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Ovo je jos jedan multifunkcionalan alat u beta fazi.

Odlikuju ga opcije poput:

- pretraga fajlova (mnogo brza nego Windows-ova) sa nekoliko formi prikaza nadjenih fajlova;
- pretraga email arhiva i otvaranje nadjenog email-a ugradjenim klijentom unutar programa;
- pretraga i spasavanje obrisanih fajlova kao i graficki prikaz raspodele klastera obrisanih fajlova;
- pretraga skorasnjih aktivnosti, poput: skorasnji pristupi web sajtovima, wireless mrezi, skidanje fajlova sa interneta, website log in podaci itd;
- prikaz sistemskih informacija;
- pregled (kao i mogucnost dump-ovanja) procesa u sistemskoj memoriji;
- itd itd ...

Features (odlike programa): http://www.osforensics.com/discover.html

Prezentacija sa Bill Mullins' Weblog-a: http://billmullins.wordpress.com/2011/02/14/you-ca.....sics-beta/


Arrow http://www.osforensics.com/download.html

System requirements

Windows XP, Vista & Win 7
Windows Server 2000, 2003, 2008
32bit and 64bit support, (64bit recommended)
Minimum 1GB of RAM. (4GB+ recommended)
30MB of free disk space, or can be run from USB drive

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Citat:Minimum 1GB of RAM. (4GB+ recommended)

Shocked Ovo k'o system req za win 7 Razz

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Citat:Minimum 1GB of RAM. (4GB+ recommended)

Hih, ja imam 4GB RAM-a taman mi dodje za "preporuceno" Very Happy

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Trošim program (zapravo suite) već dva meseca, sa 512 MB rama, ono jes da usporava kod zahtevnijih operacija, ali se na kraju izbori i odradi.

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OSForensics 1.0.1004

Free/Pro razlike: http://www.osforensics.com/purchase.html

Izmene u verzijama: http://www.osforensics.com/whatsnew.html

Download: http://www.osforensics.com/download.html

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OSForensics 1.2.1000

Major changes:

· Support for Apple Mac file systems. Including HFS+ as used in Mac, iPhone, iPod and iPad. So it is now possible to view & investigate files from a Mac or iPhone on your windows machine with OSForensics. Includes changes to,
File viewer
Raw disk viewer
Device manager
· Support for Linux file systems. Including EXT2, EXT3, EXT4. Includes changes most modules in OSF.
· SQLite database viewer is now included in the OSF package. This is useful for looking into database files created by several applications on the iPhone and also by Firefox.
· Added support for APM partition scheme (Apple Partition Map)
· Updated RecentActivity Module to display Browser information for when querying Unbutu machines images.
· Added firefox form history retriveal to the recent activity
· Made CSV import into hash sets a significantly more robust and added better documentation.
· Changed regular expression searching in search index to use a slower algorithm, but it is more able to execute complex regexes.
· Deleted file search now supports hash set lookup and displays icons for status.
· Internal file viewer supports right-click functionality for deleted files (Open/Hash lookup/Add to case)
· Can now image drives to .E01, .AFF format, in addition to dd format. The compression level can now also be selected (None, Fast compression, Best compression).
· Additional advanced indexing options to allow the user to select the type of content to be indexed. The user can now, for example, choose to just index document meta data without indexing the document content.
· Sector number and byte offset are now displayed in the list of caved files in the undeleted files module.


OSForensics 1.2.1003

· Fixed indexing for drive root.

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OSForensics 2.0.1000

What's New in v2?

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V7.1 build 1005 24th January 2020

Case Manager
Added support for opening tagged e-mails & attachments via double-click/right-click
Create Index/Search Index
Fixed bug when selecting file types for "Video", "Executables" or "Other" only (no files indexed when these are the only options selected)
Fixed crash bug with indexing and extracting meta info for MP3 files containing TXXX frames
Fixed bug with indexing files found within at least 3 recursive levels of ZIP files. These would show up with incorrect paths (missing ZIP file names) and unable to open the file from the Search Results
Fixed bug with email messages in HTML or TXT format (not RTF) not being indexed as email filetype (and incorrectly showing up on the "Files" tab in OSF results)
Fixed bug with MBOX files with no extensions (such as from Thunderbird) being indexed twice when we encounter the .MSF (mbox index) file.
Fixed bug with MBOX files with no extensions failing to be recognised by the unknown file type identification function (magic).
Updated PDF indexing to use CreationDate and ModDate from within PDF document properties
File Name Search
Presets, Updated default extensions to include heic/heif for images and hevc for videos.
Generate Report
Fixed Typos. Custom Logo area is always shown. Still only editable in Pro version.
Start Page
Fixed issue where some items were not being hidden when everything was unchecked in Customize Workflow.
System Information
Added collection of more fields when performing command ('Windows Info (Registry)'). Fixed collection of 'Install date' field.
Updated web browser video download function to work with current version of YouTube
Added code to deal with non sector aligned access to physical disk
Updated support bitlocker encryption. This can fix (some) instances of the "unsupported FVE metadata entry version" error.

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