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KeePass 1.07

KeePass is a free/open-source password manager or safe which helps you to manage your passwords in a secure way. You can put all your passwords in one database, which is locked with one master key or a key-disk. So you only have to remember one single master password or insert the key-disk to unlock the whole database. The databases are encrypted using the best and most secure encryption algorithms currently known (AES and Twofish).


Dopuna: 14 Avg 2008 22:10

KeePass 1.12

New Features:

* Groups in the group list now behave like folders in Windows Explorer when moving groups/folders (i.e. sub-groups are also moved).
* Added advanced option to drop to the background when copying data to the clipboard.
* Added auto-type configuration dialog (button 'Auto-Type' in the options dialog, tab page 'Advanced'); this dialog now contains all options related to auto-type.
* The default auto-type sequence can now be configured in the Auto-Type configuration dialog.
* Added option to prepend a special auto-type initialization sequence for Internet Explorer and Maxthon windows to fix a focus issue (option enabled by default).
* Added field reference creation dialog (accessible through the 'Tools' menu in the entry editing dialog).
* KeePass now follows field references in indirect auto-type sequence paths.
* Field references are dereferenced when copying data to the clipboard.
* Secure edit controls in the master key and entry dialogs now accept text drops.
* Group names in the entry details view are now clickable; click it to jump to the group of the entry (especially useful for jumping from search results to the real group of an entry).
* Added documentation about how to customize KeePass (networks).
* KeePass now shows an explicit file corruption warning message when saving to a file fails.
* KeePass on Windows d XP now mimics the extended combobox behavior seen on Windows Vista: when pressing a character key, the next string starting with this character is selected (for example a file can be selected in the key files list now by pressing the key corresponding to the drive).
* Entries in the auto-type entry selection window are now sorted.


* The auto-type sequence and auto-type window definition lines are now removed before copying the contents of the notes field to the clipboard, executing an URL and/or auto-typing.
* KeePass recreates the temporary system/account directory, if it has accidently been deleted.
* When using the installation package and Windows Vista, settings are now stored in the user's profile directory (instead of Virtual Store; like on Windows XP and earlier).
* If the option to remember the last used file is disabled, KeePass now won't remember the last used directory either.
* Entry details view is now cleared when no entry is selected.
* All edit combo boxes can now auto-scroll horizontally.
* When security-critical operations are disabled, the 'unhide' button in the master key dialog is disabled now.
* The read-only flag is not cleared anymore when closing a file (consequently locking will not clear the read-only flag).
* When deleting a subgroup tree, backup entries of all deleted entries are now created in the 'Backup' group.
* Improved status bar updating on WTS notifications.
* {INSERT} works like {INS} now.
* Various code optimizations.
* Minor installer improvements.
* Minor other improvements.


* "User Name" is now translated correctly in TXT exports.
* Referencing passwords of other entries now works correctly.


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KeePass 1.18

# New Features:
* Password quality estimation algorithm: added check for about 1500 most common passwords (these are rated down to 1/8th of their statistical rating; Bloom filter-based implementation).
* {GOOGLECHROME} placeholder: updated detection code to also support the latest versions of Chrome.
* KeePass now enables data execution prevention (DEP).
* Improved lock overlay icon (higher resolution).

# Improvements:
* Improved character classification in password quality estimation algorithm.
* Improved group and entries deletion confirmation dialogs (only Windows Vista and higher).
* Items in the update checking, plugin and icon picker dialogs aren't underlined anymore when hovering over them.
* The default expiry interval for new entries is now limited to a maximum of 8 years.
* Renamed character repetition option in the password generator for improved clarity.
* Added code to prevent loading libraries from the current working directory (to avoid binary planting attacks).
* Installer: various minor improvements.
* Various code optimizations.
* Minor other improvements.


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KeePass 1.19

* New Features & Improvements:

- Added option to remember key sources (key file paths, provider names, ...); it's enabled by default.
- New locking timer (using a timeout instead of a countdown).
- Lock files are now hidden.
- On Windows 7 and higher, the main window peek preview is now disabled when the KeePass workspace is locked.
- File transactions: the NTFS/EFS encryption flag is now also preserved when the containing directory isn't encrypted.
- {FIREFOX} placeholder: added support for registry-redirected 32-bit Firefox installations on 64-bit Windows systems.
- Relative database paths on the command line are now evaluated relatively to the initial working directory (specified by the parent process) instead of the last used directory.
- Improved user-friendliness in UAC dialogs.
- Improved help (moved placeholders to separate page, ...).
- Installer: the KeePass start menu shortcut is now created directly in the programs folder; the other shortcuts have been removed (use the Control Panel for uninstalling and the 'Help' menu in KeePass to access the help).
- Upgraded installer.
- Various code optimizations.
- Minor other improvements.


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KeePass 2.15

This is a stable release. It is recommended to upgrade from any previous 2.x version to 2.15. KeePass 2.15 is backward compatible (i.e. you can open databases created with KeePass 2.14 and earlier), but as the database file format has been improved not the other way round (i.e. KeePass 2.14 and earlier cannot open databases saved with KeePass 2.15).

KeePass 2.15 is a major feature release. It mainly features a new option to show the master key dialog on a secure desktop (on which almost no keylogger works), history and KDBX file format improvements, and various other minor new features and improvements.

Download: Arrow

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KeePass 2.16

v2.16 Lista izmena:

Dopuna: 05 Jan 2012 18:41

KeePass 2.18

v2.18 Lista izmena:

Dopuna: 02 Maj 2012 0:36

KeePass 2.19

v2.19 Lista izmena:

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Napisano: 08 Sep 2012 14:17

KeePass 2.20

New Features:

· Header data in KDBX files is now authenticated (to prevent silent data corruption attacks; thanks to P. Gasti and K. B. Rasmussen).
· Added management of working directories (a separate working directory is remembered for each file dialog context; working directories are remembered relatively to KeePass.exe; the management can be deactivated by turning off the new option 'Remember working directories').
· Added option to cancel auto-type when the target window title changes.
· Added quick search box in the toolbar of the internal text editor.
· Files can now be attached to entries by using drag&drop from Windows Explorer to the attachments list in the entry editing dialog.
· Added '-pw-stdin' command line option to make KeePass read the master password from the StdIn stream.
· Added placeholders to get parts of the entry URL: {URL:SCM}, {URL:HOST}, {URL:PORT}, {URL:PATH} and {URL:QUERY}.
· Added a 'Details' button in the plugin load failure message box (when clicked, detailed error information for developers is shown).
· Added warning icon left of the Windows user account option description in the master key creation dialog.
· Added support for more image file formats (e.g. when importing custom client icons).
· Added support for importing DesktopKnox 3.2 XML files.
· The generic CSV importer now guesses whether the option to ignore the first row should be enabled or not (the user of course can still specify it manually, too).
· Added support for exporting to KeePass 1.x CSV files.
· Added support for moving the PLGX cache to a different remote drive.
· The Spr engine is now extensible, i.e. plugins can provide additional transformations/placeholders.
· On Unix-like systems, KeePass now uses the 'xsel' utility for clipboard operations, if 'xsel' is installed (in order to work around Mono clipboard bugs).
· Added Mono workaround to set the WM_CLASS property.
· Added workaround for Mono splitter bug.
· The '' script now removes the serialization assembly generating post build event.
· TrlUtil: added support for importing PO files.

Dopuna: 04 Feb 2013 0:54

KeePass 2.21

New Features:

· Generic CSV importer: a group separator can be specified now (for importing group trees).
· Internal data viewer: added hex viewer mode (which is now the default for unknown data types).
· In the 'Show Entries by Tag' menu, the number of entries having a specific tag is now shown right of the tag.
· In the 'Add Tag' menu, a tag is now disabled if all selected entries already have this tag.
· Auto-Type: added support for right modifier keys.
· Added special key codes: {WIN}, {LWIN}, {RWIN}, {APPS}, {NUMPAD0} to {NUMPAD9}.
· Interleaved sending of keys is now prevented by default (if you e.g. have an auto-type sequence that triggers another auto-type, enable the new option 'Allow interleaved sending of keys' in 'Tools' -> 'Options' -> tab 'Advanced').
· Added '-auto-type-selected' command line option (other running KeePass instances perform auto-type for the currently selected entry).
· Added option to additionally show references when showing dereferenced data (enabled by default).
· The selection in a secure edit control is now preserved when unhiding and hiding the content.
· The auto-type association editing dialog now does not hang anymore when a window of any other · application hangs.
· When an application switches from the secure desktop to a different desktop, KeePass now shows a warning message box; clicking [OK] switches back to the secure desktop.
· Added 'OK'/'Cancel' buttons in the icon picker dialog.
· Added support for importing LastPass 2.0.2 CSV files.
· KeePass now shows an error message when the user accidentally attempts to use a database file as key file.
· Added support for UTF-16 surrogate pairs.
· Added UTF-8 BOM support for version information files.
· The KeePass version is now also shown in the components list in the 'About' dialog.
· File operations are now context-independent (this e.g. makes it possible to use the 'Activate database' trigger action during locking).
· Plugins can now register their placeholders to be shown in the auto-type item editing dialog.
· Plugins can now subscribe to IO access events.
· Added workaround for .NET bug 694242; status dialogs now scale properly with the DPI resolution.
· Added workaround for Mono DataGridView.EditMode bug.
· Added workaround for Mono bug 586901; high Unicode characters in rich text boxes are displayed properly now.

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KeePass 2.22

New Features:

When the option for remembering key sources is enabled, KeePass now also remembers whether the user account is required.
Added 'View' -> 'Grouping in Entry List' menu.
Added 'Close active database' trigger action.
Added '-ioiscomplete' command line option, which tells KeePass that the path and file system credentials are complete (the 'Open URL' dialog will not be displayed then).
Added support for importing SafeWallet XML files (3.0.4 and 3.0.5).
Added support for importing TurboPasswords 5.0.1 CSV files.
LastPass CSV importer: added support for group trees.
Alle meine Passworte XML importer: added support for custom fields and group names with special characters.
Password Safe XML importer: added support for the e-mail field.
Added 'Help' button in the generic CSV importer dialog.
Added workaround for .NET bug 642188; top visible list view items are now remembered in details view with groups enabled.
Added workaround for Mono form title bar text update bug (which e.g. caused bug 801414).

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KeePass 2.24

New Features:

The URL override field in the entry editing dialog is now an editable combo box, where the drop-down list contains suggestions for browser overrides.
Password quality estimations are now computed in separate threads to improve the UI responsiveness.
The password generator profile 'Automatically generated passwords for new entries' is now available in the password generator context menu of the entry editing dialog.
Added UIFlags bit for hiding built-in profiles in the password generator context menu of the entry editing dialog.
Tags can be included in printouts now.
Generic CSV importer: added support for importing tags.
Added support for importing Norton Identity Safe 2013 CSV files.
Mozilla Bookmarks JSON import: added support for importing tags.
RoboForm import: URLs are now terminated using a '/', added support for the new file format and for the new note fields.
Added support for showing modern task dialogs even when no form exists (requiring a theming activation context).
KeePass now terminates CtfMon child processes started by .NET/Windows, if they are not terminated automatically.
Added workarounds for '#', '{', '}', '[', ']', '~' and diaeresis .NET SendKeys issues.
Added workaround for 'xsel' hanging on Unix-like systems.
Converted some PNG images as a workaround for a problem in Cairo/LibPNG on Unix-like systems.
Installer: the version is now shown in the 'Version' field of the item in the Windows 'Programs and Features' dialog.
TrlUtil: added 'Go to Next Untranslated' command.
TrlUtil: added shortcut keys.

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