Video Thumbnails Maker

Video Thumbnails Maker

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Video Thumbnails Maker v1.0.0.8

Video Thumbnails Maker by Scorp allows you to make thumbnails (caps, previews) of video files. The utility can be used for home-video cataloging and for network video sharing support. Requires .net framework.

Working area is increased.
New "As Original" option (F2). Allows you to keep the original frame size for the screen-list.
Now you can choose between "MB" and "bytes" to appear in the File Size section of the picture or to select them both.
Ability to combine all files in one picture horizontally as good as vertically. Check F3 window.
Support for OGM, TS, MPV, DIVX file extensions is added.
Five standart presets are updated.
Some non-critical bugs are fixed.

license: freeware


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Napisano: 08 Feb 2012 20:23

Video Thumbnails Maker

- Small bug is fixed.
- Audio/video information module is updated.
- New "Create animated GIF" option is added. That requires "Each shot is separate file" option to be set ON. Settings for separate shots (effects, timestamps, watermarks, ...) affect GIF-frames too. The delay between frames is also customizable.
- The size of the main window of the program is increased. Working area is increased accordingly.
- Auto update feature has become compatible with UAC (User Account Control under Vista/Win7).
- EXIF metadata bug is fixed.
- Vista/Win7 text-clipping bug is fixed everywhere.
- A few cosmetic changes and visual enhancements.
- Audio/video information module is updated.
- Activation system has been changed. Instead of text Activation Key you will need a binary Activation Key file to be placed in the program's folder (just like in the Videonizer program). Each customer will receive a email with the personal "activationKey.vkf" file within a month. Please be patient. Don't worry. If you need the file faster - please contact me by email.

Dopuna: 04 Feb 2013 0:59

Video Thumbnails Maker

· New Crystal engine. Uses its own embedded (built-in) codec system. That means it does not use your system codecs as Engine 1, 2 and Extreme engine do. Eats everything. Average speed. Crystal engine is free!
· Startup window with language and engine choice is appeared when a user runs the program for the first time.
· Current using engine indication is added to the main window.
· "Use Crystal engine automatically if Engine 1, 2 or Extreme engine fails" option is added to Environment window.
· Preview mode in Options window has been improved for light background colors.
· Basic presets has been changed.
· Changing Windows theme to default while using Extreme engine bug is fixed.
· "Clear completed" button malfuction is fixed.
· Few cosmetic changes in Options and Environment windows.
· Audio/video information module is updated.

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Video Thumbnails Maker v14.0.0.0
Novembar, 2019.



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