packed as you want.

Gold/Blue – Gold icons represent Premium content which is Artist/Content Owner approved and distributed through Kazaa via Altnet. Blue icons represent all other files shared using Kazaa.

Preview files – if a file download is completing or complete, then you can Preview/Play it directly from the 'Traffic' view. Some files will open in 'Theater' view. Not all file types can be executed this way.

User Guide – An extensive online User Guide to help answer any questions.

Global Reach – You will have access to millions of peers around the world with Kazaa.

Skype – Make free online calls, peer-to-peer. Talk, Instant Message and Send Files, PC to PC.

Publish your self-authored content – It’s free and easy! Simply by placing your photos, book, articles, artwork or independent films in your Shared Folder, other users around the globe will be able to find and download them! Read more in the 'Make it' section.

Magnet Links – Super-distribute your talent… let your peers promote you via links! Magnet links allow web sites to link directly to files that can be downloaded with P2P technology. This can result in significant savings in online distribution and hosting costs. Read more about Magnet Links and download Magnet Link Builder.

Promote your Blog – Promote your blog or website to other users via Kazaa and find other user’s blogs and sites.

Unlimited bitrates
Higher quality files possible with increased bitrates.

Integrity Rating
Files labeled by peers according to technical quality and completeness of file data (metadata) to enhance reliability.

Kazaa includes Search and Browse Channels. Channels are websites specially designed for viewing within Kazaa, giving you direct access to downloads and information.

PeerPoints provided by Altnet
Collect Altnet PeerPoints by sharing Gold Icon Files. Altnet PeerPoints are redeemable for sponsored downloads and chances to win prizes.

Customizable skins
Customize the basic desktop interface and create your own skin with our guide.

Shared playlists
Create unique shared playlists and search for other Kazaa users playlists.

Media Player image handling
View images and play audio and video files within the built-in Media Player in ‘Theater’ view.

Kapsules - custom digital packaging of multi-file collections. For example, a Kapsule may include music, exclusive footage of live performance, lyrics and images - all of the same band or artist.

Arrow http://www.kazaa.com/us/products/downloadKMD.htm

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