Megaupload se vraća na scenu !!!

Megaupload se vraća na scenu !!!

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" Leading up to the launch of Kim Dotcom’s latest effort, Mega ( pogledati ovde ), today the company opened the site up to its first early-access users. It’s also published pricing for premium users, as well as a roadmap of features that it plans to add to the site after launch, having run out of time to implement them all before Sunday. The list reveals a wide ambition that includes mobile access; word-processing, spreadsheets and other Office-style functions; instant messaging and more.

The service itself, in my early look today, largely resembles a simplified version of Dropbox and other cloud-based storage services. I’m accessing it on Chrome — which Mega recommends. “If you are planning on using MEGA frequently, there is currently no alternative to using the most advanced browser currently in existence – Google Chrome,” it notes in a blog post today..."
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