Spider Player

Spider Player

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Spider Player is a small media player with an array of extra features that include a CD ripper and audio format converter (MP3, WMA, OGG, WAV), Equalizer with presets, ID3 and WMA metadata editor, Song lyrics editor, Unicode support and more. The player uses the Bass Audio Library from Un4seen. Other features include CD-Text support, streaming media playback and playlist search. Spider Player comes with a compact 3-part interface that can be arranged to your preference, most features are tugged away in menu lists, so the interface remain uncluttered despite the array of features offered.

Why do we choose Spider?

Hmm... Everyone makes his own choice but in order to use our choice we need different variants. Spider - is one of these variants. Majority will continue to use brand software, they are not consumers that we aim. Are you our consumer, do you desire something else, why do you want it? It's each one's own decision, you'll find the explanation for yourself.

Spider Player - Download - HomePage - Freeware - 1.8 MB

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Znaci unapredili su ga.

Ranije je spyder bio samo za pustanje audio cd-ova.

Probacemo pa cemo da vidimo.


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Meni se ovaj programčić baš zasvideo, pa sam uradio i prevod na srpski.
Nije nešto moćan, ali je sasvim dovoljan da moj ćale može da se igra sa njim do mile volje i da mi više ne kvari ostale programe za slušanje muzike.A pošto ćale zna engleski ko ja mandarinski morao sam da se potrudim da ga prevedem.Prevod nije profesionalno odrađen,ali ako neko od vas ima nekog ko voli da pravi ršum po playerima (ko moj matori) biće mu dovoljan da se snađe, a možda i da se malo zabavi!? Smile


Dopuna: 11 Jul 2006 21:22

Od juče je i zvaničan prevod:

Dopuna: 07 Sep 2006 12:00

Baš šteta!

Hello Sasa,

I'm glad to inform you that Spider 1.6.1 is out!
Unfortunately, Spider Player will be Ad-Supported starting with version 1.6.
I've been looking for a sponsor for several months, but haven't found
anything better then WhenU. I've tried it myself and can witness that
ads won't bother you more then twice a day (and some days they don't show
up at all).
I hope, this will help me to gather a small team to speed up the
development and to make Spider Player my first job.
This won't be forever and I'll keep looking for new sponsors.
I think later some kind of Pro version will be issued and I'll take care
that all translators get it.
I count on your understanding and appreciate your support, thank you very much!

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Jos jedan program koji je zatvorio vrata milionima bas zbog whenu... Steta...

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Spider Player 1.70 released (September 12, 2006)

This release does not contain any adware modules.


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Spider Player 2.5.3

changelog: Spider Player 2.5.3 (December 10, 2010)
converting feature preview didn't work in the FREE version of
Spider Player, now it's possible to convert one track at a time again
"Spider Player Basic" renamed to "Spider Player FREE"

Download: http://spider-player.com/download
Download portable: http://spider-player.com/download/other

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