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Napisano: 26 Dec 2010 15:16

PeaZip 3.6

Updated to Pea 0.34

Updated Wolfgang Ehrhardt's crypto lybrary with crc_hash_2010-12-19

Fixed: installable version unable to update archives on Windows 64 bit
default 7z working dir (-w parameter) changed to explicitly set to use output path
if 7z working dir is set to temporary folder, let 7z determinate the appropriate path
when deleting files from a file supported through 7z backend, apply 7z working dir preference
Fixed button position and size with large fonts / high dpi
StringGrid's rows are now auto sized
Modal buttons text is now translated
Open output path moved from Options to Add and Extract interfaces for better visibility
On archive creation, if password is set and the format supports encryption, the encryption label is evidenced in green for better visibility
New option for ignoring paths for drag and drop extraction (default on)
with ignore path directive applied, extraction through 7z and freearc backends will be performed using e (extract without paths) instead of x (extract with paths), in order to extract files from the archive without recreating the parent path's directory tree on the extraction destination
with this new directive applied by default, all partial extraction operations starting from the file/archive browser (extract and open, and extraction by drag and drop), behaves uniformly trying to extract selected file(s) without recreating parent path tree
the directive is overridden if a directory is selected, as extraction without paths will lose information about directory tree below that directory
see Options > Settings, Open archive tab for fine tuning "ignore paths" directives

129 file extensions supported
Added support for .APK (Android package) and .SAR, and .IMF (IncrediMail)

Download :

Dopuna: 10 Feb 2011 16:53

PeaZip 3.6.1

* Compiled with -O3 optimizations

* File browser can now rename (Ctrl+R) multiple files at once
* Fixed: correct handling of maximized window state
* Fixed: navigating from the treeview updates history
* Improved sorting, sort function keeps context of previously sorted columns
* Middle mouse button navigate up one level
* Various minor fixes and improvements

# Translations updated

Download :

Dopuna: 27 Feb 2011 0:11

PeaZip 3.6.2

(recommended) Improved recognition of malformed archives not explicitly listing folders' entries, now PeaZip is able to auto-switch to Flat view in order to show the full content of those archives in all tested cases
Pre-set chunk sizes for DVD and DVD-DL decreased by 1MB in order to work without problems with most burning applications
Better protection against unwanted multiple click on Ok for archiving and extraction operations

Improved displaying information about the software to the end user

(recommended) Packages now contain a default configuration file to allow application to run from first time in a read only path (not writable or protected by UAC) as standard user; a writable path is still recommended

Download :

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Napisano: 07 Apr 2011 2:58

PeaZip 3.7

- Novosti & Ispravke -

Dopuna: 13 Jun 2011 3:19

PeaZip 3.8

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Napisano: 01 Avg 2011 17:22

PeaZip 3.9

full list of changes:

Dopuna: 29 Avg 2011 14:00

PeaZip 3.9.1

- Fewer FreeArc's SFX modules are now embedded by default: arc-tiny.linux.sfx, freearc.sfx, freearc-installer.sfx, freearc-tiny.sfx. If needed, other self extracting modules can still be downloaded from FreeArc's official website for free.
- Main executables are no longer compressed with UPX, resulting in a bit larger disk occupation (about 7MB) but smaller installer (about 1.5 MB) and less RAM usage (each instance does no longer need to be uncompressed in memory to run)
- If it is critical to reduce disk occupation, executables can be compressed with UPX through PeaZip itself

- Added history popup menu rightclicking on refresh button in address bar
- Added search history popup menu rightclicking on search button in address bar
- Changed low contrast text color to avoid it being the same color of default form color in Classic Windows theme for Vista/7
- Minor fixes

- Fixed speed calculation for jobs lasting past midnight

- 64 bit version has now WIN64 in application name
- New icons for most common archive formats 7Z, RAR and ZIP/ZIPX

Dopuna: 19 Sep 2011 21:51

PeaZip 4.0

(Windows) File manager shows image thumbnails and information about graphic files, only while browsing/searching the filesystem
thumbnails does not get stored
thumbnails calculation generates a set of 4 dedicated threads, if folder or search filter is changed a new set of threads is created and old threads are stopped as soon as possible (file level and thread level granularity: each thread can be stopped separately, at the completition of each image)
Organize > Show picture thumbnails in main menu toggle the feature on/off
 No file is selected when an archive is opened (generally, anytime listing root level of the archive), so by default extract button performs "extract all"
 F2 remapped to rename file(s) as in Windows' file explorer
Unchanged: Ctrl+F2 browse desktop, Shift+F2 browse computer root, Ctrl+Shift+F2 browse archive's root

PeaLauncher improved as standalone application, at startup accepts drag and drop of a single archive to be extracted (or alternatively it can start file selection dialog)
 Elapsed time string shows minutes and seconds if the job takes more than one minute.

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PeaZip 4.1.0

* Pea 0.39
* Optimized installer, help file is now by default online, users save it locally only if desired
* File tools
- Checksum/hash (selected/displayed) files fully integrated in file manager, algorithm can be selected from a wide array of 15 algorithms: Adler32, CRC16/24/32/64, eDonkey, MD4, MD5, Ripemd160, SHA1, SHA224/256/386/512, Whirlpool512
- Fast duplicate finder (selected/displayed) fully integrated in file manager, can find duplicate files in directories or search filters, uses the algorithm selected for Checksum/hash function
- Split/Join file entry hidden in File tools submenu, as the features are fully integrated in Add/Extract
* Fixed: quick and secure delete functions can now operate on read only files (Windows)
* Improved handling potentially lengthy job interacting with file manager
- checksum, find duplicates and rename displays progress in title bar, and have an uniform activity indicator (progress bar in address bar), and uniform model for stopping (stop button in address bar)
* Improved address bar
- Added history context menu to back and forward icons
- Added computer's root icon in address bar's breadcrumb
- Added context menu with synthetic quick jump list (most common filesystem paths and bookmarks 1..8) to computer's root icon
* Keyboard shortcuts
- Ctrl+F2 copy to
- Shift+F2 move to
- Ctrl+F4 browse computer root (Ctrl+U removed)
- Shift+F4 browse desktop
- F7 add to bookmarks
- Ctrl+F7 open in a new instance of PeaZip
- Shif+F7 open command prompt in selected path
- Alt+F7 explore selected path
- Advanced filters shortcut changed to Shift+F9
- Ctrl+F10 run as different user
- Alt+F10 run as administrator
- F11 toggle maximized mode
* Rename single or multiple selected files using middle mouse button
* Search
- Searching from filter field now apply recursivity, if set, as searching with F3
- Simple search mode in Organize menu (optional, flagged by default) for easier searches
* Various speed and responsiveness improvements
* (Windows Vista and newer) UAC integration: main menu Options > Run as administrator (Alt+F10) to perform operations requiring elevated permission
* (Linux) fixed problem in Ctrl+A to select all
* Archiving path is cheched if accessible and writeable before attempting to write the output file
* More information given in the graphic wrapper during extraction/archiving operations


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PeaZip 4.3

- Novosti & Ispravke -

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Napisano: 29 Jan 2012 10:54

PeaZip 4.4

136 file extensions supported (added .oxt file format) 
 Fixed integration of PEA format with context menu
 Fixed untranslated text in Password form
 Improved extraction against unintended automatic extraction without paths: when extracting while browsing in flat mode the ignore paths directive is overridden
 Improved deleting directories, first retry automatically (in case files temporarily locked by the system or resident software during the first attempt), then ask user about possible locked files
 Improved -peazipreset switch for selective removal of configuration and of customizations (Applications, Bookmarks, and Password manager)
 It is now possible to use only keyfiles for encryption (alongside only password, or both), consistently with Password manager encryption
 Password manager shows up to date dropdown menu in Password form each time it is updated

Archiving and extraction interfaces were made simpler to read and use
Input area is now in the top side of the form in the first tab, output area (with output name and most important options) is in the bottom area
 Removed redundant information and graphic
 Improved aspect with larger fonts, and on Linux
 In archiving interface compression level option was added in the first tab, and output name fild can be directly edited (changing archive type and using dialog displays standard name suggestion, as in previous versions)

By default now only "Add to archive" and "Browse path with PeaZip" are created in SendTo menu

Dopuna: 11 Apr 2012 2:34

PeaZip 4.5

Added keyboard shortcuts
Ctrl+Alt+F3 (web search form) and Shift+Alt+F3 (web search on
 Ctrl+F5 (open path) Shift+F5 (open archive)
(Windows) New quick window docking menu: send PeaZip to the four sides and angles of the desktop with Ctrl+Alt+arrow
(Windows) Added "Properties" dialog in context menu
 Added switches
-add2multiseparate: start a single instance, add multiple input to archive, each to separate archive
 -add2multisplit (replaces add2split): start a single instance, add multiple input to file split (consolidate in tar if it is not a single file)
 -ext2browseasarchive: force opening the file as archive
(Windows) Added "Check for updates" feature in help group
 Fixed display the application in foreground when started
 (Windows) Improved startup times in slow network environment
By default, does not get mapped network drives information
If set to get information, in case of failure the switch is ignored for the session, and then tried again in next sessions
Improved "Save job definition"
Featured as context menu in archiving and extraction interfaces
 (Windows) by default saves as .bat file with default system's character encoding, so the script can be directly executed
It is now possible to save job definition for extracting multiple files at once
 It is now possible to save job definition for archiving each input item to separate archives
 Job definition scripts are saved by default in PeaZip's applications data path (user specific for installable version)
Improved file split/join features
(Windows) Split file featured by default in system context menu
 Split is by default a favourite format (Add button's context menu, Archive interface)
 Re-introduced file split/join entries in File tools submenu
 Selecting Split format automatically switches volume size to Custom
 Fixed a graphic glitch in displaying file split buttons
 No checksum by default, consistently with default behavior of other file split utilities
Improved file/archive manager
Improved context menu, now divided in 3 functional areas
Archive management (top) add, extract, test, password...
 Navigation (middle) navigation and organization features (browser mode, sorting, select)
 File management (bottom) open with, rename, delete, properties...
 Improved status area
Status area displays a quick switch button between views (same as Alt+8)
 Status bar and Details bar displays basic controls to customize browser type and size
 Improved Details view
 Improved toolbar area, buttons are auto sized for optimal placement
 Improved navigation bar
More prominence given to Open path, Open archive, and Search and drag here, moved in a top level branch expaneded by default
 Application menu opens selected objects with chosen application, launches the application if nothing is selected
 Added quick jump context menu to navigation bar (same popup menu as for the root of breadcrumb in the address bar)
 Improved Web search adding search in Google+ and SourceForge

(Windows 7+) Added option to use non-cascaded menu as alternative to default cascaded menus (flag Custom during installation, or run System integration wizard)
 Added -ext2browseasarchive "Open as archive" action for any file type
 Added "Extract archives" to any file type when the menu is cascaded, as quick shortcut to open extraction interface (accepts dropping files) or fallback if an archive type is not associated with PeaZip for any reason
 Removed emergency Start menu link "Reset PeaZip", moved as .bat in PeaZip's /res folder
 SendTo menu by default features Add, Extract, Open as archive, and Browse path with PeaZip entries

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PeaZip 4.5.1



Added support for Open Office 1.x fils (SX*/ST*), PCV MozBackup files, BSZ (BS Player), RMSKIN (Rainmeter), WSZ/WAL (Winamp), and WMZ (Windows Media Player) skin files
Fixed untranslated strings in UI
Fixed bug in navigating non mapped network paths from the breadcrumb

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Napisano: 14 Jun 2012 7:07

PeaZip 4.6

Pea backend updated to 0.40
 UPX backed updated to 3.08

Updated used Wolfgang Ehrhardt's crypto libraries with packages crc_hash_2012-03-27, ppch_2012-03-27, and util_2012-03-27

Added "Recent archives" group in Navigation bar
 Added quick link to "Users" folder in Filesystem group (in Navigation bar and navigation menus)
 Improved quick jump context menu (Navigation bar, breadcrumb), now displaying first 4 bookmarks and first 4 recent archives for quick access
 Improved address bar dropdown menu bar
 Improved application toolbar
Added secure delete and properties buttons to archive manager toolbar, improved additional functions drop down menu
 New file manager toolbar containing buttons of most common file management features
 "+" icon on the right of the toolbar area toggles archive manager and file manager toolbars, consistently with navigation and status bar
Improved handling of Pea file format and of utilities provided through Pea backend
PEA/UNPEA operations now takes password/keyfile from PeaZip consistently with other formats
 Pea format volume check algorithm is now set in context sensitive way with PeaZip GUI, if password is set AES EAX256 encryption is used, else SHA hash is used
 Pea executable auto closes if no error is encountered, improving its use for chained operations: PEA/UNPEA, file split/join, secure delete
Improved saving resource usage when displaying several thousands of items, update intervals are better scaled
 Updated themes
 Fixed: dynamically loading SHMultiFileProperties to allow running the application on Windows 2000 and previous systems
 Various minor fixes and improvements
Added switches -add2archive-add add to existing archive (if found) and -add2archive-update as previous switch, but updates only if files in archive are older
 Improved browsing UNC paths
 Improved displaying file types and icons inside some types of archive
 Reorganized System tools submenu

 157 extensions supported: added support for IMA, IMG and IMZ disk images, and AIR Adobe installer files

Dopuna: 12 Jul 2012 0:52

PeaZip 4.6.1

- Added context menu to all "+" areas to quickly customize all function bars.
- Updated translations.
- Minor fixes.

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Napisano: 13 Avg 2012 15:29

PeaZip 4.7

 · Quick approximate calculation of possible compression in Archive creation interface and with List function
 · Calculation of password strength in password form
 · Random password generation (Ctrl+F9) can optionally create password containing symbols alongside mixed case characters and numbers
 · Windows) Added "Move to recycle bin" deletion mode, default action pressing Del key; quick deletion moved to Ctrl+Del shortcut
 · Various minor improvements
 · Show thumbnails flag featured in quick browser organization menus (in context menu and status bar)
 · Open as archive featured in Open with dropdown menu in File manager bar

 · Added semaphore to improve performances, optimize system's resource usage, and increase reliability operating on multiple instances launched from system's context menu
 · "Extract here" and "Extract here (in new folder)" function uses semaphore to schedule one job at time, password requests are prompted at once to optimize user's time usage and don't interrupt scheduler's work
 · "Extract to..." function, that already creates a single job queue, can operate in parallel to the semaphore when it is needed by the user to launch other independent jobs
 · Main extraction parameters are reported in extraction interface's form caption and on drag and drop information box
 · 158 file extensions supported (added .tb2)

Dopuna: 19 Sep 2012 0:00

PeaZip 4.7.2

· ZPAQ updated to 4.04

· Fixed: corrected some extraction jobs not being launched from "Console" tab reporting illegal character in job definition
 · Re-introduced by default "Extract here" and "Extract here (to new folder)" in SendTo menu
·  Start with no selection so "Add", "Convert", and "Extract" starts a new empty layout by default
 · Minor: full screen and Immersive shortcuts listed in Organize > Dock; bars color changed to clForm in themes (better integrates in Windows 8 UI); improved layout of Settings form for better support variable sized fonts

· Fixed: Two-factor authentication not enabled for self executable archives, only the password is applied as sfx module supports only password authentication
· PeaLauncher shows the name of the archive in form title during extraction

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PeaZip 4.7.3

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