[HowTo] Udaljeni backup server - FreeBSD, ZFS, i Rsync

[HowTo] Udaljeni backup server - FreeBSD, ZFS, i Rsync

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A co-worker and I developed a centralised backup solution using FreeBSD, ZFS, and Rsync. The following set of posts describe how we did it.

Note: this is fairly long, and includes code dumps from all the scripts and config files used.

Server Hardware

Our central backup server uses the following hardware:

* Chenbro 5U rackmount case, with 24 hot-swappable drive bays, and a 4-way redundant PSU
* Tyan h2000M motherboard
* 2x dual-core Opteron 2200-series CPUs at 2.2 GHz
* 3Ware 9550SXU PCI-X RAID controller in a 64-bit/133 Mhz PCI-X slot
* 3Ware 9650SE PCIe RAID controller in an 8x PCIe slot
* Intel PRO/1000MT 4-port gigabit PCI-X NIC
* 24x 500 GB SATA harddrives
* 2x 2 GB CompactFlash cards in CF-to-IDE adapters

OS Configuration

We're currently running the 64-bit amd64 version of FreeBSD 7.1. We'll be upgrading to 7.2 once it's released. And we are anxiously awaiting the release of 8.0 with ZFSv13 support.

Two of the gigabit NIC ports are combined using lagg(4) and connected to one gigabit switch. We're considering adding the other two ports to the lagg interface, but we're waiting for a new managed switch that support LACP before we do.

The 2 CF cards are configured as gm0 using gmirror(Cool. / and /usr are installed on gm0.

The 3Ware RAID controllers are configured basically as glorified SATA controllers. Each drive is configured as a "SingleDrive" array, and appear to the OS as separate drives. Using SingleDrive instead of JBOD allows the RAID controller to use the onboard cache, and allows us to use the 3dm2 monitoring software. Each drive is also named after the slot/port it is connect to (disk01 through disk24).

The 24 harddrives are also labelled using glabel(Cool, according to the slot they are in, using the same names as the RAID controller uses (disk01 through disk24).


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