Winamp (sve verzije)


Winamp (sve verzije)

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  • Pridružio: 18 Jun 2003
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Sept.1,2005 released

Winamp 5.1 Surround Edition
* New: CodingTechnologies AACPlus encoder!
Awesome at low bitrates!
* New: Grand Prize Winner of the Internet Surround Music Project!
KAJE - Hey Buddy (featuring Afrika Bambaataa)
* New: SHOUTcast Wire - A Media RSS Browser and Subscription Service
* New: Predixis Smart Playlist Generator
(Mix your tracks based on what they sound like!)
* New: AOL Radio featuring (((XM))) Free Sampler!
* New: CD Ripping now available at 8x in free version!
* New: Microsoft WMA encoder
* New: Over 200 new Milkdrop presets!
* Update: in_vorbis now returns bitrate in getextendedfileinfo
* Fixed: WMA stuttery playback
* Fixed: out_ds copy button on status tab now works all the time
* Fixed: Much improved ripping and playback with Sonic engine
* Fixed: Video window now resizable regardless of Sidecar
* Fixed: Length of long mp3's now reported properly
* Fixed: Silent install switch now works properly
* Fixed: Simultaneous CD Playback and Ripping




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  • Pridružio: 20 Feb 2005
  • Poruke: 4505
  • Gde živiš: planeta Zemlja

  • Pridružio: 08 Nov 2004
  • Poruke: 4179
  • Gde živiš: Bulevar Kraljeva

i ima plugin za msn mesenger

  • Pridružio: 02 Maj 2003
  • Poruke: 430
  • Gde živiš: NBG

zar ne postoji već ovakva tema?

  • Pridružio: 11 Jun 2005
  • Poruke: 75

1.New: [ml_pmp] Synchronize your Media Library with your portable media player
2. Compatible with iPod, Creative, and Microsoft Plays For Sure devices
3. New: [enc_aacplus] Coding Technologies aacPlus High Bitrate encoder available in Winamp Pro
4.New: [enc_aacplus] Coding Technologies aacPlus (HE-AAC) in MP4 container
5. New: [enc_aacplus] Coding Technologies LC-AAC encoder
6.New: [gen_ml] icons in treeview
7.New: [ml_online] Dynamic AJAX Internet Media Hub
8. New: [in_nsv] Using Coding Technologies AAC playback within NSV container
9. New: [in_mp3] gapless MP3 playback
10.New: [installer] multi-user profile options
11.New: [installer] remembers your previous installer settings
12.New: [in_wave] in_wave 3.0
13. New: right-to-left playlist display
14. Improved: new ATF functions and tags, including:
$repeat(x, count) - creates a string with x repeated count times
$lpad() - same as $pad, but adds padding to the left
$decode(...) - switch/case function. example: $decode($fileext(%filename%),MP3,MPEG-1 Layer 3,MP4,MPEG-4 Container,Other)
$IfStrEqual(string1,string2,result) - if string1 and string2 are equal, displays result. case insensitive
$IfStrEqual2(string1,string2,result,else) - if string1 and string2 are equal, displays result, otherwise displays else. case insensitive
%folder% - top level folder name of the file
15.Improved: Stereo beat visualization for modern skins
16.Improved: [gen_ff] new vis modes available to skinners
17.Improved: [gen_ml] CD drive info view (Rip & Burn)
18.Improved: [gen_tray] gen_tray v1.0 (thanks DrO)
19.Improved: [in_midi] provides metadata to media library
20.Improved: [in_mod] provides metadata to media library
21.Improved: [in_mp3] unicode id3 tags
22.Improved: [in_mp3] preliminary id3v2.4 support
23.Fixed: broken playlist sorting
24.Fixed: playlist problems with multi-line tags (e.g. %comment%)
25.Fixed: shuffle with only one song in playlist
26.Fixed: ghost seek slider appears if Winamp loses focus during seeking
27.Fixed: video options from video window right-click context menu
28.Fixed: playlist winshade international character support
29.Fixed: fullscreen video display international character support
30. Fixed: m3u playlist handling security vulnerability (thanks to NSFOCUS and Information Risk Management Plc)
31.Fixed: [enc_lame] bit reservoir
32.Fixed: [enc_lame] cutoff of last frame
33.Fixed: [gen_ff] regions on components don't work
34.Fixed: [gen_ff] playlist & video focus bug
35.Fixed: [gen_ff] playlist winshade memory leak
36.Fixed: [gen_ff] GDI Object leak with Current Skin prefs page
37.Fixed: [in_midi] not following winamp's title formatting options
38.Fixed: [in_midi] reset button blocks further access to config
39.Fixed: [in_mod] not following winamp's title formatting options
40.Fixed: [in_mp3] incorrect version identification (showed 5.18 in 5.12)
41.Fixed: [in_mp3] incorrect information shown for AAC+ files
42.Fixed: [in_mp3] reading incorrect id3 comment tag
43.Fixed: [in_mp3] sometimes failing to read last id3 frame
44.Fixed: [in_mp3] id3v2 album art loss when editing tags
45.Fixed: [in_mp4] loss of album art when modifying metadata
46.Fixed: [in_vorbis] not following winamp's title formatting options
47.Fixed: [in_vorbis] registry usage (now multi-user profile safe)
48.Fixed: [in_wave] 32bit floating point WAV playback distortion
49.Fixed: [in_wm] changes made with Attribute Editor not updating in ML/Playlist
50.Fixed: [vis_milk] missing files from distro (you can stop bugging us now, Rovastar Smile
51.Fixed: [vis_milk] 100% cpu usage when paused
52.Updated: [gen_jumpex] DrO's Jump To File Extension 0.97
53.Updated: [enc_lame] LAME 3.97b2
54.Updated: [gen_ff] libpng 1.2.8
55.Updated: [gen_ff] FreeType 2.1.10
56.Updated: [enc_aacplus] Coding Technologies aacPlus encoder v7.2.0a

  • Pridružio: 25 Mar 2005
  • Poruke: 1456
  • Gde živiš: Tamo negde

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  • Pridružio: 28 Apr 2003
  • Poruke: 5919
  • Gde živiš: Beograd

Kod mene ta opcija radi ok .. jel si pregazio staru verziju ?

  • Pridružio: 25 Mar 2005
  • Poruke: 1456
  • Gde živiš: Tamo negde

Jesam pregazio staru verziju.

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  • Pridružio: 28 Apr 2003
  • Poruke: 5919
  • Gde živiš: Beograd

Ja sam primenio čistu instalaciju i koristim PRO verziju Winampa.
Možda 'lite' izdanje ima to ograničenje ?

  • Pridružio: 11 Sep 2005
  • Poruke: 1282
  • Gde živiš: Pa gde i do sada

Pa vidi posto meni Winamp radi i kad sam na netu ponudio mi je opciju za upgrade i ja je prihvatio i to pro verziju izvrsio upgrade i radi i dalje i onda sam pogledao on je samo presvirao preko stare verzije i nije mi nista ostetio !

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