MODMancer Radio Online!

MODMancer Radio Online!

  • Pridružio: 16 Okt 2003
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A radio station devoted to game soundtracks and demo scene music, broadcasting 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our archive boasts thousands of high quality mods and ogg's hand picked from a huge collection of game and demo world music. And remember, we are not limited to abandonware soundtracks - consider more contemporary material included!
(plus various extras like articles, rants, news, interviews, artist reviews etc.)

The game is where it's at.
Perhaps this is not so clear nowadays. Perhaps all the exploitation of the latest genre hypes, faceless property tie-ins, licensed trendy songs, uninspired consumer products whose sole claim to fame is the fact your latest graphics card will be unable to display it in decent frame rate... perhaps all that and more makes the game less apparent these days.
But you do remember the game, don't you? The worlds you inhabited for weeks at a time, the notebooks filled with clues you found and puzzles you attempted to solve. Those marvelous moments when gameplay wasn't tedious grinding but its own reward, albeit sometimes resulting in sprained fingers and an occasional broken keyboard/joystick/gamepad. The catchy game music you'd whistle for weeks on end.
More and more, it might seem that the game is slowly being replaced, its place taken by this strange practice of playing catch-up with modern technology. But even so, the game is not forgotten. We remember the exploits of old and look forward to new experiences. We dig through the garbage and savor the gems hidden underneath. In our heads we play back the tunes of our favorites long after the epilogue was reached and the story concluded.
The game is where it's at. And the music remains, always.

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