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Malcolm Young forms a band in Sydney with Colin Burgess (Drums, ex-Masters Apprentices) and Larry Van Kriedt (Bass). Singer Dave Evans (ex-Velvet Underground after Malcolm left that same band) answers an advertisement placed in the Sunday Morning Herald and gets the gig. Angus Young, who just disbanded Kantuckee, is later brought in as second lead guitarist at Malcolm’s request.

The band rehearses in Newtown and adopt the name AC/DC at the suggestion of Angus’ sister Margaret who saw the sign on a sewing machine.
First concert on New Year’s Eve at The Chequers in Sydney. The band’s repertoire consist mainly of covers of Chuck Berry, The Beatles, The Stones, Free, rock & roll standards and some original material such as the unrecorded "The Old Bay Road". They all wear the obligatory jeans & tee shirts, including Angus.


The first single "Can I Sit Next To You Girl? / Rockin’ In The Parlour" is cut at Sydney’s EMI Studios. An early version of "Rock & Roll Singer" is also recorded. George Young produces the sessions with Harry Vanda and also records the bass parts.
A week following the sessions, drummer Colin Burgess collapses on stage at The Chequers and is immediately fired. George Young fills in on the drums for the band's second set. Bass player Larry Van Kriedt is also asked to leave shortly after.

Malcolm recruits Neil Smith (ex-Rockery) on bass and Noel Taylor on drums.

Angus wears his school uniform for the first time at his sister’s suggestion at a concert in Sydney's Victoria Park. The band adopts a flashy image to differentiate itself from the rest of Sydney’s bands. Angus adopts this legendary outfit, sometimes switching it for a Gorilla, Zorro or Super-Ang suit.
20: First major concert at the Myers Music Bowl in Melbourne.
Neil Smith & Noel Taylor are fired after a mere six weeks in the band.
Malcolm Young recruits Rob Bailey (Bass) & Peter Clack (Drums), both ex-Flake, who played at the Victoria Park concert.
Residency at Sydney's Hampton Court Hotel, Aust.
The band gigs around the "dance circuit" in Sydney.

26: Major concert supporting Stevie Wright at Sydney's Opera House in front of 2,500 people. 10,000 are turned away. Malcolm plays with Stevie Wright back up band after AC/DC's set.

The band officially signs with Albert Productions with distribution through EMI.

22: First single "Can I Sit Next To You Girl?/Rockin' In The Parlour" is released.
A clip filmed at The Last Picture Show Theater in Cronulla is shown on the only national rock television show "GTK".
The single charts locally in Perth.
Australian tour in support of the single.

Australian tour supporting Lou Reed.
Bon Scott sees the band for the first time in Adelaide and Vince Lovegrove (ex singer of the Valentines with Bon) introduces him to AC/DC. He has been recovering from a serious motorbike accident and cutting demos with the Mount Lofty Rangers. The band, at this stage unhappy with Evans, arranges an audition with Bon and offer him the job.
Six weeks residency at Perth’s Beethoven Disco supporting transvestite Carlotta. Dave Evans is occasionally replaced by manager Dennis Laughlin.

The band reiterates its offer to Bon who joins at the end of the month. He goes on stage for the first time with AC/DC at the Pooraka Hotel for a jam session.
Dave Evans is asked to leave after a last concert in Melbourne.

Dates in Adelaide, Sydney, and Melbourne for The Hard Rock Cafe Gay Nights.

Michael Browning, manager of The Hard Rock Cafe, takes over the band’s management. They relocate to Melbourne and move into one house where scenes of pure debauchery become common.
The first album "High Voltage" is cut in ten days in between gigs at Albert studios in Sydney. George Young & Harry Vanda are producing, George plays bass on some tracks and session musician Tony Currenti is brought in to cut the drum parts.

By this stage the band plays constantly, to any type of crowd, from gays to teen girls and rockers. Tour in South Australia.
31: Festival Hall in Melbourne.


Rob Bailey & Peter Clack are fired. Phil Rudd (who played in Buster Brown alongside future Rose Tattoo Angry Anderson) joins immediately.
A bass player lasts only a few days and the band performs as a four-piece with Malcolm playing bass or as a five-piece with George Young on bass.
25: Sunbury Festival in Melbourne. Headliners Deep Purple refuse to let the band follow their performance and a fight involving roadies, the band plus George Young against Deep Purple’s clan erupts on stage in front of 20,000 people. AC/DC eventually take the stage with George on bass.

17: "High Voltage" is released in Australia.

3: Second single "Love song (Oh Jene) / Baby Please Don't Go" released in Australia. The B side picks up airplay and becomes their first hit, eventually peaking at #10 on the national charts the following month.
Mark Evans hears about the vacant bassist job in the band, passes an audition and joins after a party for the launch of the Lp at The Hard Rock Cafe in Melbourne.
Concerts in Melbourne where the band is by now well established.

Live on the very influential TV show "Countdown" performing "Baby Please Don't Go". Bon's appearance dressed as a schoolgirl causes outrage.
"Heavy Metal Nites" at The Hard Rock Cafe in Melbourne.

Series of daytime concerts for the "Schoolkids Week" at The Hard Rock Cafe in Melbourne.

23: Australian release of the single "High Voltage/Soul Stripper" which was recorded right after the first album sessions.
The band has achieved "superstar" status in Melbourne and headline the Festival Hall (with Stevie Wright & John Paul Young supporting). The concert is filmed and a promotional video for "High Voltage" is later assembled from that footage.
"High Voltage" turns Gold in Australia.

The band cut their second album "T.N.T." at Albert Studios with Vanda & Young.
Several gigs in Sydney, notably at The Lifesaver, where they become regulars.

8-17: Dates in Sydney.

The band plays continuously doing up to 6 gigs per day.
The plan to play a series of free concerts at Melbourne’ Myer Music Store ends abruptly when thousands of hysterical schoolgirls storm the store on the first day, tearing the place down in the process.
Phil Rudd breaks his thumb during a fight at The Mathew Findlers Hotel in Melbourne and is replaced by Colin Burgess for the next few gigs.
Appearance on "Countdown" playing "High Voltage".
National tour that will last until the end of December.

Headline concert at Festival Hall in Melbourne.

8: Single "It's A Long Way To The Top / Can I Sit Next To You Girl" released in Australia.
3-23: Australian tour in ACT, NSW & Queensland.
The band is signed to a worldwide deal with Atlantic Records by Phil Carson from London, England.
TV show "Countdown" films the band performing "It's A Long Way To The Top" on a flat-top truck driving through the streets of Melbourne.
New Year’s Eve gig in Adelaide.
At the end of that year they are well established as the #1 band in the country and "High Voltage" is triple Gold.


"It’s A Long Way To The Top" peaks on National Charts at #5.
2-23: 16 dates Australian tour.
The band starts recording "Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap" at Albert Studios with Vanda & Young producing once again.

20: Australian release of the album "T.N.T." which enters the charts at #2.
More songs are cut at Albert Studios.

1: Single "T.N.T./Rocker" released in Australia.
"T.N.T." becomes Triple Gold within weeks of its release.
Recording sessions for "Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap" resume at Albert Studios.
Farewell concert at The Bondi Lifesavers in Sydney where Angus exposes himself on stage for the first time.
Departure for Europe at the end of the month.

1: First concert in Europe at The Red Cow in London. The band plays regularly there as well as The Nashville.
2: Single "It's A Long Way To The Top/Can I Sit Next To You Girl?" released in the UK.
Several pub gigs in London. AC/DC starts a buzz in town.
The band is associated with the Punk movement by the British press, an allegation they are quick to dispute.

Single "High Voltage/Soul Stripper" released in Germany.
Club dates in England.
11-June 8: 9 dates on their first UK tour opening for Back Street Crawler kicks off at the Marquee. The tour was originally scheduled to take place in April but was postponed due to guitarist Paul Kossof death in March.
14: First European album, "High Voltage" (a compilation of the first two Australian Lps) released in the UK.

3: Recording of a 4-track session for BBC Radio 1 at Maida Vale Studios in London.
4: First headline gig at The Marquee.
12: Angus appears on the cover of Sounds Magazine.
14: Single "Jailbreak/Fling Thing" released in Australia. The B side is a Scottish-traditional song not included on any album.
11-July 7: "Lock Up Your Daughters Summer Tour," a 19 dates club UK tour sponsored by Sounds Magazine. The audience destroy seats at The City Hall on their first ever gig in Glasgow.

7: Last date of the tour at The Lyceum in London where Atlantic organized a "Best dressed schoolboy/schoolgirl" competition.
First UK television appearance filmed at The Wimbledon Theater in London for Marc Bolan TV show.
First dates in Europe in Sweden.
Single "Jailbreak/Fling Thing" released in the UK.
Club dates in the UK.
26-August 23: Residency at The Marquee, the band plays every Monday night.

They regularly break the Marquee’s attendance record, packing up to 1,400 kids in the tiny club.
27: "Orange Festival" in Nimes, France.
29: Reading Rock Festival in front of 50,000 people. Black Oak Arkansas is headlining.

3 dates in Germany including the Bravo-Super Disco in Duisburg.
20: "Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap" released in Australia.
20-Late October: Nineteen dates on European tour supporting Rainbow throughout Sweden, Denmark, Germany , Belgium, France, Switzerland and Holland.
28: "High Voltage" released in the United States.

5: Single "Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap/R.I.P." released in Australia.
27-November 15: Sixteen dates on UK headline tour. The vice squad follows the band from town to town and Angus is threatened with arrest in Glasgow & Liverpool if he drops his pants on stage.
29: Single "High Voltage/Live Wire" released in the UK.
Single "It's A Long Way To The Top/Can I Sit Next To You Girl?" released in Germany.

10: First headline concert at the famous Hammersmith Odeon in London.
US release of single "It's A Long Way To The Top/High Voltage".

2-23: First leg of their Australian comeback tour. Several dates are canceled by local authorities due to the increasing obscene image of the band portrayed by Australian media. The band’s name is even mentioned in Parliament where officials consider that the band’s popularity is a bad influence for the youth morality.
5: Appearance on "Countdown" playing "Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap" live.
17: "Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap" released in the UK.
"Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap" is turned down by the US record company and will eventually be released in the US on March 23rd, 1981.


Single "Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap / Big Balls - The Jack" released in the UK.
10: Single "Love At First Feel/Problem Child" released in Australia. Side A recorded in the UK at Vineyard Studios the previous year.
5-14: Second leg of Australian tour, 6 dates.
"Let There Be Rock" is cut at Albert Studios with Vanda & Young until February.
30: Concert at The Haymarket for the Festival of Sydney.

12-15: Dates in Adelaide, Melbourne & Perth. These are the last "official" concerts of AC/DC in Australia with Bon Scott.
18-March 21: 28 dates on UK Tour in support of "Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap".

21: "Let There Be Rock" released in Australia.
21: Single "Dog Eat Dog/Carry Me Home" released in Australia. Side B does not appear on any album.

5-29: Eleven dates in Europe (France, Germany Switzerland, Belgium, Holland & Sweden) supporting Black Sabbath. In Sweden, Sabbath bassist Geezer Butler pulls a flick knife at Malcolm, who retaliates by punching him in the face. AC/DC gets thrown out of the tour.

Headline dates in Scandinavia.
Mark Evans is sacked from the band over personality clashes with Angus.
27: Cliff Williams (Ex-home, Bandit) officially joins the band.

Rehearsals in Australia with Cliff Williams in preparation for the first tour of the US.
23: "Let There Be Rock" released in the US.

Cliff Williams debuts on stage with the band at two secret gigs at Sydney’s Lifesavers. They are billed as "The Seedies" & "Dirty Deeds".
27-September 3: First leg of US Tour for a total twenty-seven dates.
27-29: 3 dates in Texas opening for Moxy.

5-6: Concerts in Florida with REO Speedwagon. Opening the first night they co-headline the Coliseum in Jacksonville, their strongest market to date, in front of 8,000 people.
7: "Day For The Kids" charity concert for WSHE at the Spartatorium in Hollywood, FL.
12: Single "Whole Lotta Rosie/Dog Eat Dog" released in Germany.
13: "Let There Be Rock" peaks on US Billboard charts at #154.
9-22: Dates in the Mid-West, alternating headline shows & opening slots for Michael Stanley, Head East, Foreigner, Mink DeVille & Johnny Winter.
24: First concerts in New York. Following their guest appearance with The Dictators at The Palladium, they open for the Marvels at CBGB’s. Angus uses his wireless guitar for the first time.
29-31: 3 dates at The Whiskey in West Hollywood, CA.
"Let There Be Rock" released in Germany.

Single "Problem Child/Let There Be Rock" released in the US.
2-3: 2 concerts at the Old Waldorf in San Francisco, CA.
Mid Sept-Early Oct: Eighteen headlining dates in Scandinavia, Germany, Belgium & Switzerland.
30: Single "Let There Be Rock/Problem Child" released in the UK.
"Let There Be Rock" released in France.

12-Nov 12: Sixteen dates on UK tour with their first sold-out show at London’s Hammersmith Odeon. A concert is filmed by the BBC’s "Sight & Sound" program with an FM simulcast on Radio 1.
14: "Let There Be Rock" released in the UK. First Lp to chart. It peaks at #75.
31: Single "Let There Be Rock (Part 1) / Let There Be Rock (Part 2)" released in Australia.

16-December 21: Second leg of US Tour, twenty-one dates.
The band plans a live album with shows recorded live in Fort Lauderdale, Melbourne's Myer Music Bowl & Sydney's Bondi Lifesaver. This is later abandoned.
16-18: 3 Dates supporting Rush.
23-26: 4 Co-headlining dates with UFO.

1-5: Headline dates in the Mid-West.
9-21: Dates supporting Kiss, Aerosmith, Styx, Blue Oyster Cult, & co-headline with Cheap Trick.
7: Recording of a live concert in front of a small audience at Atlantic Recording Studios in New York. This will be released as a (now-collectable) promotional album by Atlantic the following year.


Australian tour plans are aborted when the English crew & Cliff Williams are refused a work visa by Australian authorities.

"Powerage" recording sessions at Albert Studios with Vanda & Young until March.

28: "Powerage" released in the UK.
30: First date of UK Tour at Glasgow Apollo. The concert is recorded by a mobile studio and part of it will be released as the album "If You Want Blood".

1-29: Twenty-three dates on UK Tour.
25: "Powerage" released in the US.
26: Single "Rock & Roll Damnation/Sin City" released in the UK.

2: Single "Rock & Roll Damnation/Sin City" released in Germany.
TV appearance on German TV show "Pop Rock" playing "Rock & Roll Damnation".
8: Appearance on "Top Of The Pops" with "Rock & Roll Damnation".
19: "Powerage" released in Australia.
24-October 3: Sixty-two dates on US tour.
24-28: 4 concerts supporting Alice Cooper on the East Coast, US.
24: "Powerage" peaks at #133 on US Billboard Charts.
26: Single "Rock & Roll Damnation/Cold Hearted Man" released in Australia.

Single "Rock & Roll Damnation/Kicked In The Teeth" released in the US.
2-30: Alternating headline concerts in Texas and dates supporting Molly Hatchet, Ronnie Montrose, and Aerosmith.
23: Opening for Aerosmith, Foreigner, Van Halen & Pat Travers at Oakland’s Stadium for the "Day On The Green" festival.

1-31: Headlining shows supporting Aerosmith, Alvin Lee, Rainbow, Savoy Brown, Ted Nugent & co-headlining with Cheap Trick.
5: Chicago’s Comisky Park supporting Aerosmith, Foreigner, Van Halen at "Summer Jam" festival.

2: Festival in Oakland Stadium, second on the bill with Ted Nugent headlining.
2-30: Supporting Blue Oyster Cult, UFO, Thin Lizzy and headlining gigs.
6: Appearance on ABC’s "Midnight Special" presented by Aerosmith and Ted Nugent where they play "Sin City".

2-3: Last dates of US tour supporting Aerosmith.
13: "If You Want Blood" released in the UK.
13-27: Twelve dates on European tour covering Germany, Switzerland, Holland, France and Belgium.
27: Single "Whole Lotta Rosie / Hell Ain't A Bad Place To Be" released in the UK.
28-November 16: Seventeen dates on UK tour culminating with two sold out shows at The Hammersmith Odeon.

6: Single "Whole Lotta Rosie/Dog Eat Dog" released in Australia.
21: "If You Want Blood" released in the US.
27: "If You Want Blood" released in Australia.
Dates in Scandinavia.

23: "If You Want Blood" peaks on US Charts at #113.


Single "Whole Lotta Rosie (Live) / Hell Ain’t A Bad Place To Be (Live)" released in the US.
Pre-production of "Highway To Hell" at Albert Studios in Sydney.

Recording sessions for "Highway To Hell" at Criteria Studios in Miami. Under pressure from Atlantic Records the band starts to work with producer Eddie Kramer but fires him after three weeks before any track is completed. Some demos are cut with Bon Scott on drums.

Recording sessions for "Highway To Hell" at London’s Roundhouse Studios with Robert John "Mutt" Lange.

The band’s initial plan to tour in Japan are canceled.
8-August 5: First leg of US tour covering fifty-three dates.
8-June 15: Twenty-three dates with UFO, supporting most dates and headlining in their strong markets.
27: Supporting Boston and Doobie Brothers at Orlando’s Tangerine Bowl.

3: Supporting Heart, Nazareth and UFO at John O’Donnell Stadium in Davenport, IA.
20-27: 7 dates opening for Journey

1: The band signs with the powerful management firm Leber-Krebs who assign Peter Mensh as their personal manager.
4-10: 5 dates supporting Cheap Trick.
13: The band flies back to Europe for a Veronika TV concert in Arnhem, Holland at the Rijnhallen.
Show at London’s Highbury.
19-29: Resume US tour. Dates supporting Mahogany Rush and headlining.
21: "Day On The Green #3" Festival supporting Aerosmith & Ted Nugent in front of 60,000 people.
27: "Highway To Hell" released in the UK.
28: "World Series of Rock" at Cleveland Stadium supporting Aerosmith, Ted Nugent, Journey, Thin Lizzy in front of 80,000 people.
30: "Highway To Hell" released in the US.
Single "Highway To Hell / If You Want Blood" released in Germany.
31-August 5: 6 dates supporting Ted Nugent, including their first concert at Madison Square Garden on August 4th.

"Highway To Hell" peaks in the UK charts at #8.
3: Single "Highway To Hell / If You Want Blood" released in the UK.
6: Single "Highway To Hell / If You Want Blood" released in Australia.
17: Headlining Bilzen Festival in Belgium.
18: "Who And Roar Friends" Festival at Wembley Stadium supporting The Who with Nils Lofgren and The Stranglers. The PA breaks down in the middle of the band’s set.
20-27: 5 dates in Dublin, Belfast & Aix les Bains, France.
25: "Highway To Hell" peaks at #17 on US Billboard Charts.
Live performance for German TV show "Rock Pop" playing "Highway To Hell".
The band also tapes 5 promo clips for "Highway To Hell" in Munich.

Single "Highway To Hell / Night Prowler" released in the US.
1: "Open Air festival" at Nuremberg’s Zepelinfeld supporting the Who with Cheap Trick and Scorpions.
5-October 16: Resume US Tour. Thirty-seven headline dates.
29: Headline the Coliseum in Charlotte, NC with an attendance of 13,000.

2: Headline the Coliseum in Knoxville, TN, with an attendance of 12,000.
26-November 9: Thirteen UK dates including 4 sold out concerts at the Hammersmith Odeon.
"Highway To Hell" turns Gold in the US, with sales reaching 500,000 units.

8: "Highway To Hell" released in Australia.
9: Single "Girls Got Rhythm/Get It Hot" released in the UK.
Single "Girls Got Rhythm/T.N.T." released in Germany.
11-December 15: Twenty-eight dates in Europe across Belgium, Holland, Germany, Switzerland and France.

9: Two sold out shows at Pavillion De Paris, France. The band plays two concerts on the same day, the second is filmed and will be released as the feature movie "Let There Be Rock".
17-21: 4 Additional UK dates.
Single "Touch Too Much/Walk All Over You" released in the US.


16-23: 7 additional French dates.
20: Appearance at The Midem in Cannes, France to receive a series of Gold albums. "If You Want Blood" and "Highway To Hell" are Gold in France. "If You Want Blood is Gold and "Highway To Hell" are Silver in the UK and "Highway To Hell" is Gold in Canada.
25: Single "Touch Too Much/Live Wire-Shot Down In Flames" released in the UK.
25-27: Bon Scott’s last concerts at the Newcastle Mayfair and Southampton Gaumont.

7: TV appearance on "Top Of The Pops" playing "Touch Too Much".
13: Bon Scott records a version of "Ride On" with French act Trust that will not be released.
19: Bon Scott dies in London. After a night of drinking at the Music Machine, he is left overnight by a friend in a car and chokes on his vomit. He is dead on arrival at Kings hospital the next day.

1: Bon Scott buried in Fremantle, Australia.
14: German release of single "Touch too much/Live wire". Also released in France and Japan.
Several names are either considered or rumored for the job of replacing Bon. Among others are Stevie Wright (Ex-Easybeats), Alan Fryer (Future Heaven), Gary Holton (Ex-Heavy metal Kids) and Terry Schlesher (Future Geordie).
AC/DC tracks down ex-Geordie frontman Brian Johnson who passes an audition in their rehearsal studio in Pimlico, playing "Nutbush City Limits" and "Whole Lotta Rosie".

8: Brian Johnson officially announced as the band's new singer.
Rehearsals at London's E'Zee Hire Studios.

Mid April - May: Recording of "Back In Black" in Nassau, Bahamas (Compass Point Studios) with Robert "Mutt" Lange producing. Recording is completed in seven weeks.

29-July 5: 5 warm-up dates in Benelux. First concert of Brian with AC/DC in Namur, Belgium. Promotional video clips are shot in Breda, Holland.

13-28: Canadian tour, 11 dates. Supported by Streetheart.
21: US release of "Back In Black".
31: UK release of "Back In Black".
30-October 11: 55 Dates US Tour, supported by Humble Pie, Def Leppard,Nantucket, Krokus, Johnny Van Zant, Blackfoot, Gamma, Saxon. 1 Date supporting ZZ Top in Toledo.

9: "Back In Black" tops the UK charts for two consecutive weeks.
11: Australian release of "Back In Black".
15: German release of single "You shook me (all night long)/Have a drink on me".
22: UK release of single "You shook me (all night long)/Have a drink on me". Single is also released worldwide.
23: "Back In Black" enters the US Billboard charts, eventually peaking at #4 in January.
25: Australian release of single "You shook me (all night long)/What do you do for money honey".

19-November 16: 24 Dates UK Tour, including 3 dates at Hammersmith Odeon, and 3 at Victoria Apollo. Supported by Starfighters. Whole tour is sold-out.
Japanese release of single "You shook me (all night long)/Back in black.

19-December 20: 24 dates European Tour covering Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Germany, France and Switzerland. Supported by Whitesnake, Maggie Bell.
21: UK release of "Rock & roll ain't noise pollution" single.
AC/DC reach the 10 million mark in albums sold worldwide. A party is thrown at London's Cockney Pride to celebrate.

10: French release of movie "Let There Be Rock".
US & Canadian release of single "Back in black/What do you do for money honey". Single also released in Portugal, Spain and Ireland.
At the end of the year, all AC/DC albums are gold in France ("Back in black" is platinum) and sales total 2 millions in France alone.


8-25: Second leg of European tour. 14 dates in France, Spain and Belgium.
16: German release of single "Rock & roll ain't noise pollution/Hell's Bells".
25: The tours ends at Brussels Forest National where AC/DC brings Atlantic Record's Phil Carson (on bass) to jam on "Lucille". To this day this is the only known time where the band lets another musician share their stage.
27: Australian release of single "Rock & roll ain't noise pollution/Hell's Bells".
First release of "High voltage" in Japan.

1-5: First ever tour in Japan, 4 Dates.
13-27: 5 Dates Australian tour. The first tour of the band in their homeland in 5 years is a massive success.

23: US release of "Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap". The album is also released for the first time in Canada and Japan.

18: "Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap" enters the US Billboard charts, eventually peaking at #3 on May 23rd for three consecutive weeks.

7: The re-released "High Voltage" enters the US Billboard charts, eventually peaking at #146.
Worldwide sales of "Back in Black' reach 12 million units, with 5 millions in the USA alone.
Recording of "For Those About To Rock" in Paris. The band starts the sessions at EMI-Pathe Marconi studios but after two weeks move to a rehearsal studio right outside Paris (H.I.S.) & record the backing tracks with the Mobile One studio. Vocals are recorded at Family Sound studio later. The sessions last until September.

AC/DC terminates manager Peter Mensh but remains with the management firm Leber-Krebs.
22: AC/DC Headlines the second "Monsters Of Rock" festival at Castle-Donington Park in the UK in front of 65,000 people. Other acts on the bill are Blackfoot, Whitesnake, Blue Oyster Cult, Slade, Touch.

11-December 21: First leg of US Tour, 15 dates. The band headlines in Arenas all over the country for the first time.
23: Worldwide release of "For Those About To Rock".

2: First concert headlining the Madison Square Garden in New York.
7: Australian release of "For those about to rock".
12: "For Those About To Rock" enters the US Billboard charts, eventually peaking at #1 for 3 consecutive weeks. It peaks at #3 in the UK charts.
20-21: Two dates at The Capitol Center in Largo, MD. The concerts are recorded and filmed. Live promo videos for "Let's get it up" and "For those about to rock" are taken from those concerts. The band is being sued by a couple from Chicago,IL who demand $250,000 damages because they've been receiving obscene phone calls at their number 36-24-36, the phone number mentioned in "Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap"... "For those about to rock" is certified platinum in France (400,000 units sold) just 2 weeks after its release. US & Canadian release of single "Let's get it up/Snowballed".


AC/DC is nominated in the best Rock band at the American Music Awards. The winners? Air Supply!!
17-February 25: Second leg of US Tour. 28 Dates, supported by Midnight Flyer. The tour includes 4 dates at Seattle Coliseum, 2 dates at the L.A. Forum and 3 dates at the Cow Palace in San Francisco.
22: UK release of single "Let's get it up/Back in black".

European & Japanese release of single "Let's get it up/Back in black".
8: Australian release of single "let's get it up/Snowballed".

22: US release of single "For those about to rock/T.N.T.".

UK release of single "For those about to rock/Let there be rock".

Worldwide release of single "For those about to rock/Let there be rock".

7-10: 4 Dates in Japan. The band has not returned to tour there ever since.
The band leaves management firm Leber-Krebs. Their tour manager Ian Jeffrey becomes personal manager.

European dates scheduled for France and Germany in August-September are cancelled with no apparent reason..

30: Australian release of single "For those about to rock/Let there be rock".

29-October 22: 19 Dates UK/Irish Tour, includes 4 sold-out dates at Hammermith Odeon and 2 at Wembley Arena.

26-December 12: 9 dates European tour covering Germany, France and Switzerland. Three French dates are cancelled.

5: Angus jams with members of Trust in Paris at the Rose Bonbon club.


Rehearsals for "Flick Of The Switch" at the Isle Of Man, UK.

Beginning of "Flick Of The Switch" recording sessions in Nassau, Bahamas (Compass Point Studios). 13 tracks are recorded and 3 won't be used, and still remain unreleased to this day.

Phil Rudd is sacked from the band in the middle of the recording sessions. His drug taking abuses and personal problems with other members of the band lead to his firing. Former Procol Harum drummer is called in to finish the album but his parts will not be used.

Press reports suggest AC/DC's new drummer is Phil Thompson (Ex-Roxy Music).
Simon Wright joins the band as their new drummer after answering an ad in Sounds magazine and passing an audition at Nomis studios in London.

15: US release of "Flick Of The Switch".
19: European release of "Flick Of The Switch".
23: Australian release of "Flick Of The Switch".
The US tour scheduled to start on the 28 is postponed.

Worldwide release of single "Guns for hire/Landslide".
10: "Flick Of The Switch" enters the US Billboard charts, eventually peaking at #15. It reaches #4 in the UK.

3: Australian release of single "Nervous shakedown/Brainshake".
Japanese release of single "Guns for hire/Landslide".
3 month Canadian/US Tour, supported by Fastway, starts in Vancouver, Canada.

US, Canadian, Italian & Spanish release of single "Flick of the switch/Badlands".
28: Australian release of single "Flick of the switch/Badlands".

19: US Tour ends at New York's Madison Square Garden.


Rehearsals and pre-production for the next album.
AC/DC appoints Crisping Dye, a former Albert Productions executive in Europe, as their new manager.

Promotional Press Tour in Europe.
Rehearsals for European tour in Diss, Norfolk in England.
27: UK release of single "Nervous shakedown/Rock and roll ain't noise pollution".

3: European release of single "Nervous shakedown/Rock and roll ain't noise pollution".
11-September 7: AC/DC headlines 8 "Monsters Of Rock" festivals across Spain, Germany, Italy and UK at Castle-Donington for a second time on the 18th. Other acts on the bill are Van Halen, Ozzy Osbourne, Motley Crue, Gary Moore, Y&T and Accept. This line-up differs slightly on European dates.

8-15: 2 dates in France, supported by Airrace. Both dates were postponed.

15: "74 Jailbreak", a mini-album consisting of Australian-only released tracks, is released in US. Also released in Canada, Brazil, Argentina and Japan.
US & Canadian release of single "Jailbreak/Show business".
Beginning of "Fly On The Wall" recording sessions in Montreux, Swi (Mountain Studios).

Japanese release of "74 Jailbreak".
17: "74 Jailbreak" enters the US Billboard Charts, eventually peaking at #76.


The band takes 3 weeks off the recording.
15 & 19: AC/DC headlines two days at the Rock In Rio festival at Rio De Janeiro, Bra (Rockedome) in front of 300,000 people. Most of the concerts are televised worldwide.

24: End of "Fly On The wall" recording sessions.

"Fly On The Wall" is mixed in Sydney, Aust.

AC/DC Worldwide album sales reach 30 million units.
The band shoots 6 promotional videos at World's End Club in New York's Alphabet City.
21: UK release of single "Danger/Back in business".
28: Worldwide release of "Fly On The Wall".

8: European release of single "Danger/Back in business".
US & Japanese release of single "Danger/Back in business".
UK release of the long-form video "Let There Be Rock".
20: "Fly On The Wall" enters the US Billboard charts, eventually peaking at #32. It peaks at #7 in the UK.
Worldwide release of home video "Fly On The Wall".

5: Australian release of single "Danger/Hell or high water" and album "Fly on the wall".

AC/DC signs with a new manager, Stewart Young & Part Rock Management.
The band finds itself at the center of a huge controversy when serial killer Richard Ramirez, "The nightstalker" claims AC/DC's song "Night Prowler" made him commit 16 murders. A cap bearing the AC/DC logo was also found at his apartment. The media (specially in the US) immediately point the finger at the band & accuse them of devil worshiping.
2 & 3: Rehearsals in Binghampton, NY (Broome Country Arena).
4-October 27: 42 dates US Tour.
23: Australian release of single "Sink the pink/Back in business".

21: US release of single "Shake your foundations/Send for the man".
City officials in Springfield and Dallas try unsuccessfully to ban the band from playing their city following the "Nightstalker" controversy.

Japanese release of single "Shake your foundations/Send for the man".
5-24: US Tour is extended by 14 dates.

Recording sessions in Nassau, Bahamas (Compass Point Studios) to record "Who Made Who", "D.T." & "Chase The Ace". Vanda & Young are back as producers.


6: UK release of single "Shake your foundations/Stand up".
13-23: 8 dates UK tour, supported by Fastway.
24-February 16: 17 dates European tour covering Belgium, Holland, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark. Supported by Fastway.

10: European & Australian release of single "Shake your foundations/Stand up".
27-28: AC/DC films "Who made who" video in London, UK (Brixton Academy), directed by David Mallet.

8: UK release of single "Who made who/Guns for hire".
9: German release of single "Who made who/Guns for hire".
26: Australian release of single "Who made who/Guns for hire".
27: European release of "Who made who".

10 & 12: AC/DC shots a new video for "You Shook Me All Night Long" at Jacob Street Studios in London, UK, and outdoor scenes in Northern England, directed by David Mallet.
23: US & Australian release of "Who made who".
"Who Made Who" enters the US Billboard charts, eventually peaking at #33.
The album peaks at #11 in the UK charts.
Single "Who made who/Guns for hire" released in Japan.

4: US release of movie "Maximum Overdrive", with the soundtrack recorded by AC/DC.
28: US release of single "You shook me (all night long)/She's got balls.
30: Rehearsals in New Orleans (Lefront Arena).
31-September 20: 42 dates US tour, supported by Queensryche, Loudness. Despite a rough year for the concert industry, AC/DC's tour is completely sold-out and one of the most successful of the year in the US.

18: UK release of single "You shook me (all night long)/She's got balls.

20: The band opens its concert at the Nassau Coliseum in Uniondale by bringing 6 Angus clones on stage.

13: Australian release of single "You shook me (all night long)/She's got balls.

US release of home video "Who Made Who".


Pre-production of "Blow Up Your Video" in Sydney, Australia.

10-September 21: Recording sessions for "Blow Up Your Video". 16 tracks are cut at Miraval Studio in Le Val (France) with Harry Vanda & George Young producing.

12-November 1: Mixing of "Blow Up Your Video" in New-York.
AC/DC tickets go on sale in Australia for their February tour. A riot erupts in Perth and 63 people are arrested.

3-4: Filming of "Heatseeker" video in Elstree (Cannon Studios), UK.


4: UK release of "Heatseeker" single.
11: Australian release of "Heatseeker" single.
18: Australian release of "Blow Up Your Video", French release of "Heatseeker" single.
25: UK release of "Blow Up Your Video".
29: European release of "Blow Up Your Video".

1: US, French release of "Blow Up Your Video".
1-22: First Australian tour in 7 years. The 16 dates of this immensely successful stadium tour includes 5 concerts in Melbourne and 6 in Sydney. A riot erupts at the Myer Music Bowl in Melbourne and 60 people are arrested.

5: "Blow Up Your Video" enters the US Billboard Charts, eventually peaking at #12. It reaches #2 in the UK.
6-13: 6 dates UK tour covering only two cities, London and Birmingham. Supported by Dokken.
10: Japanese release of "Blow Up Your Video".
15-April 11: 20 dates European tour covering Holland, Belgium, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Finland, and France, supported by Dokken.
12: The band films parts of the video for "That's the way I wanna rock and roll" at Wembley Arena.
28: UK release of single "That's The Way I Wanna Rock & Roll.

5: Australian release of "That's The Way I Wanna Rock & Roll" single.
13: Extra date at London's Wembley Arena.
21: Malcolm Young leaves the band temporarily to cure his addiction to alcohol. He is replaced for the US tour by nephew Stevie Young (Ex-Starfighters).

3-November 13: 6 month US/Canadian Tour. Supported by White Lion, L.A. Guns, & Cinderella. AC/DC's tour is one of the most successful of the year in the US.
US release of "That's The Way I Wanna Rock & Roll" single.

25: Japanese release of "That's The Way I Wanna Rock & Roll" single.


Early 89:
AC/DC starts work on a new album, with both Young taking full charge of the song composition & lyrics.

Simon Wright leaves AC/DC to join Dio. Originally due to appear on Dio's album as a guest musician, it is later announced that he joins the band as a full member.
Ex-Manfred Mann, Uriah Heep, Firm, Gary Moore (and many more) drummer Chris Slade is asked to step in temporarily to replace Simon Wright.
AC/DC rehearses new material with Chris Slade in Brighton.


Early 90:
The band relocates to Windmill Road studios in Ireland for pre-production. The album is supposed to be produced by Vanda & Young.

Summer 90:
The band records "The Razors Edge" at Little Mountain Studios in Vancouver with producer Bruce Fairbairn. Chris Slade is asked to join the band on a permanent basis during the recording. Bruce Fairbairn is producing.

10: European & Australian release of "Thunderstruck" single. It reaches #13 in the UK charts.
21: US release of "The Razors Edge".
24: European release of "The Razors Edge".
25: Australian release of "The Razors Edge".
The new album is being released through Atco, a division of Atlantic records.

6: "The Razors Edge" enters US Billboard Charts, eventually peaking at #2 and selling over 3 million copies there. It reaches #4 in the UK charts.
10: Japanese release of "Thunderstruck" single.
"Back In Black" is certified 10 time multi-platinum by the RIAA, reaching 10 million sales in the US. AC/DC total worldwide sales reach 60 million units.

2-December 16: 34 dates US/Canadian Tour.
6: Filming of the video clip for "Moneytalks" at Philadelphia Spectrum.
10: European release of "Moneytalks" single.
12: UK release of "Moneytalks" single.
14: US release of "Moneytalks" single, it reaches #23 on the Billboard charts.
15: Australian release of "Moneytalks" single.


9-February 22: Second leg of US Tour. 28 dates.
18: Three fans are crushed to death during the band's performance in Salt Lake City.

18: AC/DC films the video for "Are you ready" in Maidenhead, UK.
20-April 28: 26 dates European Tour covering Finland, Sweden, Norway, Germany, France, Switzerland, Holland, UK & Ireland.

15: UK release of "Are You Ready" Single.
26: Australian release of "Are You Ready" Single.

23-July 14: Third leg of US/Canadian Tour. 36 dates.

Worldwide release of the home-video "Clipped", which regroups video clips from "Blow Up Your Video" and "The Razors Edge".

Australian release of the "Rock Your Heart Out" single.

10-September 28: 20 dates European "Monsters Of Rock/Rock Around The Block" Festival Tour. The Festival bill, which also includes Metallica and The Black Crowes (but slightly changed on certain dates) headlined by AC/DC covers Denmark, Poland, UK, Hungary, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Holland, Austria, Italy, Czech Republic, France, Spain and Russia in stadiums and outdoor venues. AC/DC plays behind the newly-freed Iron curtain for the first time.
17: The band headlines the "Monsters Of Rock" at Castle-Donington in the UK for the third time, a record.

28: AC/DC headlines the "Rock Around The Block" festival in Moscow at the Tushino Airfield, a few days after a failed coup by the communists. The free concert is attended by between 500,000 and a million people. Despite huge security concerns by the Russian Army, which almost cancelled the show, the concert takes place, not without any incident. The excess of the military can be witnessed in the long-form video "For Those About To Rock", released a year later.
UK release of the picture-disc edition of "The Razors Edge."

14-November 16: Australian & New Zealand Tour. 15 dates. Their year-long world tour/153 shows ends at Auckland in New Zealand, where the band never played live.

Australian release of the Box Set "Boom Box", which includes every AC/DC studio album.


During the course of the year, AC/DC works on the release of the "Live" album, which is mixed (and "re-touched") at Little Mountain Studios in Vancouver with producer Bruce Fairbairn. It includes tracks recorded in various places during their world tour, notably in Castle-Donington. It will be made available in a single CD format, a double-CD "Collectors Edition", as well as a video, filmed in 35mm at the Monsters Of Rock concert of Castle-Donington.

US release of Home-Video "For Those About To Rock / Monsters In Moscow".

5: UK release of the live single "Highway To Hell".
8: US release of the live single "Highway To Hell".
11: Japanese release of "Live".
12: US release of "Live".
29: European release of "Live".
30: Australian release of live single "Highway To Hell".

Australian release of "Live".
14: "Live" enters US Billboard Charts at #15 (For the single CD) and #34 for the Special Collectors Edition. It will reach the double-platinum status in the US.

US release of live Single "Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap". The single is not available at retail.


Early 93:
The band records "Big Gun" with Rick Rubin producing in Los Angeles.

5: Australian release of live single "Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap".
UK & European release of live single "Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap".

27: US release of "Big Gun" single.

28: UK release of "Big Gun" single.
The concert "Live At Donington", released in 1992 on video, is shown in selected UK movie theaters.

2: Australian release of "Big Gun" single.
Worldwide release of the Soundtrack "Last Action Hero", featuring "Big Gun".


The bands starts working on a new album.
Phil Rudd rejoins the band although no official confirmation is given until the album release.

The entire pre-1985 AC/DC catalogue is re-released in the US & Europe in a remastered version.

The band starts recording sessions with Rick Rubin in New York at Sony Studios. These sessions will not be used.


Early 95:
AC/DC relocates to Ocean Way studios in Los Angeles and restart the recordings from scratch. Mike Fraser is co-Producing with Rick Rubin.

15: Australian release of "Hard As A Rock" single.
18: European release of "Hard As A Rock" single.
22: Australian release of "Ballbreaker".
25-26: European/US release of "Ballbreaker".
The band receive an award from Warner Music Int'l to commemorate the sale of more than 80 million albums worldwide (except Australia & New zealand).

10: Japanese release of "Ballbreaker".
14: "Ballbreaker" enters the US Billboard charts at #4. It will be certified Platinum in the US.
25: Australian release of the remastered catalogue. Albert Production also reissues all the post-1985 albums with lyrics included.

US release of "Cover You In Oil" single. Not available at retail.

6: European release of "Hail Caesar" single.
21: Japanese release of the remastered catalogue.


12-April 4: First leg of US tour, 49 dates. Also includes 2 dates in Mexico City where the band play for the first time on February 16th & 17th.

9: Australian release of "Hail Caesar" single.

European release of "Cover You In Oil" single.

20-July 13: European Tour, 48 dates covering Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Austria, France, Czech Republic, UK, Ireland, Belgium, Spain and Portugal.

5: The band films a private concert for VH1 UK in London.12 tracks, including songs never sang live with Brian will be aired on TV.
29: AC/DC performs "You Shook Me All Night Long" at Bryant Park in New York for the movie "Howard Stern: Private Parts".

1-September 14: Second leg of US/Canadian tour 29 dates.
Australian release of the single "Ballbreaker".

11-22: South American tour. 5 dates in Brazil, and for the first time, Argentina & Chile.

18: Worldwide release of "No Bull Live" home-video, filmed at Plaza De Toros De Las Ventas in Madrid on July 10th.
2-30: 15 dates tour in Australia & New Zealand. The Ballbreaker world tour end in Christchurch, New Zealand.


It is announced the band plans to release a Box Set before the end of the year.

7: US release of the Movie "Howard Stern: Private Parts" which include AC/DC playing "You Shook Me All Night Long".
The band starts working on "Bonfire".

The band is in London working on a new studio album.

US release of "Dirty Eyes" single. Not available at retail.

17: European & Australian release of "Bonfire"
18: US release of "Bonfire"
US & Canadian promotional tour.

15: Japanese release of Bonfire.

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