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ShellUploader v1.1.2

ShellUploader is a Windows utility that adds the ability to upload files via the right click context menu.
ShellUploader is written in C# and utilizes parts of the Windows API, IContextMenu and IShellExtInit, to add items to the existing context menu provided by the Windows Shell, Explorer. In its current state, ShellUploader supports uploading image files to web-based image hosting services such as ImageShack. However, support for other file types and FTP hosts is planned.
The idea for ShellUploader originated from the SomethingAwful Forums where initial testing also took place. ShellUploader continues to be driven by its user-base; suggestions and comments are not only welcomed, but strongly encouraged.

0) Download & Install the .NET Framework (if you don't already have it).
1) Uninstall any previous versions of ShellUploader.
1) Download ShellUploader and run the install file.
2) Reboot or restart explorer.exe if a previous version of ShellUploader was installed.

1) Uninstall via the 'Add or Remove Programs' dialog in Control Panel

1) Right click on any file.
2) Select ShellUploader sub-menu.
3) Select your desired host.
4) Wait for the on-screen dialog.

This project is no longer under active development.

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