wxMusik v0.4.2

wxMusik v0.4.2

  • Pridružio: 20 Feb 2005
  • Poruke: 4505
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Multimedijalni player... Brz i free (open Source)... Sta sve moze:

Support for playing these kind of music files




Powerful tag editing with ease of use.
Tag read and writing for

ID3V1/ID3V2 Tags
Vorbis Tags

APE V2 Tags

Flac tags

Reads APE Tags (V1 and V2) and id3v1 tag for all files, if no other tags are present. If no tags are are present, it can use filename to guess the tags.

Automated file retagging based on name and renaming based on tags, makes organizing your collection a fun.
Supports these languages:
English ,German, Spanish
Czech, Portuguese,Norwegian,
Italian ,Dutch ,Polish,Russian
Advanced customizable crossfader, makes continious play smooth like a DJ
Net stream support for icecast and shoutcast stream. Much work has been made to make this feature more reliable than other apps, if the stream gets interrupted.
Multi-threaded operation.
Supports multimedia keyboard play control keys on windows.
The embedded SQL database makes organization easy and fast.
Simple to advanced search options, including custom SQL queries. Do you want to know which songs have not been played for 1 year? Or which songs have been added in the last week? This is an easy task with the sophisticated dynamic playlist feature.
Simple playlists. Create them easily with drag 'n drop from the main list or from the selection boxes. This way you can easily add a songs of an artist or a whole album to your playlist.
Fast sorting of your songs in the library view by clicking the list header.
Dynamic (SQL statement driven) playlist feature, which gives you all information you can think of, accessible by one click.
Association of filetypes possible in the preferences.
On windows a balloon tooltip is shown above the trayicon on each song change with the song info.

A cool AutoDJ feature where you can change some settings in the preferences, like hours between earliest repeat of song.
AutoDJ has a new filter setting, which enables you to filter songs which are taken into account, when choosing songs to play. As a default this filter is set: "rating >= 0 and genre != 'Speech' and genre != 'Comedy'", which means that no songs with rating less than 0 , and songs from the Comedy and Speech genre will be choosen. Isnt that cool?
You are able to rate the songs from -9 to +9. Use shift + number for negative ratings ( Without shift you rate positive, if you didnt notice that already).

Drag and Drop from Filemanager
Only one instance check included.
Rebuild database feature, to resynchronize the tags if changed outside but keeps the other data like rating and play count.
Now Playing playlist, shows all played and to be played songs, songs can be rearranged by drag and drop, deleted and be added.
Genre comboxbox in Tag dialog offers standard id3v1 genres plus all used genres, and you can enter your own genre names.
Play menu in selection boxes and playlists allow to enque, play as next , play songs instantly.
Show in Library Menu gives fast access to other songs of the artist, album, genre or year

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Ok, sve super, samo sto nema linka Wink

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Ima u drugom postu koji ce ,kanda, leteti... Smile

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  • Pridružio: 20 Feb 2005
  • Poruke: 4505
  • Gde živiš: planeta Zemlja

moram da se umesam:
Crossfading je prilicno lose odradjen... Equaliseri kasne (tj kad ih namestite morate da sacekate jedno 3-4 sec da se dato podesavanje vidi kroz reprodukovanje pesme (ko razume shvatice))... Sto se same aplikacije tice... Ehh.. Prilicno stabilno cudo nije bilo bagova i retadiranja poput toga da pusti pesmu pa je malo po malo secka... Itd...

Mozda u nekom narednom buildu bude bolji ali za sad se drzite vasih sadasnjih playera Wink

ovo je naravno samo moje misljenje.. Wink

Dopuna: 04 Dec 2005 23:12

uf zamalo da zaboravim:
Malo je teze da se snadjete u pocetku... Oko kreiranja playliste i oko pustanja pesama iz istih...

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