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SPlayer 3.6 Build 1931

Download: http://www.splayer.org/

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Napisano: 26 Apr 2011 22:20

SPlayer 3.7.2055

- Several stability improvements update
- Use Ctrl + C to copy the screenshot to the clipboard using the Ctrl + Alt + A to select the capture area and capture manually save the file on the modified part of the laptop battery problems show abnormal revised international version of the menu does not work in the problems
- Column by clicking the right time, time code to display the content to the total time, remaining time, or switch between the notebook power play swf file amended the problem of slow closure of several international editions fill the translated text is not diluted Save Adding watermark subtitle file
- 3.7 official version of the open a custom skin features (non-glass effect), you can in the menu - interface to download and set skin.

Dopuna: 08 Maj 2011 19:25

SPlayer 3.7.2114

- Mouse is still in active state is not automatically hide the toolbar Fixed: on windows shows incorrect version number

Dopuna: 09 Jun 2011 3:48

SPlayer 3.7.2280

- Began to support 3D video playback (left format, with red and blue / green glasses), you can open the menu screen and adjust the 3D effect.
- Right menu can log in directly or cancellation of account has been bound to micro-Bo
- Amendments that may occur when sharing screenshots minor problems

Dopuna: 24 Jun 2011 22:40

SPlayer 3.7.2356

- Support from top to bottom format 3D film
- Caption style set by double-clicking the item you can change subtitles WYSIWYG font and style style
- Fixed a sampling rate of audio playback caused by incorrect

Dopuna: 08 Jul 2011 14:21

SPlayer v3.7.2401

Improve Win7/EVR file playback compatibility (thanks conbird) in the mouse over the text link, the user can choose to disable the content is not interested in the promotion of shooter on the menu by adding a link to the official online shop. All kinds of audio-visual life related equipment, accessories and solutions more conservative when hardware acceleration is enabled, in order to reduce some of the hardware without using the default configuration screen or playback situation Huaping case.

Dopuna: 18 Jul 2011 21:37

SPlayer 3.7.2416

- In the ION series motherboard graphics hardware acceleration is enabled by default.

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SPlayer 3.7 Build 2437

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SPlayer 2019 (v 4.9.1)

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SPlayer 2020v 4.9.3
Universal Media Player with Smart Translation


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