SWF Live Preview 1.0

SWF Live Preview 1.0

  • Pridružio: 19 Jul 2005
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SWF Live Preview 1.0

This software is aimed to help you preview Flash files using standard Windows Explorer. Once SWF Live Preview is installed you can scan directories and subdirectories for flash files, create and preview thumbnails for SWF files and fetch information such as Flash version, number of frames, shapes, find if file is compressed or not, etc. You can even choose yourself which frame to create thumbnail from as well as set size of preview. You can clear cache in order to save some storage space in case you have removed some of the Flash files. Our product scans files with SWF and EXE (Projector EXE) extensions. With SWF Live Preview you can open SWF files in Flash Decompiler and Flash Optimizer (other Flash tools from Eltima) directly from File Properties tab.

Download - Freeware - 1.6MB

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