Kaspersky dobio Microsoft Gold Certified Partner Status

Kaspersky dobio Microsoft Gold Certified Partner Status

  • Pridružio: 22 Avg 2003
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Kaspersky Labs Receives Microsoft Gold Certified Partner Status in
Security Solutions

Kaspersky Labs, an international information security software developer
announces the new steps towards deepening its ties with Microsoft
Corporation. Kaspersky Labs successfully passed the certification
process and received the Microsoft Gold Certified Partner status for
Security Solutions.

The status of Microsoft Gold Certified Partner for Security Solutions is
reserved for Microsoft Certified Partners who have demonstrated
significant success in providing information security solutions based on
Microsoft technologies. The Gold Partner status opens up a wide spectrum
of new opportunities. The extended benefits include elite brand
identification, prioritized access to advanced training opportunities,
increased software licenses and MSDN access, prioritized listing on
referrals and business engagements, an exclusive Web site, and
differentiated marketing materials.

Kaspersky Labs fulfilled all of the program requirements. Throughout
2002, the company was an active participant in the Microsoft Certified
Partner program, which entailed deploying security solutions for large
enterprises in accordance with their specific business needs. The
projects were all completed on time and fully satisfied customers
requirements. As a result, Kaspersky Labs received positive feedback
from large private enterprises and public organisations. Fast reaction
to the customer needs, high professional skills, expertise and
effectiveness of Kaspersky Labs solutions allowed the company to earn
Microsoft recognition and receive the Microsoft Gold Certified Partner
for Security Solutions status.

"Microsoft products dominate the global market, therefore we always make
sure that all of our solutions are fully compatible with all Microsoft
products. We are very pleased that our efforts have been acknowledged by
the most significant IT company worldwide," observed Winfried Mueller,
Marketing Director at Kaspersky Labs.

Kaspersky Labs Corporate Communications

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Pa i vreme je bilo, s obzirom da je KAV već duže vreme No.1 security level on Windows.

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KAV distributer ::Kaspersky Labs Receives Microsoft Gold Certified Partner Status in
Security Solutions

Microsoft i security........ko je ovde lud.

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pa zato im i treba Kaspersky :-D Laughing

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Ajd napokon da neko poduci M$ securityjem.

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Sa ili bez Gold Certified Partner Status-a, ne verujem da cemo u skorije vreme imati MS-ov OS bez sigurnosnih propusta.

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jos samo da neko objasni kasperskom ko su hakeri Wink

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