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Pored mnogih programa za editovanje TAG-ova na mp3
ili drugim formatima pjesama ova dva programa
se isticu sto su potpuno FREE
1. mp3TAG

2. Plugin za Winamp koji omogucava TAG editovanje...

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Mp3tag 2.45

- [2009-11-18] FIX: internal selection state was not reset when loading files via drag and drop (since v2.44a).
- [2009-11-15] LNG: Swedish translation reworked by Matthias Stasiak.
- [2009-11-08] CHG: removed built-in field mapping from WRITER to COMPOSER at MP4.
- [2009-11-07] NEW: hex-encoded HTML entities are now also translated in Tag Sources.
- [2009-11-07] FIX: moving files from one directory to another via drag'n'drop resulted in unresponsive program (since v2.44a).
- [2009-11-05] FIX: query strings containing equal or ampersand signs did not work with Amazon Tag Source.
- [2009-11-05] FIX: undo remove or write tag operations sometimes refreshed wrong files in file view (since v2.44a).
- [2009-11-01] FIX: sorting filtered results displayed files that were not matched by the filter expression.
- [2009-11-01] CHG: trailing pipe symbol in fields filled by Tag Sources are now removed.
- [2009-10-31] NEW: installer and program now digitally signed.
- [2009-10-29] FIX: numerical ID3v2 frames TLEN, TBPM and TDAT were always written in Unicode instead of ISO-8859-1.
- [2009-10-27] CHG: changed %_total% to be empty if there is no total number of tracks stored in the track field.
- [2009-10-24] NEW: added support for multiline fields (for e.g., Lyrics) in Tag Panel.
- [2009-10-23] FIX: lines in M3U playlists consisting of blanks only resulted in the M3U's directory being loaded.
- [2009-10-23] CHG: multiple values of fields in Tag Panel are now also listed in drop-down fields
- [2009-10-23] FIX: applying actions on _FILENAME did not always remove invalid characters.
- [2009-10-23] FIX: tag panel was not updated after removing files from file list (since v2.44a)
- [2009-10-18] FIX: dropping directories from optical drives was always interpreted as add directory regardless of Ctrl-key state.
- [2009-10-18] FIX: action Case Conversion (Sentence) and $caps3 gave different results.
- [2009-10-17] FIX: importing covers via Web Sources occasionally resulted in erroneous mimetype containing charset descriptions.
- [2009-10-17] NEW: added MATCHES keyword to filter using regular expressions.
- [2009-10-17] FIX: dropping cover art to extended tag dialog stopped working (since v2.44).
- [2009-10-12] CHG: empty fields from web source are no longer listed in tag sources dialog.
- [2009-10-12] FIX: query strings containing question marks did not work with Amazon Tag Source.
- [2009-10-01] FIX: drag'n'drop of non-audio files resulted in blank line in file view (since v2.44a).
- [2009-10-01] FIX: selection was not preserved when sorting in file view (since v2.44a).
- [2009-09-26] FIX: spaces in quoted filter strings were ignored.
- [2009-09-26] FIX: occasional runtime error on Export (since v2.44a).
- [2009-09-26] FIX: selection state did not update after filtering (since v2.44a).
- [2009-09-26] FIX: selecting multiple files via Shift+Arrow keys did not set to fields with different content in Tag Panel (since v2.44a).
- [2009-09-25] FIX: saving tags when using arrow keys/single mouse click did not work anymore (since v2.44a).
- [2009-09-25] FIX: selecting multiple files did not set to fields with different content in Tag Panel (since v2.44a).
- [2009-09-25] FIX: fixed $loop(%field%) still limited after $loop(%field%,n) at export.
- [2009-09-23] NEW: support for user-defined field name mappings.
- [2009-09-23] CHG: updated MusicBrainz web source.
- [2009-09-18] FIX: occasional runtime error when writing tags to malformed FLAC files.
- [2009-09-18] CHG: improved status reporting when files are added via drag and drop.
- [2009-09-18] NEW: added *.flc (used for FLAC in some programs) to list of supported file extensions.
- [2009-09-16] CHG: converter 'Text file - Tag' now runs in separate thread with progress dialog.
- [2009-09-13] FIX: fixed resizing issue at convert dialogs.
- [2009-09-08] CHG: addressed performance issues when reading OGG files with large metadata values.
- [2009-09-07] NEW: filter now supports filter expressions.
- [2009-09-07] CHG: filtering is now done in separate thread.
- [2009-09-03] FIX: occasional runtime error when removing tags from Ogg Vorbis files.
- [2009-09-02] NEW: added support for preserving mp3HD correction data.
- [2009-09-01] FIX: fixed lost focus after editing via the extended tags dialog.
- [2009-08-31] FIX: occasional runtime error when canceling writing operations.
- [2009-08-21] CHG: filter now enabled by default.
- [2009-08-21] CHG: changed appearance of lists to themed style under Vista and above.
- [2009-08-15] CHG: removed German help files.
- [2009-08-15] CHG: removed Quick Launch Shortcut installer option for Windows 7 and above.


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Mp3tag v2.46


[2010-03-13] REL: VERSION 2.46 (for Windows XP/2003/Vista/2008/7)
------------ -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
[2010-03-13] FIX: iTunes-specific field Encoding Params was not preserved.
[2010-03-10] FIX: saving tags to files on some NAS drives occasionally did not work.
[2010-03-10] FIX: blanks before extension part in file names were automatically removed at Replace
actions for _FILENAME.
[2010-03-09] CHG: multiple Source fields mapped to same Target field are now merged if they have
the same values.
[2010-03-09] NEW: added dedicated help page for User-defined Field Mappings.
[2010-03-04] FIX: first file deleted from filter results returned to list on filter refresh.
[2010-03-04] FIX: omitted slash character when used at user-defined field mappings.
[2010-03-01] FIX: focus not moved to file list when closing Tag Panel.
[2010-02-28] FIX: update notification also reported beta versions when using latest stable release
(since v2.45a).
[2010-02-27] FIX: keyboard shortcuts for tools Ctrl+1 to Ctrl+0 did not work anymore (since
[2010-02-27] NEW: Shift key modifier option at 'Remove from history' menu items that empties
[2010-02-27] FIX: shell extension did not resolve symbolic links.
[2010-02-26] CHG: improved copy and paste of tags to multiple files.
[2010-02-22] CHG: performance improvements for MATCHES keyword when filtering using regular
[2010-02-21] FIX: $validate removed colons in directory part of parameter instead of using
replacement character.
[2010-02-10] NEW: added Ctrl+Space keyboard shortcut for displaying format string helper menu.
[2010-02-10] FIX: runtime error when clicking the actions drop-down menu after deleting all action
[2010-02-10] FIX: tag field mappings did not work for APEv2 tagged files.
[2010-02-07] FIX: shell extension did not load directories with dots in their names.
[2010-02-07] NEW: support for %_md5audio% for FLAC files.
[2010-02-06] CHG: dockbar information now always stored in configuration file.
[2010-01-30] NEW: Explorer context menu entry now realised via dedicated shell extension.
[2010-01-21] FIX: placeholder %_md5audio% now only available for audio formats tagged with ID3
and/or APE tags.
[2010-01-21] FIX: placeholder %_counter% was not available at action 'Export cover to file'.
[2010-01-11] NEW: placeholder %_tool% for TAK now contains used TAK encoder version.
[2010-01-11] CHG: extended profile information displayed in %_vbr% for TAK files.
[2010-01-08] CHG: updated TAK decoder library tak_deco_lib.dll to TAK 2.0.0.


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Mp3tag v2.47a

[2010-11-19]  REL: VERSION 2.47a (for Windows XP/2003/Vista/2008/7)
------------  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
[2010-11-19]  FIX: tag field renamings from v2.47 were not applied for some users.
------------  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
[2010-11-19]  REL: VERSION 2.47 (for Windows XP/2003/Vista/2008/7)
------------  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
[2010-11-11]  NEW: scripting functions $trimLeft, $trimRight, $cutLeft and $cutRight.
[2010-11-10]  CHG: menu item 'Actions' moved from 'Converter' to own top-level menu with action
                   groups as menu items.
[2010-11-08]  FIX: scripting function $IfLonger did not always return the correct result.
[2010-11-08]  FIX: some tag fields were renamed incorrectly with v2.46d.
[2010-10-26]  CHG: updated discogs web source.
[2010-10-23]  CHG: handling of Amazon web sources to allow for web sources that do not rely on AWS.
[2010-10-13]  CHG: renamed field name BAND to ALBUMARTIST
[2010-10-13]  CHG: renamed field name ALBUMSORTORDER to ALBUMSORT
[2010-10-13]  CHG: renamed field name ARTISTSORTORDER to ARTISTSORT
[2010-10-13]  CHG: renamed field name BANDSORTORDER to ALBUMARTISTSORT
[2010-10-13]  CHG: renamed field name COMPOSERSORTORDER to COMPOSERSORT
[2010-10-13]  CHG: renamed field name TITLESORTORDER to TITLESORT
[2010-10-13]  CHG: renamed field name TVSHOWSORTORDER to TVSHOWSORT
[2010-10-13]  CHG: renamed field name ITUNESCOMPILATION to COMPILATION
[2010-10-13]  CHG: renamed field name ITUNESPODCAST to PODCAST
[2010-10-13]  CHG: renamed field name ITUNESPODCASTCATEGORY to PODCASTCATEGORY
[2010-10-13]  CHG: renamed field name ITUNESPODCASTDESC to PODCASTDESC
[2010-10-13]  CHG: renamed field name ITUNESPODCASTID to PODCASTID
[2010-10-13]  CHG: renamed field name ITUNESPODCASTURL to PODCASTURL
[2010-10-10]  CHG: improved splash screen response time.
[2010-10-04]  NEW: added support for iTunes U at ITUNESMEDIATYPE MP4 field.
[2010-09-25]  FIX: ID3v2 WXXX frames with empty description were not read.
[2010-09-21]  FIX: dragging columns after resizing restored previous column width.
[2010-09-21]  CHG: file extensions is now omitted when using _FILENAME or _ALL at all action types
                   except 'Replace with regular expression'.
[2010-09-07]  FIX: fixed possible runtime error when displaying the extended tag dialog (since
[2010-08-30]  NEW: added M4V to supported file extensions.
[2010-08-22]  NEW: added German help file (many thanks to dano!).
[2010-08-22]  FIX: filter IS and HAS did not handle umlauts in uppercase correctly.
[2010-08-17]  CHG: updated MusicBrainz tag source.
[2010-08-14]  CHG: updated discogs tag source.
[2010-08-08]  CHG: added workaround for an issue when displaying the extended tag dialog under Wine
[2010-08-02]  NEW: added support for setting cover type for multiple different covers at once.
[2010-04-22]  FIX: closing filter window when in floating state did not reset file view.
[2010-04-22]  FIX: moving file where file already exists in target resulted in duplicate entries in
                   file list.
[2010-04-22]  NEW: edit user-defined tool dialog is resizable now.
[2010-04-22]  CHG: file path of the currently selected file now displayed at caption of extended tag
[2010-04-18]  NEW: file list columns can now be rearranged via drag'n'drop.
[2010-04-18]  CHG: minor changes in default genre list.
[2010-04-17]  FIX: replace did not work in web source scripts if replacement was part of sequence to
                   be found.
[2010-04-10]  FIX: deadlock on files with malformed ID3v2 tags.
[2010-04-09]  FIX: undesired behaviour when renaming _DIRECTORY through action 'Format value' with a
                   format string resulting in an empty value.
[2010-04-09]  CHG: DATE is not automatically mapped to ID3v2.4 TDRC frame anymore.
[2010-04-04]  CHG: updated discogs web source.
[2010-04-03]  CHG: changed format of %_replaygain_track_gain% and %_replaygain_album_gain% for
                   Musepack to difference values.


Dopuna: 29 Nov 2010 15:46

Mp3tag v2.47b

[2010-11-28]  REL: VERSION 2.47b (for Windows XP/2003/Vista/2008/7)
------------  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
[2010-11-28]  NEW: helper menu for removing individual tag fields, removing all tag fields, and
                   resetting the tag fields list at tag field selection lists.
[2010-11-28]  NEW: menu item for removing all items from history at format string selection lists.
[2010-11-27]  FIX: applying changes to M4V files gave file cannot be written error message.


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Mp3tag v2.48



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Napisano: 15 Nov 2011 3:06

Mp3tag 2.49a

CHG: updated Amazon web sources.
CHG: updated MusicBrainz web source.
FIX: 'No' button at 'Remove all from history' menu item was ignored.

Dopuna: 17 Jan 2012 10:15

Mp3tag 2.49b

- FIX: cpil atoms (compilation at MP4) set to 0x00 were not displayed.
- CHG: updated Discogs web source.
- NEW: added support for Discogs API v2.0.
- FIX: sort arrow was incorrectly shown after randomizing file list.

Dopuna: 13 Mar 2012 1:28

Mp3tag 2.50

- NEW: converter 'Tag - Tag' via menu 'Converter', toolbar and Alt+5 keyboard shortcut.
- CHG: changed keyboard shortcut for actions to Alt+6 and Alt+Shift+6.
- NEW: added $verticalBar() for masking vertical bar symbol in web sources.
- FIX: truncated separator string that occurred in sayregexp result.
- NEW: support for writing of UTF-8 encoded playlists using *.m3u8 as file extension.
- FIX: regression regarding sorting filtered file lists since v2.49b.
- FIX: converter 'Filename - Tag' did not work for field names containing dots.
- FIX: regression regarding output of multi-valued tag fields for discogs web sources since v2.49b.

Dopuna: 19 Maj 2012 13:09

Mp3tag 2.51

NEW: added support for %_counter% and %_total_files% for format string at action 'Import cover from file'.
NEW: added option to specify cover type at action 'Import cover from file'.
CHG: added extended support for HTTP 302 cases (redirect) at web sources.
CHG: add cover now defaults to the last used cover directory if the is no cover art in the file's directory.
CHG: next file is now focused after removing files from file list.
FIX: regression regarding output of multi-valued tag fields for discogs web sources since v2.49b.

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Napisano: 21 Jul 2012 15:06

Mp3tag 2.52

NEW: added option to specify default directory for cover art.
NEW: added preferences page for directories used in Mp3tag.

Dopuna: 25 Okt 2012 16:36

Mp3tag 2.53

CHG: updated code-signing certificate.
CHG: drag and drop of cover art from other applications now uses original image without re-encoding whenever possible.
CHG: Explorer context menu extension is now included in default installation.
CHG: ID3v2.3 TYER/TDAT now merged into one YEAR field formatted as YYYY-MM-DD.]
FIX: files and folders added from command line were displayed with upper/lower case from command line.
FIX: file names added from playlists were displayed with upper/lower case from playlist.
NEW: added support for drag and drop of cover art from Google Chrome.

Dopuna: 24 Dec 2012 15:41

Mp3tag 2.54

NEW: added official support for Windows 8.
FIX: large decimal-encoded characters in HTML (e.g., &nnnnn;) where not translated in web sources.
FIX: menu button at filter was drawn incorrectly.
FIX: after removing files under Windows XP the list jumps to the beginning.
FIX: short path names where displayed when loaded from specific NAS devices in some cases (since v2.53).
LNG: Macedonian language file.
FIX: installation in silent mode ignored language from Mp3tagSetup.ini.

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Mp3tag 2.57

What´s New:

CHG: Added *.m3u8 to playlist save dialog filter.
FIX: runtime error during undoing move operation after renaming last file in list.
LNG: changed syntax for placeholders in language files.
FIX: runtime error due to wrong use of placeholders in some translations.

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Napisano: 22 Jun 2014 9:00

Mp3tag 2.60

What´s New:

- Fix: Tag field mapping in help file now states that YEAR is written to TYER in ID3v2.3
- Includes changes from the previous Beta versions

Dopuna: 11 Avg 2014 8:07

Mp3tag 2.62

What´s New:

- updated Bulgarian, Czech, Hungarian, and Korean language files.
- search requests to Discogs were not URL encoded anymore (since v2.61b).
- authentication via OAuth 1.0a for Discogs tag sources was not triggered in all cases (since v2.61b).
- added authentication via OAuth 1.0a for Discogs tag sources.
- added scripting function $list(x,y,z) to official documented scripting functions.
- replaced Romanian language file by new translation from Andrei-Felix Areanu.
- runtime error when file name resulting from performing actions was one of the reserved device file names CON, PRN, AUX, NUL, COM1-9, or LPT1-9.

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Mp3tag 2.63

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