Radmin - Remote Administrator

Radmin - Remote Administrator

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Radmin 3.3

Work on a remote computer exactly as if you were right there at its keyboard

Radmin (Remote Administrator) is fast and secure remote control and remote access software. It enables you to work on a remote computer as if you were sitting right in front of it and access it from multiple places.

Radmin includes full support of Windows Vista (32bit), file transfer, multi-user text and voice chats, Windows security, Kerberos authentication, 256-bit AES encryption for all data streams, telnet access, multiple monitors support and unique DirectScreenTransfer technology.

Radmin is using the ever-present TCP/IP protocol. This is the most widespread protocol used in LANs, WANs and the Internet. In other words, you can access your remote computer from anywhere in the world.

Radmin is deployed on thousands of corporate PCs worldwide. Among our clients are companies where Radmin is the standard application for network management.

By using Radmin, you view the remote computer screen on your own monitor either in a window or full screen. All your mouse movements and keyboard signals are transferred directly to the remote computer.

Radmin enables you to work on a remote computer in real time as if you were using its own keyboard and mouse.

Only Radmin Server 3 is licensed.
Radmin Viewer 3 is free of charge and can be used on any number of computers

Here are some key features of "Radmin":

· Highest Speed of Work
· Highest Security Level
· Multi-user Text and Voice Chat
· Multiple monitors support
· User-friendly interface
· File Transfer with "Delta Copy" feature
· Low System Requirements
· Multiple Connections Support
· Free Technical Support


· 30 days trial period

What's new in Radmin 3.3:
· Reboot, turn on and off a remote PC
· BIOS remote control
· Network boot
· Startup remote control

Download: http://www.radmin.com/download/

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