Konzolni klijenti i skripte za twitter i Identi.ca servise

Konzolni klijenti i skripte za twitter i Identi.ca servise

  • Pridružio: 20 Feb 2005
  • Poruke: 4505
  • Gde živiš: planeta Zemlja

Konzolni klijenti i skripte za twitter (sa OAuth implementacijom) i Identi.ca servise

Citat:Qataki is a command line Identi.ca/StatusNet/Twitter client. It's a shell script that, besides usual UNIX utilities (like sed/awk/grep), depends on curl and ELinks (or Lynx if ELinks is not installed).


Identi.ca, Twitter and arbitrary StatusNet sites
Post, reply, retweet, delete, favor, send direct messages
Read personal, public, users and groups timeline (last statuses)
Read messages directed to you (i.e., where you are mentioned)
Multiple accounts support
Read messages in context (conversations available only for Identi.ca/StatusNet sites
Type a message with your $EDITOR (this is optional and done with "qataki U")
Search for notices
Pastebin.com integration
Open URLs in a text-based web browser
Optionally sort messages in chronological order (oldest first)
Use a killfile to remove messages that contain certain strings

U čemu je skripta pisana: Bourne-again shell (bash)
Podržani servisi: twitter, Identi.ca+Status aplikaciju
Zvaničan sajt: http://chr.tx0.org/qataki/

Citat:Yes, another Twitter client. The difference here is that you're dealing with a multi-functional, fully 100% text, Perl command line client.

In interactive mode, it is a fully interactive client with asynchronous background updates and commands. Use it over telnet, ssh or even a dummy terminal. Supports ANSI colour, UTF-8, hashtags and Twitter Search!
Works within your favourite environment: use a compatible readline library (like our own bespoke Term::ReadLine::TTYtter), or modify prompt and input methods for many popular window and session managers. Or don't: basic editing and screen management features built-in.
From the command line, use it to update your Twitter in shell scripts, from cron, and so on.
Notification support with Growl and libnotify (and extendable to others via the API).
Geolocation support: hand your GPS coordinates to TTYtter for any application.
Security: Supports Twitter OAuth and HTTP Basic Authentication, and SSL where supported by your user agent.
Supports Twitter-alike APIs such as StatusNet and Identi.ca.
Supports standard timelines and automatically fetches direct messages, and optionally replies/mentions, and runs queries against the Search API and incorporates them into your timeline as well.
Write and use your own custom extensions!
Run detached in -daemon mode, and make your own Twitter bot!

U čemu je skripta pisana: Perl
Podržani servisi: twitter, Identi.ca+Status
Zvaničan sajt: http://www.floodgap.com/software/ttytter/

Citat:A Command-Line Microblogging Client

I wanted a simple command-line client for twitter/identica/statusnet. microblog.py's commands are quite similar to twidge's. It's implemented using python-twitter.

U čemu je skripta pisana: Python
Podržani servisi: twitter, Identi.ca+Status
Zvaničan sajt: http://seanh.github.com/microblog.py/

Citat:Twidge is a tool for interacting with microblogging sites such as Twitter and identi.ca.

Twidge is a full command-line client. It is designed to be useful when you’re sitting at a shell prompt. It’s also designed to work well with the Unix/POSIX/Linux shell scripting environment. It produces output in well-formed and easily-parsed ways, and has various features for working with piped data.

It can be used to:

Simply update your own status and following your friends
Setting status based on system events
Receiving status updates via email, and sending your friends and your replies to email
Scheduling status updates for the future
The sky’s the limit!

U čemu je skripta pisana: Haskell
Podržani servisi: twitter, Identi.ca+Status
Zvaničan sajt: https://github.com/jgoerzen/twidge (PDF manual)

Citat:IdentiCurse is a simple but powerful Identi.ca client with a curses-based UI
U čemu je skripta pisana: Python+ncurses?
Podržani servisi: Identi.ca+Status
Zvaničan sajt: http://identicurse.net/

Citat:This is made notable by the complete omission of some of the code that belonged in the sed commands of the script. So, in order for you all to actually get the complete code I put the code here at http://lincgeek.org/linc/scripts/identibash. Have at it and enjoy!
U čemu je skripta pisana: Bourne-again shell (bash)
Podržani servisi: Identi.ca+Status (uz male modifikacije)
Zvaničan sajt: http://lincgeek.org/linc/scripts/identibash

Dodatak: Ova skripta je samo dokaz koncepta ali trenutno ne radi zato što autor nije osvežeavo listu API-a. Napravio sam fork ove skripte koji možete videti ovde:
Čisto da dokažem da koncept radi :-]

Resursi za pisanje skripti
Identi.ca: http://status.net/docs/api/ + upotreba curl aplikacije za ažuriranje statusa + upotreba wget programa za ažuriranje statusa
twitter: http://dev.twitter.com/doc + OAuth info

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