Da li ce RIAA/MPAA zakucati i na vasa vrata ?

Da li ce RIAA/MPAA zakucati i na vasa vrata ?

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Neznam odakle da pocnem pricu, posto se sastoji samo od gomile informacija iz kojih treba izvuci zakljucak.

Sigurno ste culi za hajku na torrent servere po Skandinaviji? Pohapseno je oko 70 ljudi. Loki Torrent se dugo odupirao tvrdeci da je lokalni zakon takav da mu RIAA i MPAA ne mogu nista. Skoro su i oni ugasili svoj "servis". Sada, prica se da su sklopili "deal" sa MPAA da, ukoliko predaju logove, mogu proci bez tuzbe. Loki Torrent jos nije pozvan na sud...

Jedan od najvecih/najpoznatijih torrent sajtova na netu je bio, slozicete se, Suprnova. Sloncek (inace Slovenac) iznenada odlucuje da ugasi treker i sajt, i da umesto toga unajmi programere da naprave p2p program, zasnovan na torrent tehnologiji. Ovo se isto desava za vreme jedne od hajki. Sloncek najavljuje eXeem. Ni jedan program nije toliko dugo najavljivan i reklamiran u podzemnlju, kao eXeem. Jeste li se zapitali da li tu mozda nesto "smrdi"? Sloncek je iznajmio registrovanu firmu da napravi program, underground program koji ima spyware i adware... ovo definitivno menja nacin poslovanja u underground zajednici.
Ljudi su pomislili, u redu, Sloncek nije programer, mora necim da plati programere da bi mu napisali program...
Da li je tako? Sumnjate li da je RIAA ili MPAA umesala svoje prste? Da li imaju saradnju sa Sloncekom ili sa programerima?
Pa neko je resio da to malo ispita, i evo sta kaze ( izvor: http://www.isohunt.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=10310&highlight=exeem ):

And it is people like you that bring their computers to me and ask my self and the other technicians why it is running so slow, crashing, and "acting weird".

Cydoor is spyware...plain and simple. It IS noticeable because the new version of it is completely unstable, and does some sloppy edits to your registry file! Why is it that bit torrent, or a host of other p2p programs are offered without Spyware, but it is 'nessiasary' for it to be included in Exeem?

Here is my two cents on Exeem(a) (kinda sounds like noczema, the pimple cream medication).

For one, I have visited numerous BT/P2P forums, and am a member of many of them. The first poster spammed that same message on 14 different forums that I check daily. On all of them, that user only posted that single message and has never been heard from again. Something stinks there.

Secondly, Exeem is being pushed WAY too hard. I have been on the net and watching the P2P scene a long time before I could even use a stable connection to the web. No other P2P program has been pushed like this before...When napster was out, there were not people spamming every board or IRC channel saying 'omfg you have to get this!!!11one'. When Kazaa was released, I learned about it via word of mouth before it was even a blip on the P2P scene and even when it did hit big, no one was pushing it..people just moved to it on their own.

Now that the BT sites are under attack (and some shady things happening), Exeem is being pushed...crammed is a better word...crammed at us by these 'drive-by-spammings', and new posters who never make any other comments ever again, other to say that 'bit torrent is dead, start using Exeem!'

As a coder and programmer, I did a very bad thing. I downloaded a copy of the closed beta for exeem, and decompiled it. Besides the VERY sloppy C++ coding, there are some very interesting calls made in coding. Like when a use makes a search request, that users IP address along with the search request (search word(s) and file types) is forwarded not just to the network but also to a specific list of IP addresses while (drum roll please) appear on my Peer Guardian's blacklist! Hum... I think you can guess which companys or associations those IP's belong to.

If that wasn't enough, I also see how if you share and upload, that information is also reported to those IPs.

If you don't belive me, then how about this. Did you know that the MPAA, RIAA, and Anti-Software Piracy folks signed a deal with the makers of Cydoor almost a year ago for use in the search of 'specific information'? Humm...

Yeah, let's not forget that a few beta testers have already complained about the lack of anything worthwhile being shared (there are 5,000 people using it but not a single one is sharing ANY of the current popular movies?), the tendancy for it to crash...Hard, how the .torrent files are completely unusable for the regular BT clients and propriatary to Exeem(a), that cydoor has installed some annoying popup stuff (I forgot to mention that cydoor is a drive-by installer. It can install software without your knowledge or consent but...you did conscent to it because you agreed to the ToS for Cydoor right?). How about that if you remove cydoor or try to cripple it in any way, Exeem quits working. How about eight of the Exeem(a) beta testers have publicly stated in a few respected P2P forums that they have received cease and desist letters from their isp's? Not strange for a P2P guy to get one, but they were all from the RIAA about a files they were ONLY sharing on Exeem. The damn thing is still in a closed beta (you need a serial number just to use exeem...how did the RIAA get their hands on it and know what was being traded?)

I don't care what anyone says, more than one thing stinks with Exeem. Yeah, my thought is Exeem is a front for the **AA's. They have a group of guys that 'sold out' in order to avoid prosecution or for a heathly check, push this project hard on the P2P crowd.

Things will go fine to great for a while. Say 6 months to a year at most. Then, after Exeem(a) is 'mainstream', the shoe drops. The **AA's have been collecting IP's, user names, and file lists over that time frame. They will 'shut down exeem' and have the guys 'turn over their logs' like loki.

That is plausable is it not? Something just isn't right about how hard this is being pushed, nor is it right about having search/file information sent to IP's that are on a blacklist.

Bit torrent is not crumbling. Infact, three new BT sites just went up today! Wow, Three or Four main sites are down! Run for the hills!

Kind of interesting to note that there are over 50 other bit torrent sites out there isn't it? Kind of interesting to note that Bit Torrent traffic only had a 15% jump in the P2P 'pie' the last three months alone, isn't it? Kind of interesting that Bit Torrent usage has actually increased 7% in January alone, and their hasn't been a single 'dip' or 'decline' in the number of people who use BT to date?

Secondly, Yes the RIAA/MPAA has included some spyware into some of the loki torrents for almost a month now. This was a proven fact. Get over it. The code was decompiled, they know what it was doing, they know that information it was sending back. It's fact. Move on.

While I commend you on taking a stand, I lose all respect for ANYONE that claims spyware is 'nessisary' or 'of no bother'. If that is the case, why is congress looking into making it illegal?

Sta dalje reci... RIAA/MPAA imaju novu strategiju, sklapaju ugovore upravo sa onima od koga se mozda bas Vi snabdevate programima...

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Da me čudi .. i ne baš .. bilo je toga i ranije .. 'sklapanja ugovora' .. i prelaženja iz tabora u tabor. I to ne samo zbog mogućih posledica već i novčanih prihoda. Možda je to i bio pravi cilj programera p2p programa koji se pojavljuju .. skrenuti pažnju na sebe .. a posle ubirati plodove ..

Pročitah negde da je Torrent u expanziji u poslednjih mesec dana.

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