The Greatest Thing In The world

The Greatest Thing In The world

  • Pridružio: 10 Maj 2003
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It Sure Must Be
The Greatest Thing In The world

Don't stare at me
With that
Beauty lying in your smile,
And don't be so confusing
with that gentle touch
of your cute hands;
I beg you,
Don't convince my
frightened heart
You're someone
That I miss,
is that certain smile,
so revealing
and infectuous to my brain.

Let me encapture
Within the glance
The warmth of your
Deep and spelling eyes,
Cutting my heart into crumbs
Calling the doves for the feed;
Do not look at me
That way
And then make me
Believe in love again;

For I begin to wonder
How it feels
When someone
So dear
Has a wish to touch me,
It sure must be
The greatest thing in the world,
you know,
Lying in your arms
And touching that sweet
Ruby lips of thee
That is just a fragrance
of a dream,
I mustn't think
Of it at all -
- well,
It sure must be
The greatest thing in the world,
Who am I to you, to know?

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