RyanVM's Windows XP Post-SP2 Update Pack 2.1.3

RyanVM's Windows XP Post-SP2 Update Pack 2.1.3

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RyanVM's Windows XP Post-SP2 Update Pack 2.1.3

This pack is designed to bring a Windows XP CD with SP2 integrated fully up to date with all of the latest hotfixes released by Microsoft since SP2's release. It accomplishes this task via direct integration, where files on the CD are directly overwritten by the updated files. This method has numerous advantages over other integration techniques:

1. Since the files are being directly overwritten on the CD, there is no period of vulnerability between when the files are copied to the hard drive and the hotfixes are run. This guarantees maximum stability and security.
2. All necessary registry entries needed by Windows Update, QFECheck, and Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer are imported during Windows setup, meaning that the integration is transparent to Windows.
3. Security Catalogs necessary for Windows File Protection to recognize the updated files as digitally signed are installed, once again ensuring maximum transparency to Windows.
4. Since the updated files are being directly overwritten on the CD, this pack has the minimum possible amount of overhead associated with integrating hotfixes in comparison to other methods - both in space used on the CD and in Windows installation time.
5. This pack works regardless of whether or not the Windows installation is unattended.

Changes in Version 2.1.3 - Released October 14, 2006 - Two year anniversary edition!
- Added KB910678 Hotfix. Replaces KB886716 Hotfix.
- Added KB911990 Hotfix. Replaces KB899510 and KB902841 Hotfixes.
- Added KB914463 Hotfix. Replaces KB913538 Hotfix.
- Added KB915865 Hotfix.
- Added KB917140 Hotfix. Replaces KB885894 Hotfix.
- Added KB918033 Hotfix.
- Added KB921411 Hotfix.
- Added KB923191 Hotfix. Replaces KB884883 Hotfix.
- Added KB923414 Hotfix.
- Added KB924191 Hotfix. Replaces KB919587 Hotfix.
- Added KB924496 Hotfix.
- Added KB924692 Hotfix. Replaces KB918005 Hotfix.
- Added KB924867 Hotfix. Replaces KB917422 Hotfix.
- Added KB924941 Hotfix. Replaces KB920875 Hotfix.
- Added KB925486 Hotfix. Replaces KB883586 Hotfix.
- Fixed an issue with KB888111 integration which caused driver installation to fail on some systems.
- Made DirectX 9.0c End-User Runtimes a separate addon.
- Removed MSXML 5.0.
- Updated Malicious Software Removal Tool to version 1.21.
- Updated MSXML 4.0 SP2 to KB925672 release.
- Updated MSXML 6.0 to KB925673 release.

licence: FREEWARE

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