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Artist: C Block

Song: Time Is Tickin Away

Ahaha ahaha keep it on, keep it on, keep your head on
time is tickin, time is tickin, tickin away uhhohuho

Rap 1 (Red Dogg)
Let's talk about time tickin away
so wake on up before it's gone away
cath the 411 and stay up like the sun
remind yourself what's done is done
so let yesterday stay with the bygones
keep your body and soul
and your mind on the right track
in fact you gotta stay on the real black
don't turn around and don't look back
we're tryin to take the positive to another level
Red Dogg diggin deep Mr.P got the shouvel
I'll level with you
I played in a foul picture
but now I got my mental sewel up like a stitcher
I used to be a "P" try on to clock
"Gs" living wild blast you before you blast me that's my lifestile
and I could see it on the evening news
it's just another brutha shot on either streched doin time

Time is tickin away,
you've gotta live your life
day by day
happy or sad,
good or bad,
life is too short
you've gotta keep your head

Rap 2 (Pop)
Keep your head one more time and feel the rhythm,
I'm telling you life is too short
you know the feeling you want to do more
your self-esteem is in the way
you better take it kid and live it day by day,
but anyway I'm going for mine
I'm still broke it's no joke
they still got me hangin from ropes
take time and still do the right thing and not the wrong
so listen to the words of the song
Tick-Tock you're seconds away from the judgement day
so get your mind ready
take the Evils but out way bring back we cut no slack we kick facts
the positive message on this track is exact the way we feel it in the nineteen 90s
chillin with red in the mix you'll find me
rewind me and turn back my mind
thinking about the hornies in the pan doing time

Ref. x2

Once again CBK on da Track to wake up your mind
who knows what tomorrow might bring
violence - distruction - who knows?
'cause time is slippin away

The world keeps spinning around and round
we've gotta keep ourselves from going down
in a world full of passion, pleasure and pain
the pressures get into my brain

Ref. x2


Artist: C Block

Song: Broken Wings

Hook Goldie:
Take this broken wings and learn to fly again
and learn to live so free
and when we here the voices sing
the book of love will open up and let us in
so take these broken wings

Rap1 Red Dogg:
Creapin' up on the microphone, It's C-Block we're dippin' clean
floss with the funky flavour down with Misty - N - Goldie G
we're rippin' this hit near rappin' the shit
we're layin' the tracks and flippin' the script
droppin' the lyrics producin' a song
checked the mic 1-2 its' on
rigity Red, bigity Black, get up with this you can't go back
tisket tasked cock the hamma blast it
homies try to flex your pain rest in a casket
you're takin' a chance you're rollin' the dice
you loose your luck you loose your life
check yourself punk before a reck that ass punk
don't make me have to take you for a ride in my trunk
I said excuses, excuses, I'm not tryin' to hear your stile is boody
by nature so get on out here
ya said ya could have necked the mic but you came to late
you said you could hyped the crowd, but your shit sounds fake
you would have stepped up on the stage but you was scared to get slammed
you woulda, you coulda, you shoulda, but you didn't Damn!

Hook Goldie:
Take this broken wings and learn to fly again
and learn to live so free
and when we here the voices sing
the book of love will open up and let us in
so take these broken wings and learn to fly again
and learn to live so free
so take this broken wings

Rap2 Misty:
Broken wings, symbolistic of another statistic
in this jungle scene gone ballistic
realisticly the buck stops on an innocent child
with the word "can't" spoken from a white smile
a system made to degrate dictate on the uneducated
and then wanna fade frustrated, brothas when they infiltrate it,
souls lost to blaze like bombay struttin with a sashay till doomsday per se
now I'ma flip this session over to the positive, so listen closely to the message that I'm ganna give
I refuse to misuse my god given talent,
and induce to diffuse all those who are mad about it
and if you're seeking to take your life upon another status,
you need to believe that if you lean you need to get back it
and when you're struggling in this game, just put your head up high,
the skills will come to mend your wings and fly

Hook x2

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Artist: C Block

Song: So Strung Out

I'm so strung out And now I don't know what to do
Should I take my life away Dear God or will you pull me through
I'm so strung out Some how my life has gone astray
So I lay me down to sleep
Please Lord now take my soul away

[Rap 1]
Now I'm all alone
Sittin' in my room in a corner
Starrin' at the wall and I'm wishing I was on a
Mission but I'm fishin' in an empty bowl
Cocain got my brain And I'm sweatin' 'cause I'm ice cold
Hold - on for a minute what's that sound
Raise up to my feet
Paranoid lookin' all around
Up down on the ground Is it reality?
Damn, I always feel like
Somebody's watchin' me
Now let me find another plan Lookin' for a plot
Lookin' for the man with the sack To get got
Shot Lay him down
'cause it don't be makin' me none
Cocain on my brain and I gotta get me some


[Rap 2]
Another mystery
sittin' in another room At twelve noon
I hope something happen soon
I'm crawlin'
still burning my knee
at 45 degrees Saying please let it be
In a form of a rock I can't stop
Because the spot getting hot tick tock
I see the devil clearer in my past It can't last
Because I'm running out of cash
A stash I remember
from December My mind gone blank And it could have been November
as I feel myself blink
I look at the world one time and then I think

[Chorus (2x)]

I'm so strung out, I don't know what to do
Should I take away my life, dear God
Or will you pull me through, will you pull me through
I'm so strung out, I'm so strung out

I know that you know that I'm living real trife
So lay down that pipe And pick back up your life
Just take it away, please God just take it away
Won't you just give another day to me

[Chorus (2x)]

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