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Citat:* added automatic exception catching functionality
* added manual freeze report functionality (press Ctrl+Alt+Shift+Break)
* added option to switch display mode only when media player is in fullscreen
* added option to restore display mode when media player leaves fullscreen
* display mode changer now reacts on film (24p) vs. video (60p) content type
* improved renderer behaviour when display mode changes
* improved ivtc: faster detection of cadence changes
* improved ivtc: more robust against compression artifacts
* deint + ivtc is now auto activated for 60i movies which are tagged to 24 Hz
* ivtc is now auto activated for 50i movies which are tagged to 25 or 24 Hz
* deinterlacing is only turned on for 50i and 60i movies now
* added patch to MS VC-1 decoder -> deinterlacing off
* modified file name tagging logic (24p, 24i, 24fps, 24Hz, etc)
* improved behaviour with decoders which don't output proper interlaced flags
* improved exclusive -> windowed mode behaviour slightly, mainly for ZoomPlayer
* added "sharpness: 100" option for Bicubic scaling
* queue sizes are now always 16/8 by default, no more automatic adjustments
* keyboard shortcuts: always only change things temporarily by default now
* keyboard shortcuts: some changes (not all) can be stored by pressing F2 now
* the source levels (TV vs PC) can be stored now
* the source content type (film vs video) can be stored now
* key presses are now only "swallowed" if media player process has key focus
* osd keyboard handling runs in its own thread now
* added many more languages to the "Pause" MPC-HC message block
* used GPU RAM is now not shown in osd, anymore
* increased upload thread priority slightly
* fixed: ZoomPlayer eventually froze when leaving exclusive mode
* fixed: some users had composition rate in exclusive mode OSD -> problems
* fixed: crash when video window size was reduced to a very small size
* fixed: frame stepping sometimes resulted in weird play/pause mixed state
* fixed: one case where "delay playback start..." resulted in paused state
* fixed: v210 pitch/stride handling was broken
* fixed: YV24 had swapped chroma channels
* fixed: YV24 DXVA deinterlacing resulted in image corruption
* fixed: OSD API didn't capture mouse events on mouse down

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Može li neko objašnjenje šta je madVR, link do matične stranice, info da li je freeware, shareware itd...

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To je najbolji video renderer:

Freeware je.

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On inace vec dolazi sa nekim plejerima, ja ga koristim u Media Player Classic-u, a moze se ubaciti i u druge plejere. jedino sto je zahtevniji za render i oslanja se na graficku, medjutim na mojoj G-Force 8500GT koja se sad vec smatra matorom radi bez problema

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Napisano: 26 Feb 2012 22:22

It's a new renderer, still in development, created by madshi. Its main advantage is its high quality. It can also switch between windowed mode to D3D Fullscreen (to have always access to the functionality of MPC-HC). But it has some drawbacks. It requires a relatively powerful graphic card, it is not compatible with DXVA and it can't use Shaders. Attention if you move the madVR directory after installation you will have to reinstall it.

Dopuna: 26 Feb 2012 22:24

madVR is a high quality video renderer (GPU assisted). features: high quality chroma upsampling, high quality scaling (bicubic, mitchell, lanczos, spline etc), high quality YCbCr -> RGB conversion, gamut & gamma correction for display calibration, full 16bit processing queue, final 16bit processing result is dithered down to RGB output bitdepth, bypasses graphics card's video (damage) algorithms, all work is done via GPU shaders, no shortcuts, highest quality has priority over anything else.

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daniel83 ::On inace vec dolazi sa nekim plejerima, ja ga koristim u Media Player Classic-u, a moze se ubaciti i u druge plejere. jedino sto je zahtevniji za render i oslanja se na graficku, medjutim na mojoj G-Force 8500GT koja se sad vec smatra matorom radi bez problema

Ne dolazi ni sa jednim plejerom, samo u KM-u i Pot-u postoji opcija da se izabere u meniju, ali ako madVR filter nije instaliran onda ti plejeri automatski prebacuju na neki drugi renderer. Može se koristiti samo u 32-bitnim verzijama plejera. Inače, meni radi odlično na integrisanoj Intel HD 2000.

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Citat:* added: new option to activate deinterlacing if in doubt whether it's needed
* added: new IVTC option to only look at pixels in the frame center
* added: IVTC "cadence breaks" information to OSD; resets with Ctrl+R, as usual
* deinterlacing + IVTC are now always forced on for 60i sources tagged as 24Hz
* improved IVTC cadence logic
* improved DXVA deinterlacing behaviour slightly
* improved display mode change event handling
* improved exclusive -> windowed switch a little bit more
* fixed: madVR sometimes didn't notice changed display mode
* fixed: if DXVA2 deinterlacing was not available in XP, it made madVR crash
* fixed: crash when moving madVR to another display with ZoomPlayer
* fixed: freeze when switching subtitles in paused state
* fixed: closing down madVR didn't always wait for the closing to complete * fixed: closing the media player while madVR was in exclusive mode -> freeze
* fixed: sometimes asking for a freeze report created multiple reports at once
* fixed: MS DVD Navigator caused error in the primaries/matrix auto detection
* fixed: when switching from Bicubic to SoftCubic, options weren't updated * fixed: red error messages were supposed to disappear after a while but didn't
* fixed: red error messages no longer show duplicate error messages

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Izvinjavam se onda na dezinformaciji...ja Media Player instaliram sa K-Lite paketom, ali kolko gledam ni u K-lite-u nema madVR

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madVR v0.83.5

Citat:* added "enable windowed overlay (Windows 7 and newer)" option
* added "anti-ringing" option for chroma and luma scaling
* added extra "delay playback start after seeking, too" option
* added new calibration option "disable GPU gamma ramps"
* doubled exclusive mode seekbar in size
* added position / runtime information to exclusive mode seekbar
* removed some tweak options (rendered superfluous by new WHQL NVidia driver)
* madVR window is now created and served by a separate thread
* Windows timer/scheduler is now always set to finest possible resolution
* modified DXVA deinterlacing to work a bit more similar to EVR
* AVI Decompressor output is now always considered to be decompressed video
* added workaround to hide kmplayer crash when resizing video
* fixed: crash when multiple madVR instances are created at the same time
* fixed: freeing madVR instance sometimes resulted in a crash
* fixed: VSFilter passes RGB -> input was incorrectly considered limited range
* fixed: bilinear chroma upsampling used MPEG1 chroma position instead of MPEG2
* fixed: switching deinterlacing mode -> "resetting Direct3D device failed"
* fixed: crash when playing certain video files with AVSplitter

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madVR v0.84.0

Citat:* added media player screenshot functionality (IBasicVideo::GetCurrentImage)
* added "Jinc" image upscaling algorithm
* added anti-ringing filter for downscaling
* added "user interface\keyboard shortcuts" settings page
* added option to apply keys "only if media player has keyboard focus"
* added options to adjust the keys for all existing keyboard shortcuts
* added shortcut option for directly selecting specific source primaries
* added shortcut option for directly selecting specific deint content types
* added shortcut option for en/disabling automatic fullscreen exclusive mode
* added shortcut option for disabling exclusive mode for 10 seconds
* added shortcut option for en/disabling the display mode switcher
* added shortcut option for en/disabling dithering
* added shortcut option for changing the display bitdepth
* added various shortcut options for selecting scaling algorithms
* added IMadVRExclusiveModeCallback interface for exclusive mode notifications
* renamed "luma up/downscaling" to "image up/downscaling"
* renamed "use 10bit luma buffer ..." to "use 10bit image buffer ..."
* scaling algorithm parameters (softness, sharpness, taps) are remembered now
* scaling algorithm red/green graphs (settings dialog) now cover anti-ringing
* modified shader storage to decrease file size
* fixed: KMPlayer + madVR decoders + "delay playback start" was always paused
* fixed: settings dialog had problems with yCMS data when using Overlay mode
* fixed: cosmetical issue in fullscreen windowed mode when changing video files

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