WinRAR (sve verzije)


WinRAR (sve verzije)

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Version 3.60

1. Multithreaded version of RAR compression algorithm improves
the compression speed on computers with several CPU,
dual core CPU and processors with hyperthreading technology.
Multithreading is enabled by default, but you can disable it
in "General" part of "Settings" dialog.

In the command line mode you can control multithreading with
-mt switch.

2. WinRAR can display the folder tree panel allowing to navigate
in disk and archive folders. Use "Options/Folder tree" submenu
to enable the folder tree. It can be configured separately
in file and archive management modes.

Folder tree replaces "Browse for folder" command previously
available in "File" menu and uses its Ctrl+T keyboard shortcut.

3. Now WinRAR "Rename" command also works with ZIP archives.
Previous versions could rename files only in RAR archives.

4. Added decompression of LZH archives created with "-lh7-" algorithm.

5. New "Remove duplicate folders from extraction path" option
in "Settings/Compression" dialog.

If this option is on and you unpack an archive which root folder
has no files and only one 'somename' folder and if destination
folder is new or empty and also ends with '/somename', WinRAR
will exclude one 'somename' from resulting 'somename/somename' path.

6. New "Define volume sizes..." button in "Settings/Compression".
This button activates "Define volume sizes" dialog. Here you
can customize the list of predefined volume sizes associated
with "Split to volumes, bytes" field in archiving dialog.

7. Speed of RAR general compression increased for some data types.
Depending on data type and size the gain may achieve 5 - 15%.

8. New "Rename automatically" option in the extraction dialog
and command line -or switch to rename extracted files automatically
if file with the same name already exists. You can also enable
the auto-renaming mode directly from the overwrite confirmation
prompt with "Rename All" button.

Renamed files will get names like 'filename(N).txt',
where 'filename.txt' is the original file name and 'N' is a number.

9. "Set modification time" option in "Advanced" part of extraction
dialog is accessible also for ZIP archives. Previously it could be
changed only for RAR archives.

10. "Multithreading" option added to "Benchmark and hardware test"
command, so you can compare performance of usual and multithreaded
versions of RAR compression algorithm.

11. New 'ch' (change archive parameters) command line mode command.
Its purpose is to apply switches like -av, -tl and -cl to archive.

12. New 'cv' command line mode command. It provides the command line
interface to WinRAR "Convert archives" command. It is supported
only by winrar.exe, not by rar.exe.

13. New command line -sl and -sm switches to set size
limits of processing files.

14. New command line -fcu[file] switch allows to read archive
comments from Unicode files. It also modifies behavior
of "cw" command, setting the comment output format to Unicode.

15. 7Z added to list of formats stored without compression
when using -ms switch without a parameter.

16. Switch -e[+] is now supported by most of command line
operations including extracting and deleting files. Previously
it was supported by only archiving command.

17. It is allowed to use environment variables in archive name
in archiving dialog, in destination path in extraction dialog,
in folder names on "Compression" and "Paths" pages in WinRAR
settings. For example, you can enter '%temp%' in "Folder for
temporary files" field.

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WinRAR 3.61 final

Changes in Version 3.61 :
1. Corrected a bug in multithreaded text compression module, which under some circumstances might result in corrupt archived data.
This bug was present only in multithreaded mode and only in WinRAR 3.60. RAR versions for other platforms are not affected.
2. Resolved a compatibility issue preventing WinRAR 3.60 to run in Windows 95.

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Changes in Version 3.62 :
1. Bugs fixed:
a) stack overflow vulnerability has been corrected in WinRAR module processing 7-Zip archives;
b) WinRAR GZip module could set a wrong file date when unpacking GZip archives.

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WinRAR 3.80 Beta 1

-Novosti i ispravke:

1. Added support for ZIP archives containing Unicode file names
in UTF-8 format. When creating ZIP archive, WinRAR stores
names in Unicode only if they cannot be stored correctly using
the current single byte character set.

2. Added decompression support for WinZip AES encrypted ZIP archives.

3. Improved Unicode support for RAR and ZIP archive names.

4. "Ask before overwrite" and "Skip existing files" update modes
are now available in archiving dialog. They allow to specify
WinRAR behavior when updating already existing files in archive.
Unlike already available "Fresh existing files only" and
"Add and update files", these new modes ignore file date
and compare only file names.

Command line equivalents of these modes are:

a) switch -o enables "Ask before overwrite" archiving mode;

b) switch -o- enables "Skip existing files" archiving mode;

c) switch -o+ enables "Overwrite all" mode (default for archiving).

5. New "Add to context menu" option in "Profile parameters" dialog.
If this option is on, the profile name will be displayed in Explorer
context menus allowing to activate a profile from context menu.

6. New -cp switch allows to select a compression profile
in command line mode. It is supported only by GUI WinRAR.exe,
not by rar.exe.

7. New "Options" page of archiving dialog contains the group of
settings modifying the behavior of "Delete files after archiving"
option from "General" page:

a) Delete files. Delete files normally like in previous WinRAR

b) Move files to Recycle Bin. Deleted files are placed to
Recycle Bin.

Command line equivalent of this option is -dr switch.

c) Wipe files. Before deleting file data are overwritten by
zero bytes to prevent recovery of deleted files.

Command line equivalent of this option is -dw switch.

All these options have an effect only if "Delete files
after archiving" is on. You can enable any of these options
in the default compression profile to change the default
behavior of "Delete files after archiving".

8. WinRAR "Extraction path and options" dialog is now resizable.
You can use the mouse to drag its border to the desired size
and provide more space for folder tree pane. WinRAR will store
new dimensions of this dialog.

9. New "Update" SFX script command and "Update mode" group
of options in "Update" page of "Advanced SFX options" dialog.
These command and options allow to check time and implement
file time based updating;

10. SFX script "Shortcut" command and "Add shortcut..." command
in "Advanced SFX options" dialog now allow to specify
an icon file containing an icon associated with shortcut.

11. New "Wipe temporary files" option in "Settings/Security" dialog
provides more secure, though slower, way to delete temporary
WinRAR files.

12. WinRAR and RAR display the total progress bar when unpacking
a multivolume RAR archive if all volumes are present
in the same folder.

13. WinRAR and RAR automatically expand names of environment
variables in list files. For example, a list file can contain
lines like:


This feature is available only in Windows RAR version.

14. Added support of TAR archives with non-zero "extra field" data.

15. Added support of TAR archives, which does not contain
the end of archive entry consisting of 512 zero bytes.

16. Improved Unicode support when dragging files from WinRAR window.

17. Shift+Tab key combination can be used in main WinRAR window to
switch the input focus between interface elements (files, comment,
tree, address) in reverse order. In previous versions Shift+Tab
used the same order as Tab.

18. Corrected a possible WinRAR crash when opening truncated
UDF ISO files.


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WinRAR 3.80 Final

Novosti i ispravke:

Iste kao i u 3.80 Beta 1


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