Yandex.Browser (Chromium based)

Yandex.Browser (Chromium based)

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Yandex.Browser (Chromium based)

Russian Internet services and Web search company Yandex released its own browser on Monday/.../

The new Yandex Browser is largely based on Chromium, the open-source browser that serves as the foundation for Google Chrome. As a result, it uses the WebKit browsing engine and Google's V8 JavaScript engine.

In addition, Yandex Browser has Chromium's tab process separation and process sandboxing features and also includes Adobe's Flash Player plug-in and a PDF viewer from Foxit Software.

Both the Flash Player plug-in and the PDF viewer are sandboxed, Vladimir Isaev, Yandex's manager of international media relations, said Monday via email.

However, the Yandex Browser development team didn't borrow everything from the Chromium project. For example, instead of using Google's Safe Browsing API (application programming interface) for malicious URL blocking, the Yandex Browser relies on a similar technology developed by Yandex and used on its Web search service to flag malicious search results.


Yandex has also partnered with Russian antivirus vendor Kaspersky Lab to integrate a file scanner into the browser. The component checks all downloaded files against a list of known malicious files that gets updated over the Internet, Isaev said.


Aside from security, the Yandex Browser development team also took performance aspects into consideration. In order to help users with slow Internet connections, Yandex incorporated Opera's Turbo technology into the new browser.

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Yandex Browser 20.2.1
Februar, 2020

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