Send To Phone 1.2

Send To Phone 1.2

  • Pridružio: 24 Mar 2005
  • Poruke: 799
  • Gde živiš: Beograd

Send polyphonic ringtones, images, and other files to your mobile phone without any cables and adapters!

You dont need to get your phone linked to anything or be with the connectivity range. Using WAP protocol you can send anything you like directly to your phone. Find your phone model, your global mobile operator, type in you phone number and here we go! Your file is just there! Only think of the possibilities opened up for you with this little feature.

Want to make a present to a friend or a sweetheart? Send them a new ringtone, personalized wallpaper or any other greeting that comes to your mind. All you need to know is their phone model, provider and number. Wouldnt it be the most original, caring and hi-tech present you have ever made?


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