Virtual Drive 10 & Game Drive 10

Virtual Drive 10 & Game Drive 10

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Are you tired of scratching or losing your favorite PC games or CDs? Of swapping out discs and waiting for them to load? Or of just having to lug all those CDs and DVDs around?
VirtualDrive 10 is a CD emulator: software that copies a CD or unprotected DVD as a compressed image, or "virtual disc," which you can play in place of original CDs or DVDs in any one of up to 23 "virtual drives" that the software creates.

Virtual CDs can be shared over a network or transported on a laptop computer, USB device, or portable medium. They run directly on the hard drive, saving wear and tear on your CD-ROM drive and extending the battery life of laptop computers. They have access speeds nearly 200 times faster than CD-ROMs, greatly accelerating the performance of PC games, photo CDs, and disc-based applications.
VirtualDrive & GameDrive — How Are They Different?

VirtualDrive offers the same PC game support and virtual drive capability of GameDrive. Unlike GameDrive, however, VirtualDrive enables you to create custom virtual CDs and play a number of CD/DVDs formats, including data CDs, audio CDs, and MP3s. Please view our VirtualDrive product comparison chart for details.

What's New in version 10?
Improved Game Compatibility: VirtualDrive supports more PC games than any other CD emulator. Supported titles include Madden 2006, Dungeon Siege, Sacred Gold, Advent Rising, and Doom 3
Enhanced Disc Support: VirtualDrive copies and converts CD-ROMs, audio CDs, mixed-mode CDs, photo CDs, video CDs (DVD-ROMs data-mode), and unencrypted video DVDs
Custom Virtual CD Creation: Compile your own virtual CD that contains favorite tracks, documentation, expansion packs, and custom programs
Greater Copyright Protection Support: VirtualDrive supports most major copyright protections, including SafeDisc 1 & 2, SecuROM, Laser Lock, CD-Cops, SecurRom 5, SecuROM 7, and Starforce 1/2/3
More Intuitive GUI: Create and manage virtual CDs in user-friendly interface that even a novice can understand

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