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Citat:FreeMind is a premier free mind-mapping ( software written in Java. The recent development has hopefully turned it into high productivity tool. We are proud that the operation and navigation of FreeMind is faster than that of MindManager because of one-click "fold / unfold" and "follow link" operations.

So you want to write a completely new metaphysics? Why don't you use FreeMind? You have a tool at hand that remarkably resembles the tray slips of Robert Pirsig, described in his sequel to Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance called Lila. Do you want to refactor your essays in a similar way you would refactor software? Or do you want to keep personal knowledge base, which is easy to manage? Why don't you try FreeMind? Do you want to prioritize, know where you are, where you've been and where you are heading, as Stephen Covey would advise you? Have you tried FreeMind to keep track of all the things that are needed for that?

Zavisnosti: Java
Licenca: GPL2


Citat:Freeplane is a powerful and free software for building mind maps. It is a redesigned version of the well known FreeMind, and is created by one of FreeMind's key developers.

Zavisnosti: Java
Licenca: GPL2


Citat:XMind 3 is both a product and an open source project released on November 10, 2008. XMind 3’s mission statement is to create, as a community, the leading international mind mapping and brainstorming software that will run on all major platforms and raise users' work efficiency. The XMind 3 open source project is sponsored by XMind LTD, which is the primary contributor of code to the project. Developers are welcome to work with the XMind project code to improve the overall product, develop new functions, or augment other software products.

Licenca: EPL1 LGLP3


Citat:VYM (View Your Mind) is a tool to generate and manipulate maps which show your thoughts. Such maps can help you to improve your creativity and effectivity. You can use them for time management, to organize tasks, to get an overview over complex contexts, to sort your ideas etc.

Maps can be drawn by hand on paper or a flip chart and help to structure your thoughs. While a tree like structure like shown on this page can be drawn by hand or any drawing software vym offers much more features to work with such maps.

vym is not another drawing software, but a tool to store and modify information in an intuitive way. For example you can reorder parts of the map by pressing a key or add various information like a complete email by a simple mouse click.

Licenca: GPL3


Citat:Semantik (previously Kdissert) is a mindmapping-like tool to help students to produce complicated documents very quickly and efficiently : presentations, dissertations, thesis, reports. While targetted mostly at students, Kdissert can also help teachers, decision maker, engineers and businessmen. Semantik is also available exclusively for Linux and other free operating systems.

Though this application shares some similarities with general-purpose mindmapping tools like Freemind or Vym, the very first goal of Semantik is to create general-purpose documents through the use of mindmaps.

Licenca: GPL3


Citat:MindRaider is personal notebook and outliner. It aims to connect the tradition of outline editors with emerging technologies. MindRaider mission is to help you in organization of your knowledge and associated web, local and realworld resources in a way that enables quick navigation, concise representation and inferencing.

Zavisnosti: Java
Licenca: GPL2


Citat:Labyrinth is a lightweight mind-mapping tool, written in Python using Gtk and Cairo to do the drawing. It is intended to be as light and intuitive as possible, but still provide a wide range of powerful features.

A mind-map is a diagram used to represent words, ideas, tasks or other items linked to and arranged radially around a central key word or idea. It is used to generate, visualise, structure and classify ideas, and as an aid in study, organisation, problem solving, and decision making. (From wikipedia)

Zavisnosti: Python, PyGTK
Licenca: GPL2


Citat:Neuronstorm is a Free, open source computer program for creating
mind-maps - pictorial representations of a central idea and how
it is linked to other ideas or concepts.

Neuronstorm is also designed to be compatible with and eventually
replace Inspiration(R) - a commercial mind-mapping program.

Neuronstorm can be used in creating mind-maps, for brainstorming,
and for other tasks where infomation can be displayed with branches
coming out of a center, usually a central idea.

Licenca: GPL2


Citat:GnuConcept is a networking and colaborative mindmap tool for the creation of complex documents. This program lets you draw the document concept map, edit all the concepts content and export it to several formats (like openoffice, dockbook and html)

Zavisnosti: Python, PyGTK
Licenca: GPL2


Citat:iMindMap is the Official Mind Map Software from the inventor of Mind Mapping Tony Buzan. It is the only tool that fully and accurately replicates Tony's process that has proved so effective for over 250 million individuals in 150 countries. Used by thousands of schools worldwide to accelerate learning, and by companies as large as NASA, Walt Disney, Microsoft, Intel, and Boeing to innovate, plan, present and project manage, Tony's technique can help you become more creative, enabling you to make better decisions and solve problems in less time.

Licenca: komercijalna, trial 7 dana

The Brain - PersonalBrain

Citat:It starts with a single Thought and grows more powerful as you use it. Think of it as a living mind map with unlimited space for everything you want, are learning or need to remember. Each idea can grow and evolve with all related Thoughts instead of being separated in folders or lists. Use PersonalBrain to manage specific projects or as an "everything in your life manager" to get the big picture on your ideas and find the right information in seconds.

You get 30 days to try all the features of PersonalBrain Pro. After that if you want to keep using the advanced features you will need to upgrade to PersonalBrain Core or PersonalBrain Pro. If you don't upgrade, you can keep using PersonalBrain Free. You will not lose any of your work and will still be able to access everything you created.

Licenca: komercijalna, trial 30 dana, freeware

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