Vista Start Menu

Vista Start Menu

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Vista Start Menu v2.2 SE

this is a great look for your old computer all versions of windows,
just a little extra to add together with the rest of my VISTA APPS,

Vista Start Menu is a completely different approach to the interface. In the process of development we were oriented towards how people perceive information and also towards the ability to remember the position of items.

All you see in the standard menu is a long list and you have to read most names in order to find the program you need. Vista Start Menu shows the icons of the program that is why it is much easier to find the program you need with one glance. Besides, the programs are arranged in a table visually divided into sections, which also contributes to finding what you need quickly.

With Vista Start Menu, you just open the menu and click the program icon. If you need supplemental files installed together with the program, just move the mouse pointer over the icon and you will see a submenu where you can find all you need. Vista Start Menu retains the position of icons that is why when you install or remove programs, icons remain in their places. You do not have to spend time on looking for icons that have "slid away" as it usually happens in the standard menu.



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nije loše samp se sporije "otvara"!

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Sve je super samo meni iz All programs ne otvara ni jedan???

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Vista Start Menu 3.0

Novosti & Ispravke:

* It is now possible to drag and drop items from the main menu and search results.
* Items in the main menu and search results now include a context menu.
* The ability to customize the search engines being used has been added.
* You can now add a delimiter to the main menu.
* Various minor bugs have been fixed.


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